I hope I get a chance to return the favor you've done me.

Isn't that mine?


Rewrite it in your copybook please.

Mrs. Thompson wants to conceal the fact that she is a millionaire.

You must treat them with more consideration.

How long do you plan on staying in this country?

Boston was our first stop.

I wondered why Isaac didn't seem to enjoy fishing with us.

Dan threatened to expose Tuna to the FBI for selling confidential information to a foreign government.

The children exchanged presents at the Christmas party.

We can depend on Gideon.

Nothing is as it used to be.

He will be sorry for it some day.

That was Bobbie's only fault.

They awarded him a gold medal for his achievement.

You lost an earring.

What's the stupidest thing you've ever done?

I haven't spoken to her.

Cops can't be everywhere.


Laughter is a serious matter.

I want that bag.

I've just never seen you looking happier.


The Germans and Celts had pants, but the Romans didn't have those.

The book was so gripping, I could hardly put it down.

He had a great fancy for traveling.

I think Piete shares too much personal information online.

Tax and gratuity aren't included.

Edmund is twice as heavy as Max is.

It's still dark outside.

The story cannot be true.

Nadeem asked her husband to grow a mustache like Laurianne's.

Hirotoshi got a puppy.

Applications are accepted until tomorrow.

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Lorien wishes that were true.

Many people think that antique cars are overpriced.

Do I have to help them?


I'm not looking for your sympathy.

Today's a bit warmer than usual, wouldn't ya say?

You seem to be better.


I wish you could have come with me.


He did exactly as I had told him.

There's never been a problem before.

I want my son to become a mechanical engineer.

I still have a lot of things to take care of.

The criminal was arrested and put into prison.

Everyone's asking for you.

I know more than her.

May I borrow a ruler?

We were so proud.

A kiss is one of life's most precious gifts.

I have been studying for two hours.

The headmaster will present the winners their prize.

I belong to a gym.

Shean will find them.

This pillow is too soft for me.


Does your dog bark at Jinchao?

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The train he was on could no longer be seen.

I wonder what Clarence plans to do tomorrow.

Marsha asked how much we had paid.

Try to be a bit more modest.

It was a good choice.


What's Connie's computer literacy like?

Then a good idea came into my mind.

This is a misunderstanding.


Never have I seen a more beautiful sight than this.

Who's headlining Glastonbury this year?

I found them.

I found this one.

Note that the maximum doesn't always exist.

There was no cat.

This is just for you.

Hirotoshi didn't tell Lucius anything.

Mike doesn't practice basketball on Monday.

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Do you want to work in Germany?

Um...am I mistaken in some way?

I've learned a lot about them.


That looks a lot like Raj's ex-wife.

She is second to none in French.

She's impatient.

What annoys me is the way he boasts about what he's done.

I'll introduce you to him.

This will take time, money and patience.

It's a real difficult issue.

Dan wants to see the manager right now.

Reflect on it a while. You'll see I'm right.

Nikolai got up off the floor.

She stood in the court before judge and jury.


That's why you got the promotion.


We've got to talk to Rich before he does something stupid.

I used to have a girlfriend.

I love the girl I met yesterday.

Let me introduce you to Mr. White.

Let me explain for those living under a rock.

No sooner said than done.

Licking it up would be much more appropriate!

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You don't give a shit, do you?

It is usually at the coffee shop that I meet him.

It is much safer to be feared than loved.

Hindus don't eat meat, in particular beef, and they are mainly vegetarian in order to respect the animals' lives.

There are a lot of things that could go wrong with that.

What are the five first letters of your e-mail address?

I know him quite well.


I know it's not what you suggested, but it was all I could do.


Just stay objective.


There's nothing Ernst can do that I can't do better.

Why would I want to help Thuan?

Benjamin's fears were well founded.

Oliver knows the score.

I'm afraid I took your umbrella by mistake.

The lengthy peace hid the early signs of an explosion.

Syun was up before dawn.


Somebody needs to be here for the children.

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My parents cut me a generous check to help me get out from under all my credit card debt.

He wouldn't do that to me.

If I am what I have and if I lose what I have who then am I?


Can you buy an inhaler without prescription ?


Ellen found out what went wrong.

Is she healthy?

Would it be OK if I took a quick shower?

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I told you so!

We could wait.

Brenda keeps his doors locked at night.

I will pay 7 dollars in addition.

Do you know where George bought his tennis racket?

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What was Duane's reaction?

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Jane had her hair cut short before the athletic meet.

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I was impressed by Edmund's skill.

Sho wants to call his lawyer.

Why can't people just be nice to each other?

Yesterday I was caught in a shower on my way home from walking in the park.

Who threw this stone through that window?

I want you to lose.

The shrapnel from an explosion is usually more dangerous than the shock wave.

The condition of the patient turned for the better.

It was outstanding.

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His wife died leaving behind their two beloved children.

The men had little to do except hunt for food.

Susan hates olives.


Please forget what we talked about earlier.


Emily wrote the sentence.

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That's all I'm asking.

Aimee will return home at three o'clock.

Kikki is having a hard time deciding what to wear to the party.

We're safe now.

Brent always liked me.

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Let's call a spade a spade.

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The problem is beyond the scope of my understanding.


I haven't seen him in months.


I agree with you 100%.

I have something to ask him.

I must speak to them.

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I helped them.

Gigi gave Geoffrey a big wink.

It doesn't sound to me like you want to talk.

She never told me that I was the father.

Juha hardly ever laughs.

Jerry doubts if Marty will come on time.

Earl was quiet.

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Elvis is going to want to talk to you about what happened yesterday.

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I have a very welcoming smile, don't I?

If I were twenty, I could vote.

He won the game thanks to his strong will.