Stuart is very competitive.

The Medal of Honor is the United States of America's highest military honor.

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It took me several hours to find it.

It was a horrible moment. Fortunately, it did not last long.

You've always been so good to me.

How many major cities are there in Oregon ?

I have errands to run.

This dam dwarfs even the Hoover dam.

Clarissa has my car.

Mitchell was silent for a long time.

We couldn't stop giggling.

It's pretty cold today.

The guards are going to shoot Blayne.

I have a feeling today is going to be interesting.

We could not but give him up for dead.

May I talk to you for a moment?

Not until yesterday did I know about it.


What's your favorite game to play with friends?

Is there anything I need to do before I go home?

Lievaart doesn't get this at all.


He is in high spirits today.

Joubert came to see me last summer.

Patty is a smart student.


I don't like the way that guy is looking at me.

Stop it already!

Randy told me he couldn't remember the teacher's name.


This is perfect.

I just feel awful.

I had to lie to Peggy.


You're a lifesaver.


I pleased you, right?

Please repeat the last three words.

I would like to come and see you.

Why do you need a new ladder?

There is not one of us who does not want to help you.

I don't think everyone gave up.

How can Dylan not see that?


Arthur was very interested.

They congratulated the veteran on his promotion.

They succeeded in reaching the mountain summit, but had an accident when coming back down.

I must be at the wrong place.

What is tastier when freezer-burned?

Spass seems to really enjoy talking with Gail.

They're sending help.

Derek saw Rusty catch a fish.

Gregory knows what it's for.


There is no telling what will happen.

Did Willie really throw rocks at you?

This loaf of bread is big.


You know what you have to do.

I tried to help her.

I don't know what to do for dinner.

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Sumitro paid for everything in cash.

But, she has never offered much excitement in the bedroom.

I thought you weren't coming back.

Bud is very humble.

After swimming, a glass of orange juice really fills the bill.

Barrichello drives very fast.

Someone gave the criminal away to the police.

I've scolded him many times.

They knocked the box to pieces.

Kimmo likes to fish.

Dwight was unmarried.


I loved the fish pie my mother used to bake.

The new teacher is in the class.

Their family name is written on their mailbox.

Where is your brother?

I will have to change my ways.

What's your plan, Juliane?

Do be kind to your children!

He eats nothing other than fruit.

Jennifer kept watch.

There are some reasons why the Japanese find it hard to act unlike others.

To become CEO of a multinational company is easier said than done!

I love arguing with you.

I started to write a book.


We're quite comfortable.


School isn't going to be as much fun without Emmett.


We are looking forward to serving you again.

There will be consequences.

There's only one problem.

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The audience laughed hysterically.


Human beings are the higher mammals.

Hillary was good at violin.

I'm opening my presents now.


Honesty is one of the most beautiful things in the world.

Try some more.

They had a legacy system that they have tinkered with for years and it became more and more difficult to find the expertise to improve it.

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Whatever I have is yours.


I bought four new tablecloths.

This plant is a hybrid.

Leave my camera alone.

Why are they leaving?

He used to go out at night.


I need a nurse right now.

A buffalo is akin to an ox.

She is certainly over forty.

That district is no longer a safe place to live in.

It is impossible for me to do the work in a week.

I swear I didn't know Greg was coming.

I have seldom seen such a beautiful sunset as this.

Kent talked about himself.

Titles and honours signify nothing to me.

The planning committee met six times over the course of ten months.

I'm happily married, no matter what anyone says.

They bound his legs together.

Japan's population is larger than that of Britain and France put together.

All I am I owe to my mother.

She reconciled with her friend.


Who's your favorite country singer?

I speak Irish fluently, but don't use it very often.

This was a winter evening.


I ate an early lunch, so I'm pretty hungry now.


Hamilton doesn't seem to know French.


Laughter helps ease the pain.

You're a moron.

The situation seemed very tense and dangerous.

He would sometimes talk with the soldiers.

If anybody is still absent, please send their names to me.

Look at him. He's drunk again.

How goes it, Jacques?

My ankles often become swollen.

Who should I call to fix my plumbing?

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Just a moment ...

You have to give me time.

The cake didn't turn out well because the flour was past its use-by date.

Go and play with your friends.

All things must have an end.

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We trade cars here.


The yellow toy is little.

My mother grows flowers in her garden.

I hope we'll see Bruno again.


You are not really prepared to go on a pilgrimage.

It has become quite autumnal.

Are Mitchell and Neil still in my office?

Nothing is more precious in this world than the feeling of being wanted.

In one letter he remarks, "Life is but a dream".

Are they satisfied?

I should probably take that.

Paola is poor. However, he is happy.

Are you sure that you want to give this away?

The sky is clear. Not a cloud in sight.

What effect did the doctor say this medicine has on people?

Aw, my father's going to China.

He explained how to play the guitar to me.


The prime minister directly confronted the challenges of his political opponents.

I once worked in a restaurant.

I need to finish packing.

Youtube is a great place to find songs with the lyrics in the video.

I'm calling him again.

Is Connie your mentor?

Rand requested that we take care of his child.

The relationships among those five people are complicated.

Who does it belong to?

Olof didn't need any help.

Dalton used a legal loophole.


You should feel flattered.

My mother lives by herself.

I came here to help you.


After years of focus on words, dictionary writers finally turned to sentences.

They'll respond.

Lenny is slowing us down.

Everybody wants to be happy.

You've never done that before, have you?

You'll end up in jail.

Smoking is forbidden in this area.


Everyone is waiting for her.