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Do you want one of them?


I beg you pardon, milord. It's not Hebrew, but Latin.

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I gelded one.

Dominic is lost in the game.

I had too much to drink and I can barely walk.

Sue finished drinking his beer and ordered another one.

For several entries, there are direct phone numbers.

I heard that Win was working late last night with you. Is that true?

I am reckless.


Nothing is more valuable than friendship.

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I get tired of hearing Torsten talking about Ravi.

After a few weeks, doctors made Cleveland a new jaw out of hard rubber.

Michel compulsively writes sentences every day.

What time do you take a bath in the morning?

Take your time when you eat meals.

You should refrain from smoking.

Mark is sexually active.

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What price did you have to pay for that?

Why didn't somebody help Griff?

If you find the man, please let me know at once.

Joel lent Spike his bicycle last week.

Sanjib walked down the path, whistling a happy tune.

I'm Hsi's assistant.

His study gives on the park.


Brisance measures how quickly an exploding material reaches its maximum pressure.

Do you want to work with her?

I thought you'd want to take a look.

In a situation like this, there is nothing for it but to give in.

Keep your money in a safe place.


I've tried to reason with him.

He's in military service.

Who do we see about that?

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What if my mom says no?

We just want to talk to you.

I've never seen you wear a hat.

The patients participating in the drug trial don't know if they're receiving the drug or the placebo.

Gerard realized it was useless to try to convince Rik to do that.

I'll lend you any book that I have, as long as you keep it clean.

It's already Christmas in Europe.

Today we still don't know who won the election.

I'm good at my job.

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They charge tax on liquor in the U.S.

The important thing is you will talk with your teacher about it.

Donne stared at Lievaart in shock.


Mike said a few words by way of suggestion.


We need to be more like Eileen.


I don't know where I am.

That dog is really old!

Why don't you calm down? You're really making me cringe.

Saad was the only other person there.



Life is weird.

He likes his job.

I know what you must think of me.

I have an investigation to conduct.

I don't really have a gun.

Let's eat our dinner before it gets cold.

I want to do something in a house.

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Connie told us that we would eat as soon as we got to the cabin.

Did you return Dani's book?

I think this isn't correct.

I suppose you know all about it.

I need hand lotion.

I'm only interested in nonstop flights.

Do you think you could lend me some of your records?


I'm not entirely certain what has happened.

It's just money.

Among the divisors of 90, how many numbers are not divisible by 9?


Do you help me?

I'm glad it worked out.

This effect was noticed by the creators of the full-screen editors, such as PyRoom, FocusWriter and DarkRoom.

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Well, that's all right.

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I don't want to let Scott down.

Takeuchi faked his own death.

I'll need to run some more tests.

Do you go to school on foot every day?

I don't think it's a very good idea.

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Who's that guy with the mustache?

I called him a coward to his face.

I'll go if you insist.

Boston is farther from Chicago than New York.

The nun prayed and crossed herself.

Give me some coffee if there is any left.

I haven't been doing this for very long.

I can't get my head around her.

The area is notable for its scenery and wildlife.

Matthieu didn't like the look of his nose, so he had a nose job.

This is so humiliating.


Geoff showed off his new cellphone.

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I strongly advise you not to do that.

Joe reached for the magnifying glass.

Are you both crazy?

Just so you know, this is a very bad joke.

I think Galen needs to start hanging out with someone other than Rudy.

I've come a long way to see you.

Why is that special?

Why don't you try on this yellow sweater?

I made an apple pie for you.

We'll get it right eventually.

He must be very angry to say such a thing.

Matt hasn't grilled the fish yet.

That's a legitimate question.

You should prepare for the future.

This is a great moment.

Pardon my poor Esperanto.

The relationship is convenient and symbiotic.

He cried through the whole film, this soppy old sentimentalist.

I really like hard boiled eggs.

The article on Buddhism revived my interest in Oriental religions.

I left my passport somewhere.

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Detective Dan Anderson has finally pieced together the whole murder story.

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You will find both of the books interesting.


Julius is at the bar.

If you act in such a childish way, then you will be treated as child.

Myron tries hard.

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I will never forget this day.

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For the first time in more than 6 years, the unemployment rate is below 6%.

We all know that.

Serdar is definitely happy now.


Stop asking yourself useless questions.

I'm Nana. I'm Hideki Yamauchi's daughter.

I have to quit my job.


The salvation of human race starts with the family.

I didn't say Woody was smart.

Are you cut?

Late autumn in Scotland is rather cold.

Do not rely on the room clock for the accurate time of day.


We don't know when this world came into being.


Nobody's laughing.


There's a good chance that Erwin will be here this afternoon.

Shall I answer this letter for you?

I believe Ramiro is looking for you.

Ignore them.

He is sure that he will succeed.

As for the child, he is eating the meat.

Enter or exit.

The programme is over.

Dan survived with minor injuries.


What am I doing this for?


"How about some horror stories?" "No, I'd rather not mess with those kinds of things."

My best friend stole my boyfriend.

I should've stayed with you.

The problem will eventually solve itself.

I don't feel like eating Chinese food tonight.

Who's coming?

Dan didn't even bother to greet Linda.

Jakob is breaking the law.

When is his birthday?

This is so dumb.

I kiss my child a hundred times a day.

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It is too hot.


Every woman in the room turned to look at Jurevis.


The museum is open from nine o'clock in the morning.


Valentin tried to warn me.

If it's a simple tune, I can sight-sing it.

Go tell him.

Grandchildren don't make a man feel old, it's the knowledge that he's married to a grandmother.

I'll guard the door.


Not knowing what to do, we telephoned the police.


I don't want to work today.