I sort of liked him.


The student submitted a paper to an English-language journal, and the result was "conditional acceptance".

This kid seems to be rather happy.

Goods at the food and clothing stalls were very cheap.

My pumpkin was the best.

I walk to school in 30 minutes.

I'm unenthusiastic.

I have sore muscles all over my body.

Connie excitedly entered the room, she gave Bryan a big hug and a huge slap.

Her dog started barking like crazy.

You should have seen the picture.

You just need to press this button to take a picture.

Being lucky, he was in time for the train.

Swamy told me that I could keep the book if I wanted it.

I can imagine that.

Kelly is reading a newspaper.


I would like to insure this package.

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I ask you for nothing.

If anyone has a problem, tell them to call me.

Don't push me very hard. It's dangerous.

Does she know your phone number?

Remind me that there is a meeting on Monday.

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The best mirror is an old friend.

They aren't dating.

Tait closed the lid.

Here is a true Israelite, in whom there is nothing false.

What if it continued for ever?

Who do you think will know the answer?

Your advice is critical.


Roberta is a very affectionate person.

I need help right now!

Mom spread the table.


She had a touch of a cold last night.

Israel seemed to like everybody and everybody seemed to like him.

I'll get them ready.

I know this must be hard for you.

Pratt tried to convince Guido that it was time to leave.

They noticed that.

Two sockets are not enough for a meeting room.

Washing clothes and sheets is my work.

She was kind enough to give me advice.


I think you've been in Boston a little too long.

The monks elected a new abbot.

Don't get smart with me, or you'll get a black eye!

But the young ones did not listen to their mother, and, playing about the garden one day, they strayed close up to the castle windows.

We used a barrel for a makeshift table.

I remember when Dean was a baby.

No one had to wait.

Sekar gave Eliot $1,000 in a brown paper bag.

It is rumoured that a spaceship has been seen near Shanghai.

Sleeping on a problem solves it as easily as pouring oil on troubled waters.

Japan imports great quantities of crude oil.


Everything here is covered in dust.


Are these things really Jayant's?

If I were a sultan, I'd have three wives!

You should get your eyes examined by the doctor.


The shooting victim is alive, but just barely.

We have ten head of livestock.

I'm ahead of my work schedule.

"That's cheaper than a new hat," Susan answers.

I don't want to watch television this evening.


School begins on April the tenth.


His mother refused to pay for his education so while at college he worked as a servant to pay his way.


When I got up today my throat felt a little sore.


Wait, wait, don't go yet.


I know about you.

You have a decision to make.

The ship was abreast of the shore.

I like hanging out with you.

When it comes to sewing, she is all thumbs.


He arrived with me.


He is extremely unbiased.

Finally I was able to get the meaning across.

We met in Xi'an.

We haven't lost everything.

Today the bus drivers are striking.

Are you American?

She left for Osaka yesterday.

Let's go by car.

The diamond shone brightly.


I won't tolerate this.


There's someone behind you.

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He needs to answer the question.

I left halfway through the movie.

She was trying to figure out what just happened.

I do hope you understand.

When he fell into disgrace, all his friends abandoned him.

He did the unthinkable.

We're going to visit Brandon.

On the one hand he is kind to everyone, but on the other hand he never behaves with too much familiarity.

The ship is about to set sail.

Are you willing to change?

Meningitis is a terrible disease.

Everyone has his price.

I'm not angry at Prakash.

She had to give up her dream.

I think you should tell Dawn why you're here.

My car is a Ford, just like yours.

Do you have any French-speaking employees?

Let's get cracking at 8.

Animal shelters find that fewer people want to adopt black cats, so many more black cats are euthanized than any other colour.


46 million Americans lived under the poverty line in 2010.

I'm saving money for a car.

Who have I offended now?


Diglossia is a type of bilingualism where one can speak two dialects of the same language.

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Sarah seems to understand where he stands now.


I could not understand.


You can't make me do that.


How dared you marry my daughter without my consent?

He illustrated his theory with examples.

Prakash told Elsa that she should study harder.

Cut out the nonsense, will you?

I haven't seen much of him recently.

No one can deny that.

The price includes tax.

They love listening to classical music.

Empty your pocket.

I'll take it to him.

My poor state of mind made me distraught.

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Who is he talking to?

How do you translate "Pfirsichbaeumchen" into Berber?

I wish Juergen could've seen Keith win the race.

Cristina cleaned out his bedroom closet.

I hope we're making the right choice.

I think I should've helped them.

Nothing much is happening yet.

It's true that he is in America.

Please turn in your homework by tomorrow.

It is said that nobody has solved the problem yet.

We must pay attention to the fact that no nation claimed sovereignty over this region.

The next night, I did not sleep well.

Mrs. Smith can get her husband to do anything she likes.

The car's almost out of gas.

They were going to lose.

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I like the way you dress.

There's nothing to eat around here.

Brodie just proposed.

Jerald wants me to take his place.

Are you sure Alvin knows what he's supposed to do?

Have you ever been in New York?

Let's get dancing.

May God bless the country I was born in !

She cried all night.


Craig's the life of the party.

Lord is too stubborn to apologize.

Water gurgles while fire crackles.

I see why Leonard dumped you.

What was she doing in his room?

Ostriches cannot fly.

You won't be harmed.


How did Carlo find out it was me who broke the window?

Dan immediately took a liking to Linda.

He refrained from drinking too much.

I don't like to be kept waiting for a long time.

Something must have happened to him on the way.

You've gained a few pounds.

I think maybe Douglas was scared.

they wont in the schoole :)

Joachim sounds angry.

The Mongolian dinosaur was sold in New York for a million dollars.

I wanted Ian to come.

I am seeking a person who can write a personal computer manual.

I could see Sundar was asleep.

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This job pays very well.

Would you like some tea?

Lance was married to Bruce when I first met him.

You may know that already.

I told Sherman I got fired.