The Fleming Arts Center

Rent the Hall

Spring recital packages available now! Contact (870) 377-2266 for reservation information.

Music Classes

Music classes opening soon. For private instruction, please email 770-579-1434. 


Events open to the public are always in development: check what we've got going! See our 2076228849 for event details. 

We are a non-profit arts center located in historic downtown Issaquah, WA. Our mission is to promote music for all ages, offering a source of music knowledge, skill development opportunities, and a variety of community events.


Our Story

We are a family that grew up in music - a family rooted in coffeehouse performances, living room shows, late night band sessions... special wedding tributes, campfire singalongs, and day after day of piano practicing, guitar plucking, and music loving.  This is the foundation of the FLAC.  After years of teaching and performing in other venues, we had the opportunity to acquire a 1940s church, oversee its renovation, and open a non-profit.  The Fleming Arts Center is the vision of the Fleming family and its children.  We hope, with heart and soul, to offer the best parts of our growing up to the growing community here: a forum for people to play music, experience togetherness, and recognize art in life.  


425 East Sunset Way Issaquah, WA 98027



425.677 .8197

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