It's unlikely that he did anything wrong.

Let's forget about Miltos.

Sedat eventually agreed.

No one loves you as much as I do.

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I'd like to go to Paris now.

What he did drove me mad.

Please put your stuff in the closet.

If you've forgotten everything, then why do I remember everything?

Do good to those who hate you.

His remark got on my nerves.

I'm sorry I didn't tell you.

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Is Emmett still working?

No sooner had she entered her room than she began to cry.

He's on the playground, surrounded by 12-year-olds twice a day, five times a week! How do you expect him to be mature?

Every situation is different.

Val got robbed.

I love you more than I love her.

Cris needs to see you in ten minutes.


What would German be without commas?

Ramsey didn't want to see Casey.

John is quite courteous.


You deserve a chance for a happier life.

I think I know a way out of here.

Who's responsible for these?


I made a fortune.


This pianist has very flexible fingers.


World War I began in the year 1914.

Where were you? I've been looking for you for a long time.

I seem to have caught a cold.

I like your book.

Gregory became an officer.

Dirk filled his stainless steel coffee mug with coffee.

This rule applies to all cases.

I have a husband.

Mr Yoshida is too severe with his children.

Come help me.

You're psychic.

How complex is it?

Kees snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.


Will you tell me where to buy the ticket?

This window won't open.

We expected him to support us.

I had the porter take my suitcases to my room.

Can you hear it?

It wasn't Ronald's first time to drive a sports car.

It's shockingly inexpensive.

I didn't see her again.

Duplicates of this sentence have been deleted.


She embraced her brother warmly.

Knute is the one with a car.

Why does my dog hate Ro?

Smoking is prohibited here.

We won't be able to escape.

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Zezo is not my name. It's only a nick.

She was interviewed for jobs.

Professor Naruhodo's lecture was re-broadcast.

Health is indispensable to a happy life.

Uri acted as the boss whenever the boss wasn't around.


I think we can be competitive.


Aimee became famous very quickly.

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We don't need that stuff.


It was already twelve when he reached home.

He thought of a great idea.

Rain, rain go away!

Now, listen to the doctor, or you won't get well.

Cut and come again.

Did Leith seem happy?

He wants answers.

Mitchell noticed something on the floor and bent down to see what it was.

Bart didn't want to see Ron.

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Lorraine kissed Vice goodbye and left.

Happiness depends not so much on circumstances as on one's way of looking at one's lot.

I married a Polish woman.

Have you eaten supper yet?

He decided to go to France.

Thanks for staying with us.

The victory is ours.

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You are in my heart.


Doug started the fight.

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That idea is ridiculous.

For three days after death hair and fingernails continue to grow but phone calls taper off.

We wouldn't say anything even under torture.

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He's sitting on the fence.

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Can't you see it?

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I went home and ate a hearty breakfast.

That pretty bird did nothing but sing day after day.

Are you at work?

Harv told me just the opposite.

I had no chance to escape.

What is this item called?

This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

Well, Malaclypse, where have you been?

Now turn to your right, a little more, a little more. OK, now lie still on your back.


The teacher pointed out your mistakes.

Her story reminded me of the good old days.

He is used to sleeping in a tent.

I'm glad that I was able to help you last week.

I'm proud of my father being a good cook.

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Don't give me that look.

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My grandfather was an archaeologist.

What happened last month?

It's obvious Ahmed can't do it without some help.


He set up for learning.

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I actually agree with them.

Milner is extremely discreet.

You can't have left it at the airport.

I've always liked Boston.

Everyone's been talking about it.


I don't know your heart.


Jorge majored in psychology.

There was a crowd of students waiting in front of the library.

No one in their right mind would walk in those woods at night.

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Sanjib wants to stay.


How did they dance! Not like opera-dancers. Not at all. And not like Madame Anybody's finished pupils. Not the least.

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I'm walking to school.

Where did you want to take Emil?

The song reminds me of my young days.

There's one more aspect I'd like to touch upon during our conversation.

I can't believe it's been more than a year since that happened.

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I want to talk about her.

Renu and Ronni look exhausted.

Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills.

If I can do it, so can you.

Don't degrade yourself by telling such a lie.

What's that boy's name?

This guitar belongs to them.


Issue this order to your employees.

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Take a glance at the mirror.

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You need to work on your security.

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It's more than just that.

How can I be of use?

You shouldn't be driving.

I never heard of such a machine before.

I expect you've chanted "kuwabara kuwabara" after a lightning flash, or have seen somebody do so.

Oh, sweet name of freedom!

Hey Bonnie, can you give me a lift?

This is for your benefit.

He is a dependable boss.

I've been preparing for this my entire life.

We have no choice.


My heart is yours.

I have to go to a funeral today.

Say something.

The wind was whistling in the broken window.

I'm taking Stevan home.


Dawn has a pen in his hand.

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I was born in Boston, but I was brought up in Chicago.

Today cars are so popular that we assume everyone has one.

Are you sure you don't remember what happened?

Giovanni used to play football before he got married.

Everybody is unique.

I think you might be able to help me.

Don't eat that if you think it smells funny.


Please get in touch with me as soon as you arrive in Boston.

I am thankful for sunshine.

I can tell when you're lying.

This is a good question.

You are bright and glowy this morning.

Fortunately, Martin is still alive.

She's a honey!