David Baines
Boston, MA
(508) 801-7134
dbaines at bu dot edu



Boston University Boston, MA
MBA Candidate, Finance. 3.7 / 4.0 GPA. Honors. 2019
Relevant Coursework: manubrium, Economics and Management Decisions, Investments, Fixed Income Markets
Duke University Durham, NC
Certificate in Statistics, 89/100 Cumulative Grade. 2017
Online Transcipt, Final Project
Suffolk University Boston, MA
BS Business Administration, Management. Information Systems Minor. 3.4 / 4.0 GPA. Honors. Griffin Honors Society. 2011
Relevant Coursework: Calculus, Applied Statistics, Microeconomics,
Macroeconomics, Data Analysis, Money & Capital Markets, Honors Business Finance, Principles of Investments

Professional Experience

Verizon Waltham, MA
Researcher and Technical Presenter 2017 - Present
  • Collaborate with developers, engineers, and architects to understand complex technology
  • Read academic literature relating to network research to provide empirical evaluation of developments
  • Lecture on value of technological advances to large business, government, and education audiences on a daily basis
  • Research business justification for nascent technologies (i.e. 5G) and document findings
  • Educate colleagues and partner organizations on advances in development
  • Manage 50+ technologies in a research facility designed for presenting relevant R&D projects
Verizon Waltham, MA
Product Marketing Manager 2016 - 2017
  • Analyzed specific markets to determine product fit for strategic gain
  • Evaluated technologies for alignment within specific strategic frameworks
  • Compiled attribute data on disparate products to form a succinct product portfolio
  • Wrote documentation for technical and strategic communications for Verizon executives
  • Developed technical demonstrations to communicate functional validity of prototypes
MakerBot Brooklyn, NY
Project Manager 2014 - 2016
  • Investigated opportunities to expand market reach for core product line in a startup environment
  • Interviewed market participants to determine viability of a specific R&D project
  • Designed, marketed, sold, and deployed a novel managed solution for 3D printing to four US universities (see Projects section below)
  • Lectured on the evolution of 3D printing at universities, conferences, and trade shows
Apple Dedham, MA
Business Specialist 2010 - 2014
  • Established an inside SMB sales channel throughout retail locations to grow YoY revenue without hiring additional staff or increasing retail footprint
  • Developed outbound strategy based on empirical measures of customer engagement
  • Developed inbound strategy to identify SMB customers from consumer retail interactions
  • Facilitated events to educate customers and peers on Apple’s SMB strategy and solutions

Projects, Awards, and Certificates

Lean Six-Sigma Green Belt. Boston University. 2017
MBA Case Competition Finalist. Boston University. 2017
MakerBot Innovation Center. Northern Arizona University. (Press Release) 2016
MakerBot Innovation Center. East Carolina University. ((419) 942-9585) 2015
MakerBot Innovation Center. Montclair State University. (Press Release) 2015
MakerBot Innovation Center. UMass Amherst. (Press Release) 2014
Founded three startup projects in the enterprise SaaS space. 2011, 2015, 2016

Skills and Interests

  • Formal education and practical experience with inferential statistics, Bayesian statistics, data visualization, codification, and modeling
  • Formal education and practical experience in the effective presentation, facilitation, documentation, and collaboration of ideas and concepts
  • Extensive experience with R, HTML/CSS/JS, Unix, PHP, and server architectures (i.e. APIs and “Mobile Edge Compute”) as well as MS Office and R Studio
  • Passionate hockey player and golfer. Avid reader of military history, business history, and biographies. Lifelong musician and player of the guitar, piano, and drums.


“A model-based approach to wagering on a PGA TOUR field to achieve positive returns over a finite time series.” Working paper

    Outlines the creation of a multi-variate OLS model that aims to predict the winner of a PGA TOUR event based on the field’s 36-hole mid-tournament score. Using a derivation of the Kelly Criterion, discusses the correct amount to wager on a player to achieve positive returns from an initial bankroll amount.

“Determining risk-adjusted returns of trading intraday price action events in commodity futures markets.” Working paper

    Analyzes common price action events using a momentum-based or trend-following perspective and, over a 6-month period in the WTI Crude Oil futures market, compares the risk-adjusted returns that can be expected from trading their occurrence against other common strategies in other asset classes.

“Evaluating the Performance of Growth and Value Strategies in LBO funds.” Research proposal

    Proposes a methodology for determining the presence of a statistically significant distinction between two contemporary LBO strategies: buying firms at a discount to their equity value (value strategy) and buying firms with forecastable future growth and high price-to-book ratios (growth strategy). If that distinction does in fact exist, proposes a method for quantifying their results to determine the performance of each strategy relative to each other and a public index.