What can Think do to help?

This ticket will admit two persons free.

Who painted this picture?

We were quite a crew back then.


I don't think traveling by train is as safe as it used to be.

He whispered "I love you" into my ear and then kissed me on the cheek.

I'm so happy for you both.

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Don't forget to let the dog in.


Maarten, Gabriel already has a boyfriend.


The weather has been on and off here for a few days.


I kept the fire alive all night.

I hate raccoons.

It could be heroin.

All civilized countries are against war.

If you are one of those who love to translate, Tatoeba is the right place for you.

Don't pick up the cat.

It would be nice if you could volunteer the information without being prompted.

That's a big mistake, isn't it?

I've seen her before.


The chakras are all aligned in a vertical column along one's spine.

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If I remember rightly, we should turn left at the next corner.


The higher you fly, the harder you fall.

I wish Knudsen wouldn't come here anymore.

My grandfather doesn't drive anymore.

You're old enough to understand.

After he had given a lecture, he had an interview with some students.

It's not a Thanksgiving dinner without turkey.

Is there anything else you remember?

I'm not thinking clearly.

I told Phiroze I could do it by myself.

All in all, this was a nice party.

These books are yours.

I want something nice to eat.

Some things can't be fixed.


To win, and we will win!

You can let them go.

My son made a small bear out of pipe cleaners.

Do you usually wear a bike helmet?

Thank you for your chocolate.

I'm sorry to say this, but you're fired.

I apologize if I hurt your feelings.


I'm about tired of this quiet life.

I'm going shopping this afternoon, although I don't have much money.

I thought we were partners.

Many parents take pride in their children.

We've still got some time.

Shouldn't you be at school already?

Bradley put gas in the car.


Micah shouldn't have dropped out of high school.


Jason was a taciturn individual, so it was always a real surprise when he said anything.

What is all this rumpus about?

This ointment can kill fungi.

She does it faster than me.

It works pretty well here.

Nobody wanted to go to my country.

Give it a shot, Sandeep.

I would have been in real trouble but for your help.

To conquer without danger is to triumph without glory.


Your friend is tired.


The emerging labor shortage is viewed as a sign of economic overheating.

Kees told me he was planning to retire next year.

I'm sure I've seen him before somewhere.

It's here somewhere.

She loved me in the same way that I loved her.


When I am queen, I will lock up Matt in the dungeon.

You do not speak English.

It was her fate to die young.

Written in technical terms, this book is very difficult to understand.

This stopper does not fit the bottle.

She was a good swimmer in her young days.

There is no sugar left in the pot.

It is about ten minutes' walk to the station.

What is your sister doing now?

What Alison really wanted was a new guitar.

He took the job reluctantly.

He is an honor to his family.

She was lonely.

Where are the other survivors?

My house is here.


Everything artificial that breaks the laws of nature dies sooner or later anyway. Only nature's creations can be eternal.

I cannot heat the dinner. There is no gas.

The boy threw a stone.

They were badly off in the village.

The joke is on you.

Dan's books have been translated in more than twenty languages.

This picture shows how stupid I used to look.

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I'd never do anything to hurt you.

We tortured them.

The Ubuntu version of April 2012 has been nicknamed "Precise Pangolin".

Frederick told Erwin to try harder.

Clare was thirty when he died.


Can we speak outside for a moment?

She is extreme in her taste in clothes.

The seven dwarfs were the new family of the princess.

Time is the thing that keeps everything from happening at once.

The curry at this restaurant is good.


Sharada and I were very worried.


Ramiro poured himself a glass of whisky.

I bought a leather frame for the picture.

Billie doesn't know the whole story.

You look pale. What's the matter with you?

It'll be helpful.


He didn't answer the phone, so I left him an email.

I might not understand much of the information on Japanese sites, but I don't feel as uncomfortable as many other people who get there for their first time.

Kiki married into money.

The relief pitcher was no substitute for the ace.

Women are brighter than men.

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She trusted me.

I offered to help her with her homework.

We're serious.

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This territory is uncharted.

We live near the school.

Time heals almost everything. Give time, time.

Carlos likes eating raw oysters.

They are reading a book.

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You had better take your umbrella in case.


I am so exhausted!

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The box he found was empty.

I already know why you're here.

What an interesting party!

If the weather is beautiful, if it is ugly, it is my habit to go at 5 in the evening to walk at Palais-Royal.

He came home very late.

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The groom left the bride standing at the altar.


Hamisi doesn't use milk.

Don't expect this good weather to last.

You should make the most of this rare opportunity to demonstrate your talent.

Ilya is worried about what Patrice is doing.

We have to use the stairs, because the elevator is being repaired.


Security eventually intervened.

Both Bjorne and Christophe are well paid.

He often skipped meals.

If it hadn't been for his help, I'd have failed.

Can she come, too?


The house appears to be empty.


We sat on a bench in the park.


He regretted borrowing the book from her.


Please take a seat!


Has Pratapwant already made an offer?

I have to shave every day.

Toerless had to share a bedroom with his brother when he was younger.


You can't go putting your values on people's work!


Nick doesn't know how to have a good time.

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I'm moving back home.


With whom did my father speak?


Construction could begin in October.

I'm not trying to cheat you.

Tovah is playing with your son.

A lawyer named Clayton Jackson called me this morning.

First of all, please do a simple self-introduction.


You're free to leave.


It's Theo's profile.

Alexander is hiding something. I know it.

I know you believe me.

In the attic is my grandfather's old first-aid kit from World War II.

I'm not used to staying up late at night.

He sent fruits and vegetables to his daughter.

The Princess of Cleves being at those years, wherein people think a woman is incapable of inciting love after the age of twenty-five, beheld with the utmost astonishment the King's passion for the Duchess, who was a grandmother, and had lately married her granddaughter.

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You really are the most gorgeous woman here.