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Please do not forget capital letters.

I should be able to take care of Mayo for you tomorrow afternoon.

You should talk to someone.


All you have to do is try your best.

I wish Jared all the best for the future.

She's not easy to impress.


The patient could've died if it hadn't been for medical treatment.

Hubert warned Geoff about John.

Not everyone in Boston likes me.

They haven't seen each other since the divorce.

I just want you to have it.

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Tell me this is over.

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After thinking over it over and over, I found the golden mean.

We need someone famous to narrate the script for our new documentary.

Did Charlene tell Malloy what to do?


Please find someone who speaks French.

Tell her that I am in France.

I was unable to effect any change in his way of thinking.

Konstantinos left me in control.

I've been pretty fortunate.


Thirteen people died in the train wreck.

The grieving woman was consoled by her friends.

Most people understand this.

Ping is donating blood.

Nobody believed me.

Can you give him a ride home?

What will you do after graduation?

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I want you to throw this stuff away.

What do you think we gonna do during the new semester?

She always clears the table after a meal.

Hello, boys!

Can I buy you a beer?


Randell raises Arabian horses.

What a stroke of luck!

It really stinks in here.

See you in church on Sunday.

Night always follows day.


No one but me is allowed to do that!

He doesn't dare to reach for fame.

She begged him to send her home.


Enough money was available for him to begin his business.

Add salt and pepper to taste.

Today isn't my birthday.


We're going to need it.

I call her up every day.

I can't play piano.


A book is lying on the desk.


I don't have a phone.

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Between ourselves, he was dismissed for bribery.

Facebook is boring.

I would go to the mountains when young.

Just wait a moment.

The chicken hasn't laid eggs lately.

You're the guy who killed Lar.

Kathleen could see nothing.

If Knute spoke a little slower, people would be able to understand him better.

Your silly talk won't get you anywhere.


I wasn't sure it was you.

They said inspections should be increased.

It's beautiful out here.


Why would anybody eat pickled cabbage?

I know you're busy, but can I talk to you for a minute?

Edith cynically assumed that the contractor could likely not afford the expense of years of litigation.

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Take a walk.

When did America become independent of England?

Can you help me with this?


Sjaak and his friends headed towards the beach.


I can't be manipulated.

Hubert wants to help, but says he's too busy.

I don't feel good now.

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She has a bad head cold.


Do you really feel sorry for Gregge?


My mother visits the dentist's every other day to get her teeth fixed.

Mitchell wasn't sure what to do.

Scott practices speaking French every chance he gets.

How long has that been happening?

I told her it'd be better if she went alone.

I need to quit.

The garden is behind the house.

I asked her if she could go to the party.

Just tell me it was an accident.

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Surgery is the best solution.

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I am not surprised you're so taken aback.


Sandy held out his mug and Hillel refilled it.


Here's a book for your mother to read.

It was boring.

You boil water to cook eggs.

It's time the kids went to bed.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions.

I like women but I don't get along with them.

It was blowing hard all night.

How energy efficient is that?

They call him Jim.

Someone made a threat to kill that politician.

He blushed slightly.

I can't get in.

A snowflake landed on the tip of Rolf's nose.

I couldn't even be there.

Class sizes are limited.

They have nothing in common with the older generation.

Skeeter is doing the same thing Cynthia is doing.

You can use the bath before me.

We have to investigate the cause at any rate.

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How much do you think I can get for my kidney?

Who do you think'll be at the party?

In the U.S. it is disrespectful to slurp while eating noodles, but in Japan it is considered polite and even flattering.

You've dropped your pen.

Courtney's not in his bed.

The shop, the advertisement, traffic, all that commerce which constitutes the body of our world, was gone.

My house is close to the amenities of a big city.


Frank isn't your friend anymore.

I was impressed with Jayant's report.

What got into you?

I cannot grow a beard in the army.

It looks like it's just the two of us.

Let's not talk about that now.

I don't know anything about him.

Whoever loves flowers cannot be a bad person.

Are these candles?


Betty can play the piano.


It is not in the immediate vicinity, but not far away either.

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He was unconscious of his guilt.

Even though Bert told Martha about his problem, he didn't want to listen to any advice she had on how to solve it.

They are both very intelligent.

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Is there any chance that Norma can win?

They shot me.

Men tend to be more overconfident than women.


To be always honest is not easy.

Daryl, your handwriting isn't very good, but it's easy to read.

He can play the piano, the flute, the guitar, and so on.

I concede the argument.

I didn't even know what had happened.


Ian is anticipating his trip to China.

We can forgive, but forgetting is impossible.

A little girl, with tears in her eyes, searched for her mother.

Judge and Irvin fight more and more. I'm afraid the honeymoon is over.

Kylo waited for Surya to say more, but she didn't.

Let's go and find them.

I'd rather stay home.

I didn't want to rush into anything.

I entered the contest.


Donne followed Gil in.

How many bags did you have?

Surya explained to Gregg that the joke relied on a double entendre.


Ignorance is bliss.

Clara made me help him.

She ran away with the eggs.

A loud noise made him jump.

"Is there anything that I need to avoid when I recover from giving birth?" "Yes, getting pregnant."


Athletics are an important part of school life.

They had several children.

Erick was attacked by a dog.

Bradley is going to pick me up after school.

It's not for me to tell you that.

Was he really that bad?

Fast and good rarely go well together.

Jennifer can do this work alone.

Air provides considerable thermal insulation when trapped in a chamber.


Did you hire her?

Did that really just happen?

When you see Eric give her this note.