What were your favorite subjects in school?

During a flight, an airplane's weight constantly changes as the aircraft consumes fuel.

There is a lot of money.

Horst is disturbing Bill.

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Bret was deployed to Iraq.

No got a late start this morning.

He came first in the competition.

Morgan wants you to stay here.

Brandy and Syd didn't invite John to their wedding.

Moore has a good memory, too.

Why can't I go to Boston next summer?


Our engineers compared this information with similar products being sold in Japan and concluded that they might compete very well.

He is seeking employment.

Hotta thought the car Laurie was driving wasn't safe.

You've been married a long time.

Murph didn't try very hard to find out what was wrong.

I love camels.

Early computers used punch cards.

Has anyone attempted to "surf" the Internet since 1998?

How many nights do you intend to stay here for?

Does Alexis needs a place to stay?

Robbin seems to know a lot about me.

It was a bright and clear Sunday morning.

Don was with the FBI at the time.


There are teachers and teachers.

And I saw the new heaven and the new earth.

To learn the answer you must know a little about the magnetic field around the world.

I plan to work in a brothel.

Let's not deceive ourselves.

Francisco and Brendan grew up together.

I think Julie is still breathing.


That's an old picture.

What else can it be?

Music fills the infinite between two souls.

Axel offended Nathan.

Don't tell anyone.

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What do you mean by "dead"?

How much is this ball?

Rabin Jackson is a seasoned diplomat.

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Kathy likes basketball a lot.


Raise your hand.

Having this meeting isn't going to do the trick, is it?

Don't let the children play on the street.

You told me you knew how to do it.

My uncle's car is faster than mine.

Mah is looking at himself in the mirror.

There are too many adverts on youtube.


I would be happy to do that for you.


The contract will expire soon.

She sat down and lit a cigarette.

Let's go for a ride.

You're unfriendly.

It is pleasant to shave off my beard.

Presley has lost something.

What exactly did we miss?

Sometimes it is hard to tell how a quarrel comes about.

Compared to our house, yours is a mansion.

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Study will do you good.

We stand for democracy.

How do you say "cheese" in German?


Of course, I have to tell him.

Hank has only been gone three days.

William doesn't like poker at all.

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Erwin violated his parole.

Why don't you help?

He makes it a rule to keep a diary every day.

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Niels Bohr was a Danish physicist.

I don't think things will change anytime soon.

There used to be a castle on the top of the mountain.

We went astray in the woods.

When the dog is happy it wags its tail.

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He is in a poor state of health.

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Krzysztof has done better than Yvonne.


Jagath helped out.


Living a busy life, he usually doesn't see his family.


There was a lot going on.


What should we do with Penny?

He waved at her.

Nathaniel said he had more important things to do.


Her mother always accompanies her.


You dragged me into this!

Fay says he loves us both.

We would like to visit Nikko during this summer vacation.

Her eyes darkened.

I'd like to leave this book with you.

The princess was thrown into the castle's deepest dungeon.

Dating can be very stressful.

I've already started studying French.

I wanna find something like that.

The bus is coming.

Bless someone today.

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There's a mistake in the bill.

Petr was singing.

Did Winnie give you anything for me?

Everyone has universal possibilities.

Jack Nicholson was raised in New Jersey.

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Delivery is not included in the price.


Make the most of it.

Rodent won't stop screaming.

Be loved!

Jinchao had a panic attack.

When I was traveling from Boston to New York, I met a nice girl on the bus.

I enjoyed my time with Amy.

Marco and I dated for three years.

It's high time you went to bed, Ken.

Last night, I dreamed about you.


We're not children, so don't treat us like children.

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Spring is over and summer has come.

I'm waiting to see what Irvin will do.

You're doing it on purpose!

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Can you do this yourself?


Spy found out about it on his own.


Tomas needs a vacation.

You should have known better than to trust him.

My shoes are worn out.

Is that a request or an order?

I think I'll put up my child for adoption.

I cannot take a picture of this building. It's forbidden.

So, when are you going to break down and buy a house?

I also wanted to enjoy the break, but thanks to preparation and supplementary lessons for a certain six-man team, I got none!

Add meat.

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Did I hear you right?


My girlfriend hasn't met my parents yet.

Do you need our assistance?

The doctor told Torsten that he should drink more water.

Do you have proof that God exists?

Father never hits me on the head.

Edwin and Elisabeth are good friends of ours.

You should've left while you had the chance.


I'm on my way to one of my favorite places ever!

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Collin is sweating.

She loves the color of her T-shirt.

The pupils learned many poems by heart.


Have you decided whether you want to go or not?

Looks like it will snow tomorrow.

Do you know his number by heart?

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A strange fish is on the hook.

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According to the police, Patrick wasn't the only one who broke into Jennie's house.

I wish I could talk about it.

She doesn't look like her mom.

What's your opinion on this?

I keep it in the attic.

I'm tired of hearing about Eileen and Raphael.

Elijah told Edwin a secret.

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Who doesn't admire Carlo?

We will have an English test this afternoon.

Mariela had a terrible time with her college advisors, who were worse at keeping her schedule together than she herself was.

The one with the guitar is Ted.

I am not accustomed to speaking in public.

The boy caressed the girl's chin and kissed her cheek.

His legs were trembling from fear.

She's not dumber than you.

Tell me about those.


Be on time.

I thought Bobbie was Rogue's father.

I can get us in.


This is very good soil.

Where's your wife?

This is your last chance to spend time with Gregge.

Suyog told me that he'd like to become a bus driver.

We didn't mean to leave Christian out of the plan.