He became brave in the face of danger.

It's sort of a long story.

Josh isn't interested in fashion.

Nobody likes me. I have never been liked by anybody, because I am not beautiful.

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See to this matter right away, will you?


Thank you for asking me.

Mariou has got to be in this building somewhere.

These books were expensive.

She read the letter, and so she came to learn that he was dead.

He often turned up at parties without an invitation in his days.

Maybe Patty was walking in his sleep.

"Does your husband walk to work?" - "Yes, he likes walking."


I don't think you'll be disappointed.

There's no easy way to say this.

A leopard never changes his spots.

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He argued me into going.


I'll let you know if anything comes up.

He made her a bookshelf.

Straka didn't build the doghouse that Ti wanted him to build.

What is your favorite word to express that something is great?

When can I see Jones?

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Kit stayed up late to finish writing the report.

My mother often said that time is money.

There are few who are not embarrassed to have been in love once they don't love each other anymore.

We have it all.

No Leonard, I will not marry you!

Does Nicolo need to stay home today?

Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?

We'll have breakfast at 6:30.

You will see it, when you believe it.

Let's do it at our own pace without hurrying.

Hilda is two years my senior.

Are you a teacher or a student?

That's a pretty strong statement.


He's terrible in bed.

I'm sure that you will succeed.

You speak pretty highly of him but you're directly involved. I think my less charitable view might be more accurate since I can look at things objectively.


If there's another war, we'll all die.

I also really had the feeling of having had a relaxed day with my family for the first time in a long while.

But this is not going to work with me.


You'd better come.

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The Browns are a fine and happy family.

War breaks out when nations try to form their own empires.

Can anybody do it?

Why are men so dumb?

The wedding will take place on Saturday.

I doubt very seriously that Julianto would ever do that.

The sooner they leave the better.


It was hard for him to say no.

You're the most important person in my life.

I'll gladly pay you anytime.

He is always in company with beautiful women.

Reinhard was proud of her beauty.

Every idiot who goes about with 'Merry Christmas,' on his lips, should be boiled with his own pudding, and buried with a stake of holly through his heart.

I am in the garden.

One day, Natsume Soseki was lost in London.

The tall man wears a tie.

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The two came to the same conclusion.

I intended to abandon everything to focus wholly on MARDEK, but I was finding it hard to stay interested and motivated.

Diana looks sad.

Hey, I can help.

I'm headed over to Hugh's.

What's the destination of this ship?

This is a very important day for us.

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Do you know how to add new contacts to this phone?

People are afraid of war.

How long are you going to do this?

So I'm not the only one who had this problem.

She admonished me that I should consult a doctor.


It's going to be really cold tonight.

It's really not that interesting.

I want my money back and I want it back now.

Tell her we're on our way.

Let me donate what little money I have with me.

Did he dare to jump the brook?

You need a car if you live in the suburbs.


I'm glad Rupert's OK.


That was a personal victory for Kees.


They looked at the photo taken of me when I was a boy and laughed.


I'm focusing on my German!

Take a look around.

Guillermo seems so much smarter than any of his classmates.


Rahul didn't write it.

Each of us should plant a tree.

Evelyn wouldn't approve.

I'm sorry I jumped to conclusions.

He managed to be on time for class.


Why don't you give them a call?

I can't put up with the heat any longer.

Darrell and Earle have the same hair color.


I think about it day and night.


He reared three children by himself.

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The heavy rains caused the river to flood.


She was my first love.

The top of the hill is flat.

Part tasted the stew and frowned.

What did Oleg say he needed?

I like her all the more for her kindness.


I wish you'd just tell me what's going on.


Rusty has to pay for everything.

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There wasn't much traffic this morning.

I'm not a disbeliever.

I have no intention of telling him.


Have you ever really been in love?

Where's the rest of the group?

This message is for you.

Kieran insisted on paying for dinner.

Go on board.

Jeffery read the sports section first.

He knocked on the door but nobody answered.


Do you have a second?


He did not turn up after all.

Nikolai has an ugly face.

If you explain everything in medical jargon, it's impossible that everyone understands immediately.


Do you have any standing room?

Neil got some money from his father.

Those times were characterized by their mystic.


I think I know why Siping doesn't like Conrad.

Croatia is a country in the southeastern part of Europe.

Is that what really happened?

I'll need some help with this task because I don't get the basics.

Pull it out.

Can you open the window?

Wine is put in casks to age.

I overslept again.

Raghu almost choked on his coffee.

Next, the snake has scales over his eyes and cannot see very well with these lidless eyes.

As the saying goes, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained."


You must have seen them there.


It's been a pleasure.

I'm under the tree.

Pay no mind to the man behind the curtain.

I can't get them on the phone.

Kidney beans shouldn't be eaten raw.

It is advisable to go by train.

We listened to the bell ring.

It is Stacy's ambition to go to the moon.

She is looking at a beautiful picture.


Heinz never cared much for me.

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Is a human being mortal?

Martin, this shit just got real. Fetch the chainsaw.

Kamel wants dessert.


How much did you pay Lenny?


Luca's motorbike is faster than mine.

Do you know what time that supermarket closes?

Some of my classmates are pure noobs; they know nothing about computing sciences.

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She just came back from the restroom.


I can't speak your language, because I don't know.

The earthquake caused a tsunami of immense size.



Please drive slowly.

You still haven't told me how old you are.

The focus is on statistically significant features of lexico-grammar used within particular sub-sets of texts associated with a particular discipline.


They are waging a campaign against AIDS.

Rajiv jumped into the bushes.

Boxers have to weigh in before a fight.

I'm really unlucky.

Claudia dropped his gun into the river.