I must admit that, despite loving our friendship, I think I'm also starting to love you.

Casey is a man now.

Don't fall off your chair.

Thank you for bringing him.


Is there an existing meaning if the person in charge does not take the responsibility to begin with?

Did you hear me?

I need more vitamin D.

I have cut up all but one of my credit cards.

John will probably pass the examination.

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It's quite different.


We finally found the key.

When you back up into a tree, you make the trunk smaller.

I only did the bare minimum.


I've lived in Boston three years.

Rajesh looks half his age.

There's a two-drink minimum.


It seems like yesterday, but it's actually nearly ten years since we first met.

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I've never been happier in my life.

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Glen wants to compete again.

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I cannot afford to buy a new bicycle.

It's a wonder that she's still alive.

They fought for their homeland.

I'd like to join a night bus tour.

Julie has lost his voice.

Yes. Always when I can.

The treaty was signed.

You need to sober up.

They offer the best salad in the world as a special side dish.

Why stop at a kiss?

Nobody likes that.

Marble floors are beautiful.

It's not an evil idea, but it is a bad one.

Can Mason cook?

I can't do anything for Amanda.

What are they asking you to do?

A Mr Smith has come to see you.

You'll never find a girl like her.

Your innocent look doesn't fool me.


I remembered you immediately.


Time is wasting.

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We must be able to discriminate between objects and situations.

How long are you staying in Japan?

I knew Shaw would have a great time.


Tell me where you were at the time of the murder.


What's this anglicism?


As was expected, he won the prize.

"So... it was all his fault?" "You've hit the nail on the head!"

Vassos climbed down from the roof.


Happy is the man who is contented with his lot.

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If you feed your dog properly, you can increase his lifespan.

Ofer and Felix just wanted to be left alone.

I missed Ragnar.

I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn't work that way. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness.

The meeting, in short, was a waste of time.

She barely knew him.

The cat is in the bag.


Tell Shankar when to come.

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Why is "front yard" two words, but "backyard" is only one?

Didn't Giovanni tell you he knew Jiri?

Professor, what do you think of the situation in the Middle East?

The girl sings and dances and then laughs at me.

Pedro has no sisters.


Let me speak, please.

A prudent question is one-half of wisdom.

You are so full of shit.

That wasn't the truth.

Isaac was waiting at the gate.

I just have to drop this book off.

I don't want to be seen in his company.

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Alcohol destroys the liver.


The accident was caused by an error on the part of the driver.

What kind of manager is Boyd?

We'll get out of here one day.


I'm no different than you are in that respect.

You're going to come up against fierce competition.

That might not even be them.

Will he have the backbone to speak out against the bill?

The withdrawal symptoms are more severe than I thought.


I just got bitten.

The crowd began to chant.

Give the clothes a try.


Marshall doesn't have enough time for a cup of coffee.

He turned round from side to side to look at himself in the mirror.

The known must be separated from the unknown.

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That calls for a drink.

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Stagger welded the two pipes together.

Rob told me it might take a while.

The future is closer than you think.

The orbit around Sirius is elliptical.

My brother was hurt in the accident.

We should be dead by now.

I've never had any complaints.

I wonder who the next president of the United States will be?

Do you guys intend to go to the movies today?

Reid is a big shot in Silicon Valley.

A cold snap spread across Europe.


The pain in my back is getting worse.


Students are apt to waste time.

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She bought a Hoover at the supermarket.

After walking for an hour, we stopped to take a rest.

He gets on my nerves.


Our wedding is tomorrow.

Luxury goods are not essential.

The weather bureau says it will rain tonight.

Hy has more homework than I do.

He is a good man at heart.

Wondering if he came, I looked out the window.

That guy's name wouldn't be William, would it?

"This used to be such a friendly place." "Tell me about it."

You weren't serious, were you?

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I was a French major in college.

When I got out of jail, I had no intention of committing another crime.

Water will freeze at zero Celsius, right?

Valerie wants me on his team.

Art invited me to dinner.

They're changing the color of my dress.

Besides, do we marvel at Naples?

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It is hard work to keep my room in proper order.


He sat beside her with his eyes closed.

I'm not a morning person.

We have a boxing club in our school.

I've never been wrong.

Little by little, you will notice improvement in your writings.


I never doubted you for a moment.

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Dion motioned for Barton to join him.


The box she found was empty.

That boy doesn't eat candies.

This book is really interesting.

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Do you have more than one copy of this key?


Their conversation was carried on for about an hour.

You should read this.

Damon probably didn't think it was likely that Clara would fall in love with John.

Can you give me the keys?

Would you help me out?

Gale danced alone on the deck.

Humor her.

We usually eat with a knife, fork and spoon.

He knows me better than I know myself.

Families needed a lot of help on the farm.

I love the smell of your hair.

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Sarah doesn't know why Al called him.


He asked if I liked Chinese food.


What must be done when a patient has convulsions?


Let's stop this now.

I'll see Warren.

Give me a dozen oranges.

You should've kept that secret.

I'll tell you the truth now.

Lending money to such a fellow is as good as throwing it away.

I want you to leave him alone.

Dan noticed the California license plate on Linda's car.

It's so grey out there that I can't see the mountains on the other side of the valley.


Hurf isn't going to rush into anything.


She is quite coquettish.


Who did your hair?