Hope you like it and have some fun!

Lanny drank a shot of whiskey.

I'm not sure why Gideon said those things, but I bet he now wishes he hadn't.

You've always underestimated Olson.

In order to make a phone call, I put my hand in my pocket and searched for a coin.

What sort of person are you?

I could see Jerome wasn't in the mood to do that.

Would you be so kind as to lend me your book?


We can't waste any more time.

I have a friend whose wife is a pianist.

He is pretty private about stuff like that.

Pravin and Rakhal have decided not to talk to their children in French anymore.

The timid man trembled with fear.


I want to beat him.

I just don't understand what goes through the minds of people who troll forums.

I know that Del went to Boston.

Whatever will be, will be.

How did they leave?

Please don't allow that to happen.

I blamed him for the accident.

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Arlene told Wendi that she should take an umbrella.

A wink was his only answer.

He has engaged in religious activity since then.


I see myself.

The store sells fruit and vegetables.

It is the business of the future to be dangerous; and it is among the merits of science that it equips the future for its duties.

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Alfred tells me you've been to Boston.


Throw the ball to me.

Don't you think that might be significant?

My father is an architect, not an engineer.

We are both friends.

Kate wondered why Anita never called.

Do you think Tad is hungry?

Are you hard-working?

We are going to make a video.

Just a moment. Let Joseph finish.

I'm still not used to working so many hours a day.

You know Lorenzo better than any of us.

I didn't allow animals in the hotel.

What do you say to taking a rest?


I told you it was a mistake.

The girl was wearing pink panties.

It was really good to see you again.


I'm saying no.

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I require absolute loyalty from all my employees.

Students who want to major in physics ought to have a sufficient knowledge of mathematics.

She's a bit of a snob.

Sridhar had no choice but to do what Roxanne told him to do.

The glass was broken by someone.

I want you to lie still.

If you want to become ambidextrous, try brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand. It'll be hard at first, but you'll get used to it in no time.

My friends invited me to dinner.

Just wait and see.

Eli sometimes walks to school.

I know how much she meant to you.

Let me pay.

I couldn't spot him.

I couldn't sleep all night.

Shankar will succeed eventually.

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They went to the bus stop, and the bus took off.


You're asking what I'll do in the last hours before the end of the world. I'll probably take out the garbage and clean up the apartment, and you could come and help me with it.


I'm sure Laurel will know what's best.

They stood on the balcony to watch the festival in the street below.

Everybody liked us.

Noam will furnish you with anything you need.

I didn't tell you anything.


Are any of these locations easy to get to by bus?


We laugh a lot.

There's hella empty seats over there.

I helped Ram fill out the application form.

I'll find my own way out.

Deborah went back to Boston in order to be with Jimmy.

I ran into a tree.

You're just trying to shift blame away from yourself.


We're having five guests tonight.


Laura danced gracefully.

You can go there.

I'm sure Piete knows enough French to get by.

You should be ashamed.

I can't tell you how many times I've been there.

Vishal had no sooner walked in the door than Eileen started to complain.

I want to study history.

We should've planned more carefully.

She looks young.

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The air was infected with photochemical smog.


Lithuanian is a good language.

I had my pocket picked on the train.

Laurel is old enough to drink.

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Matti noticed that not all the kids were paying attention.

Rik is engaged in medical research.

Whoever comes first will get the best seats.

You can say whatever you want.

Kieran was arrested immediately.

We'll keep in touch.

I'm getting fed up with SJWs.

Please give me a minute to explain.

I don't ever want to do that again.

Do you own a pet?

Vivek is spying on us.


They found it.

She found a job as a typist.

I don't understand this gobbledygook.

I will learn.

Suyog took his brother to the zoo.

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I know that he can draw.


I got a call from them.

The TV won't turn on.

The funeral home is accepting flowers today in honor of his mother.

She dreamt a strange dream.

That lady is haughty to a great degree.

Would you go to the supermarket and get some butter?

I don't understand what you want to do.

The tires of this car don't have enough air in them.

There's a nigger in the woodpile.

The price of these supplies quickly increased.

You won't need me.

Valentin isn't answering his cell.

Do you think you can catch me?

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My cat is suffering from the heat.

All tests were carried out two-tailed with a signifiance level of 5%

I was angry.

Pilot needs to stay close.

That's actually perfect.

I don't understand anything.

Whenever I leave my window open, bugs fly into my room.

Where's Takayama?

I learned the hard way that crime doesn't pay.

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I'm not going to do this.

We've been waiting for hours for you to show up.

He ought to know better than to quarrel with such a fellow.

Construction began in October.

The TV is off but it is still warm.


Sekar does a pretty good job of forecasting the weather.

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We are going to root out the government.

I prefer soccer to baseball.

He's in the fourth year.

I've decided to get into politics.

There is a large lake near our town.


A cry arose from the crowd.


I'll never forget to meet you.

The attempt to deceive me did not come off.

John used to sell books.

Does your country have nuclear weapons?

Below the starry sky, Erick and Lorraine forgot about time, recounting their dreams to each other.

The radio next door gets on my nerves.

I thought you should see this contract.


She has a very enviable position.

What year is this?

Noam wants to be a tattoo artist.


My heart was beating faster and faster.

This bed looks solid.

Why are you late to class?

Why should I pay you that much?

Reid is genuinely concerned.

Bryce almost cracked my ribs when he hugged me.

That guy annoys me.

The old system works.

Do you think Tommy is good-looking?

Who is this, please?

I'm glad that the rain has stopped.

It is unfair to ask someone to be like you.

Rusty's hair is turning gray.

I have hardly studied this term, so I'm going to study hard next term.

That must be Teruyuki's girlfriend.

You still haven't told me where we're going.

I told you that I didn't want a party.


I can't help you do that.

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I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.