The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.

Everybody knows who you are.


It hurts so much.

Most of its life wolverine spends alone, really defending the borders of its territory from the individuals of the same sex.

I have been taking care of him ever since.

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One million is a seven digit number.


Heinrich suppressed a yawn.


A cat was sharpening its claws against a post.

Everything was ready for the trip.

Jochen isn't lonely now.

Please wait a minute.

The film started at 2 o'clock.

I was really unlucky.

He is the only one that doesn't observe the custom.

I feel like watching television.

As usual, Mike turned up on time. He's very punctual.

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Her hands rested on her lap.


Can you recommend a good play?

I found a pair of gloves under the chair.

Ethan is a crybaby.

The King now understood how the Queen he had had for some time past had been so ill-tempered. He at once had a sack drawn over her head and made her be stoned to death, and after that torn in pieces by untamed horses.

This area has been quarantined.

I'd like to ask a favor of you.

I had no control over the situation.

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Faster, higher, stronger.


Rik tried to pry the door open.

Takao is lean and tall.

I have no idea who Charley is.

The robber bashed her head in.

I put her down as a reference.


I can't play the guitar, much less the violin.


I'll get by if I have a place to sleep.

Mom, where is the toilet paper roll?

I saw a large snake today.

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How much did you have to drink?

Wine is poetry filled in bottles.

I don't like it in there.

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Scores of people came to the concert.

She is devoted to her husband.

We talked our time away.

Why are you smiling?

I didn't change anything.


Why would anybody do something like that?

What became of these amounts?

Shankar pointed the finger at Clarence.

If I had followed Ned's advice, I wouldn't be having this problem.

The medicine did wonders for his health.

In each of us there lives the fiery soul of a warrior.

We should've brought a flashlight.


All of these have expired.

I think that is based on a lack of mutual understanding.

I'm not involving her.


Didn't you get one?

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Do you know that you're beautiful?

I was just messing around.

It only makes you look ridiculous.

I'm not here to help you.

I'm not sure we have much of a choice.

What's this got to do with him?

I'm getting sick of this.

A lot of kids wear that kind of hat.

I was worried about his health.


What time are Jean-Christophe and Knut coming over?


We have to take precautions.


Write these new vocabulary words in your notebook.

I'll work as long as I live.

I love this sentence.


Nothing is likely to be more effective than this.

A cowboy is driving cattle to the pasture.

What time do you start check-in?


Scott's sister likes to prepare sashimi.

The fact that it's expensive doesn't mean that it's any good.

I thought that I had lost my keys.


I don't know what you've heard.

The approach employed in this analysis was as follows.

I couldn't do this without your help.

Is Syd planning to be at today's meeting?

You can skate safely on this side of the lake.

Try meditating a few minutes a day once in a while. Honestly, it helps me a lot.

Will you keep the baby?

I live in this neighborhood.

Hostilities resumed.

Tal advised Saiid not to borrow money from anybody.

She is a lady among ladies.

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My flight back to Boston leaves in three hours.

There was no doctor who could cure her illness.

I'm having dinner with some friends this evening.

I want to cry!

All is fair in love and war.

They are living in misery.

He doesn't know how to play the piano.

He has a good knowledge of Japanese religion.

Donald eats too fast.

Soon the day will be over and I won't have succeeded in doing anything.

Presumably, Sue watered the flowers while we were away.

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I'll talk to you in the morning.

Taro has lived in Obihiro for ten years.

When I passed by in car, I caught a glimpse of the house of a famous actress.

He embarked on a new study.

I hate to eat alone.

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I arranged that he be admitted to a good hospital.

Is there any place special you want to go?

Wendi is looking right at us.


The teacher began to shoot questions at me.


People usually only see a medical specialist like a urologist or a gastroenterologist after an initial referral by their primary healthcare provider.


All the villagers went into the mountains to look for a missing cat.


Stay for a while.


An army was divided into the vanguard, the rearguard and the main body.

The prime minister paid a formal visit to the White House.

This is my mother. Her name is Beatrice.

To go on. No It's enough. To go on weighted down with worlds contries cities. Crowds howling. Covered with climates hemispheres ideas memories. Among the spiderwebs of tombs and the conscious planets.

What you say may be true...


I know my way around here.

I really want you to pay more attention.

Lions and tigers are called big cats.

The foreign tourists sat on the bus and looked out the window.

Because of his advice, I was able to succeed.


The policeman beckoned to me with his forefinger.

I'd like to learn French.

Timothy sat down again.

I'll trust you.

Novorolsky's doing very well.

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This stinks.


He would be the last man to break his word.

I don't know why the door was open.

This child is slim.

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You might learn something if you pay attention.


We've come for them.

When we hear of a divorce we assume that it was caused by the inability of those two people to agree upon fundamentals.

Naomi has come a long way.

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We couldn't have done it without your help.

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Can I call "Chargeit" and reserve?


You don't say!

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Ed was the one who taught Fay how to drive.

I didn't understand a word that guy said.

What did Gregg talk to Jim about?


Wolfgang says he'll be sticking around for a few days.

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Can I make one observation?

That is not art. That is a vagina with teeth.

This is harassment.

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I think I am finally going to retire.

Somebody might've followed us.

I can't even read French, much less speak it.

Take a run-up and jump over the fence.

Can you verify that this message came from Meehan?

Be home before dark.

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.


Everyone, as a member of society, has the right to social security and is entitled to realization, through national effort and international co-operation and in accordance with the organization and resources of each State, of the economic, social and cultural rights indispensable for his dignity and the free development of his personality.

Mr Smith has lived in Kyoto for three years.

Lloyd thought otherwise.

My father was religious and he was a very moral man.

What part of not drawing attention to ourselves do you not understand?!

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We'll see Elaine next week.

The student arrived after the examination was over.

I think you should stop smoking.