Two adults, please.

In countries like Norway and Finland, they have lots of snow in the winter.


I'm not blind.

Elizabeth will do almost anything for money.

I'm speechless.

Do you ever get the feeling that your sentences have been going largely unnoticed?

He made the most of his opportunity.

Please pick up your ticket at the counter.

How could Laurianne do such a thing?

Piotr gave Curtis a list of all the victims.

You need to stay away from her.


If nothing saves us from death, may love at least save us from life.

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We don't know anything.


A lot of back problems can be attributed to poor sitting posture.

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I am greatly blessed in my children.

He tried several times, but did not succeed.

For the director, it's a thriller.

I really like TV.

General Braddock was killed.

I was careful to not leave any evidence.

Matt is a really bad singer.

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That dog is exactly twice the size of this one.


He has set off for America.

What if the Statue of Liberty was made out of gold?

At the end of the day, the right decision was made.


They study in the afternoon.


Beth didn't know when to shut up.

We were dating at the time.

We're too busy to attend to such detail.

You have to call her.

I am alluding to Emil.

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The more I get, the more I want. The more I want, the less I get. The less I get, the less I want. The less I want, the more I get.

My room faces the garden.

The company's fourth quarter results sharply improved from the preceding quarter.

I stood in line yesterday to get to the lab to do blood work.

My interest quickened.

Lowell is worried for his safety.

I thought you left with her.

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I've made a correction to the wrong sentence.


I've tried that already.

A robot can do more work than a man can.

He is sixty, if a day.

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Bret hit me on the head.

Someone just drove off in your car.

We could get something to eat.


I looked around and noticed that I was the only car on the road.

Lately I see a lot of parents getting divorced. I wonder if the idea of kids being a bond between their parents is just a thing of the past.

Al insisted that I go.


I didn't actually see Piotr.


He just loves to bully people.

Lenora asked Phillip what she did last weekend.

I am afraid you have the advantage of me.


With my telescope I can see Jupiter and six of its moons.


She let a stranger in.

A good appetite, sound sleep, and regular motions are the three signs of good health.

I wonder if that restaurant accepts unfamiliar customers.

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Those are unacceptable.

The truth is that I don't really love you anymore.

It is hardly worth discussing.

The government put the question to the people in a referendum.

Do not open those windows.

To the astonishment of the whole city, the mayor was arrested.

It's a very small town.

It's our destiny.

The door is still open.

They texted me.

One went fishing, another went shopping.

What an accomplishment!

I feel empowered.

I think you'd better lie down.

I like the way Kamel smiles.

I'm sorry for keeping you waiting.

As is usual with him Mike was late for the meeting this afternoon.

Some men treat women like property.

Lester was ashamed of you.

You can use a telescope to look at the stars.

I think Mick may be sick.

It's not as easy to obey as it is to command.

They get up early in this house.

I like my soup to be warm, not hot.

We're late. It's time to leave.

You need have a good microphone because we care about sound quality.

These organs were made in test tubes.

It's a difficult text to understand.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

I wouldn't go near it if I were you.

Stay away from my motorcycle.

I told you to stay in the house.

He didn't tell anybody about it.

To tell you the truth, I'm completely bored.

Will you step this way, please?


I'm not even a little hungry.

I am accustomed to the climate.

Brian is ugly.

It takes more than a day to master a trade.

We went to Russia.


Did you see it?

I'm reading a book on American history.

He pleaded with the judge for mercy.

Coloring is one of Georgia's favorite hobbies, even at the ripe old age of 16.

I'm just not attracted to you.

What one has sown one will have to reap.

Do you have the key to this suitcase?

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They may not know anything about this.


Suwandi apologized to Ji for being so hard on her.

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Patricio is a junior in high school.

She is buying a cake in the bakery.

Could you use an extra pair of hands?

The language of friendship is not of words but of meanings.

First, in order to get a feel for your favourite author's work, transcribe and copy in full.

For me, the girl is Swedish.

His good nature seems to fulfill the role of reducing the family's trouble.


Lou is quite conscientious, isn't he?


Malus knocked the drink out of Dave's hand.


Viewer discretion is advised.

Pull out all the nouns from the text.

Stacey clasped his hands behind his head.

I wish you every happiness.

Happy birthday to a man who runs a love and laughter and beer.

My dream is to become a famous singer.

Yesterday I bought two steamed buns.


Do I look like an actor?

I suspect that Stanley is up to his old tricks again.

I don't want Tolerant to join the navy.

A red light was glowing in the dark.

Are you the person in charge?


"My son, do you believe in God?" "Yes, my father."

"It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards," the Queen remarked.

This hotel seems to be empty.

What made up your mind to quit smoking?

What he says is total nonsense.


We must examine the various aspects.

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The horse snorted impatiently.


I was just doing the dishes.


Would you like to sit?


Robert has no classes at all on Monday.

Jiro advised me on which book to buy.

Japan has undergone a drastic change as a result of industrialization.

It would have been nice if you had helped me a little.

They carried the boats almost thirty kilometers.

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Josip has already gone to sleep.

I don't want to wait any longer than necessary.

Is there something you aren't telling us?

I don't follow.

That's a stylish hat you are wearing.


I considered his originality of great importance.

I would like to become a poet.

The novel has sold almost 20000 copies.

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These plants are all poisonous.


I had to let them go.

This can cause liver damage.

Is he that good?


I like music. Do you like music?

I got up very late this morning.

I hate carrots.

I'm busy, too.

My grandfather was a farmer.

I'm sure it's inconvenient.

Some Japanese are shy even to the point of appearing rude.

His advice would be very useful to you.

I'll be very discreet.