We're moving in the right direction.

This has happened before and it'll happen again.

I heard that he could even translate from Ancient Hebrew.

What's Blayne doing out of jail?

When was the last time you climbed a mountain?

Christie will be able to answer your question.

Harris is happy, isn't he?

Panacea is the only one in our family who has ever been to Boston.

Who's to say which is better?

Who knows what you'll find up in the attic?

Shall we go and eat?

I don't think we've been introduced.

By definition, an acute angle is less than 90 degrees.

Ann actually did that.

Be careful not to step on the dog's tail.

Many a reader skips the words that he doesn't know.

Great was the sorrow of her parents.

Is Gordon left-handed?


Pull your car out a bit, I can't back my car out.


It's seems I've caught cold yesterday evening.

Do you need more time?

I don't want Wayne to think he has to interpret for me.


I know you want to keep it a secret.

Skiing is my passion.

If you translate from your second language into your own native language, rather than the other way around, you're less likely to make mistakes.


Please drop in on us.

They were making a fool of me.

You need to get out and socialize more.


This gift is for my friend.


Would you like to have some coffee?

I didn't hit her.

Agatha didn't want to ask for help.

I've done nothing wrong.

Margot often wears a knit ski cap in the winter.

Charlie is an assistant professor.

Thank you, friend. You are fair and just.

Are you telling me there's more?

I'll give you a couple examples.


Where does that Oscar person live?

Did you visit the haunted house?

I'm asking for your help.

In September 2013, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced proposed carbon pollution standards for new power plants.

Ning threw away all the letters that Elvis had sent him.


He took the blow on the head.


Just then she came into my room.

You'll never too careful crossing a street.

Please, leave it to me.

No one will believe me.

The attractiveness of his charisma made other people listen.

I hope Helen has a good time.

Isidore can't be serious.


This week the cherry blossoms in the park are in full bloom.


I get a three percent commission on anything I sell.

There are various reasons why a house may be left vacant.

We shouldn't give up.

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Nobody thinks you're the one who did it.

Stop eating in bed, I'm sick of cleaning up after you.

Noemi took his coat off and hung it up in the closet.

I'm hanging the calendar on the wall.

You may call me Francois.

We are more closely connected to the invisible than to the visible.

The doctor didn't allow me to go out.

I had just finished my homework when Ted phoned me.

I didn't know what else to say.

Don't bother to deny it.

He gave in to the temptation.

I'm supposed to pick Antonella up after work.

The candidate whom I cast a vote for was elected.

Yes, sometimes.

A ring and some cash are missing.


You don't have to write out a clean copy of your composition.

Are you allergic to any medicine?

I'll determine how we proceed.


We had never met each other.

Please join us.

Oscar doesn't have any friends who speak French.

Adlai hasn't been in Boston long.

That's not right.

This will be a game changer.

No one knows your secrets.

This park is more beautiful than that.

I should've asked.

Would you please tell this gentleman who I am?

I was ready to tell Grace anything he wanted to know.

It must be true what they say.

I think you should go now.

The scene was clearly printed in my memory.

You don't miss the water 'til the well runs dry.


Karen's family owns this bakery.


That can't be Jaime. She is in hospital now.

They were in perfect health.

I've been helping them.

It took me several hours to correct it.

I want to visit Egypt someday.

I'm a jinx. If I sold candles, the sun wouldn't go down.

I just eat bananas now.

What could've happened to him?

Where do you hold your meetings?

Judith doesn't know where Penny is now.

The letter was signed by Jeany.


Don't get excited about such a thing.

Let me tell you what happened here last weekend.

Ten o'clock local time?


Linder went to the gym.


Is the drawing quite explanatory?

What's your favorite historical movie?

Some people have nothing to do in life!

Kristen is your best friend, isn't he?

Brender is still on duty.

Why did she do it?

The members decreased to five.


Danielle knocked out John with a baseball bat.

I can give her a message.

I have one too.


Let go of the rope.

I cannot tell whether this bus goes to the airport.

You should call your mother as soon as possible.


That's a promise.


She may have missed the train.


I slept on the boat.

Micah moved out of his parents' house.

Give it to me, please.

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Did you know that Jochen doesn't have a driver's license?

When Vincenzo translates one of my sentences, I feel glad to be alive.

Your sex life probably won't change dramatically.

Aren't you glad?

All animals, except man, know that the principal business of life is to enjoy it.


Harmon had a great night.

The server is down again.

The pulse ox sensor couldn't get a good oxygen saturation reading because Drew's hands were so cold.

Are you sure we're allowed to swim here?

We found out that he had been dead for three years.

Thirtieth birthdays often bring with them fears of old age.

I will consent to the divorce.

The lock is beautiful.

I need this job.

What is going on down there?

The Sanssouci Palace is an example of rococo architecture.

Obviously, the theorem is true for finite sets.

They spoke many different languages.

I rented an apartment next to yours.

I tossed and turned in bed all night.

Dorothy wrote Jill's name as the cheque payee.

I deny all those charges.

He's here.

Welcome aboard!

Get your hand off me.

I told him to do that.

Do you know when Janet will be back?

That's the last thing that I expected you to do.


A war exploded between the two countries.

At first the King would not believe it, but the old woman urged this so long, and accused her of so many evil things, that at last the King let himself be persuaded and sentenced her to death.

You have eaten lunch, haven't you?

I waited for five hours.

I didn't clean it.

I want you to remember what happened here today.

What's been keeping you awake?

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Is this Will's residence?

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You're nuts.

I can't be calm while talking about this.

Of course this is also possible.

As you sow, so shall you reap.

Pilot isn't sure what to say.


He doesn't live far away.


Damon put the soap in the soap dish.

Seems like I'm just playing gooseberry here. I should go.

You don't need to tell him everything.

How old is your son?

I'm really looking forward to working with you.