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  • We are your one stop travel health solution in Airdrie. Patients can have their pre-travel consultation, vaccinations and travel prescriptions filled. You can also pick up travel related retail items and over the counter medications all in one place.
  • Travel health is the core of what we do. Our travel health practitioners have received extensive training and have received their Certificate in Travel Health from the International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM) . They are up to date with the latest travel health news and alerts. Their knowledge and experience help them to determine a specific plan to keep you safe and healthy while you are away.
  • We don’t just provide vaccines and medicines! We will also provide educational information specific to your trip. With this knowledge, you will know how to stay safe and reduce your risk of getting sick while away.
  • We are a certified Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre by the 5014200781.
  • If your vaccinations and prescriptions are covered by your employee drug benefits plan, we may be able to submit your claim directly and save you the hassle of sending in your receipts.
  • No hidden pricing! You don’t have to pay a vaccination fee if you have your travel health consult with us. We also do not charge for writing prescriptions.