Is Daren going to the market right now?

This should only take a few more minutes.

It's the second-coldest region in the country.

He was appointed chairman.

Twenty railroads were closed down.

You can look now.

Where's the source of this river?

He's a fine young man.

Debbie doesn't speak any French.

They're all terrified.

I want the red balloon.

We're going to have a baby!

Am I interrupting anything?

I don't know Ritchey that well.

I find myself thinking about you quite often.

Pastafarians believe that an invisible and undetectable Flying Spaghetti Monster created the universe.

Some fish are able to change their gender.

I've found him.


I think your work is very good.

Physics is not easy to learn.

I miss talking with him.

Delbert grabbed his backpack and left.

Aurora Borealis, or the "northern lights", occurs 80 to 160 km (50 to 100 miles) above the earth when energetic particles from a solar storm cause the gases in the upper atmosphere to glow. Auroras can last between a few minutes to several hours. It's common across Alaska and northern Canada.

Boyd is good, isn't he?

He sat at a distance from me.

It wasn't long before Jochen fell asleep.

Jacob delivers newspapers.

My aunt thinks it's too early to go bargain hunting.

Please use the north entrance.

It is interesting to play basketball.

Let's hope the government respects our agreement.

The car had two broad stripes painted on the hood and the trunk.

I'm just here to do my job.


I haven't read the comments yet.

The officer encouraged his men.

How should we spend our evenings?


He always says, "only kidding!" at the end.


Try to make up your mind soon.


I'm afraid it's not true.


I caught a glimpse of him from the bus.

The card you drew was a red, wasn't it?

Should we really be doing this?

We celebrate Christmas every year.

Let's not deceive ourselves.

We lay on the grass.

Do you want to watch a movie?


I don't think we're welcome around here anymore.


She showed him several books that were on the shelf.

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Get on the floor.

She texted me.

He's out of position.

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Why do you believe Casper?

Clayton's bedroom is cleaner than mine.

I have a bicycle.

I'm willing to help you.

We can't seem to find our way back home.


I'd like to have some more mashed potatoes.

You will not persuade her with these words.

I need to swim.

Shatter ran away.

The prices are variable, so shop around.

We didn't move so that we would not wake him up.

He has experience in a wide variety of programming languages.


I had to stop by the hospital to see Nate.

Let me help you.

He set us by the ears.


I will give you a recipe.

I have a very important meeting.

Dan accepted Linda's invitation to dinner.

He has access to the American Embassy.

On his arrival at the station, he called a taxi.

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He missed the 8:30 train.

Naomi looks skeptical.

Why is it dark?


Butler was shot in the arm.

Why didn't you let me know you were in Boston?

He can speak Thai as well as English.

I'd really enjoy going skiing with you this weekend.

But what do I see!

You should try and get some sleep.

Your opinion means a lot to me.

Now that we are established in our new house we shall be glad to receive visitors.

She takes a bad picture.

Many people are older, but not wiser.

He's just a fraud who pretends to be a doctor.

Unfortunately, he got his leg broken in the accident.

Yay! We're gonna win!


They're not always there.

Death is not to be feared.

I can't remember the melody to that song.


It is way more effective to study foreign languages in a class than to do so by yourself.


Inferiority complexes are more common than we think.

Bottles of beer are made of glass.

My father used to read books to me at bedtime.

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How do you expect me to pay for this?

We live in the present only.

At the time this story takes place - in 1699 - the Kingdom of Norway was still one with Denmark.

In the end, we ended up eating at that shabby restaurant.

Are you helping him?

I was awarded an honor prize.

She was across in ten minutes.

Practice is the only way to master foreign languages.

Bring me a glass of tea with lemon.

Stop fighting. We're all on the same team here.

Rik yelled something in French just before he dove into the water.

Where's this place?

Where have they gone?

He worked hard for fear that he should fail.

Teriann is cocksure.

Ssi puts the boys to sleep.

He allowed John to enter yesterday.

Graham is in a big hurry.

Pass me the salt cellar!

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We'll see you when you get home.

He said that he had been in California for ten years.

Well said!

Arriving at the airport, I called her up.

I love the way you walk.

Sergei is immensely powerful.

When was Terri killed?

I know how to distinguish the good from the bad.

It was a very exciting game.

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Pim lied about what had happened.

Narendra told me to treat others with respect.

I just did what she told me to do.


He turned a deaf ear to me.

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She is two years older than you.

This man has no feelings.

Glenn didn't want to rely on anyone else.

My sister, a university student, won first prize in the speech contest.

I rescued the cat.

Now she suffers for her crime.

This weighs more than the limit.

By saying "Mike" I actually meant my dog named Mike.

How long have we been married?

What would you have said to Bucky?

What a nice man!

He put his things down and left.

I can prove it to you.

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You're predictable.

In case of fire, dial 119.

The ship dropped anchor.

The introduction of the potato into Nepal doubled the population in a generation.

We owe you nothing.

I'll see her later today.

I just want you to go away.

Diana stumbled out the door.

You buy stamps at the tobacco shop.

Mommy, I want you to buy me a garnet!

I don't know where your painting is.

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I never drink alone.

You wash your lettuce.

I have some appointments this afternoon.

Everybody has to pitch in.

We have to talk to her.

How old are you both?

Some say he lost, others say he won, but that's not the point.


I'm not a squirrel.


Haven't you gone too far?


Miki twisted his ankle while hiking.

Yeah, I got a new job but it's nothing to write home about.

Thanks, I'll delete it then.

Tommy is going to be out for a while.

Does anyone have a banjo to make me try?

I want to move to the country.

Over 16,500 different technical and scientific experiments were carried out aboard Mir.


Who's with me?

It was a complete nightmare.

Wash up.

My dream is to be a baseball player.

When I looked in a gardening book I was surprised by how many were marked poisonous.