She won't come today.

Donna painted it himself.

I did so with a view to pleasing him.

We have become an intolerant, inward-looking society.

Who's Helen talking about?

Dan feeds roaches to his big hairy spider.

You're one of Rafik's kids, aren't you?

Winston offered to carry my suitcase.


First off, I'd like you to come with me to a department store sale.

I heard he was looking for a job.

Hienz doesn't live here anymore.

The young man was dressed elegantly.

I will see my friends tonight, but my sister won't see hers.

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That is not the point in question.

Rod works.

I feel like getting some fresh air.

My common-law husband and I have been living in Texas and now want to validate our common-law marriage so that it is legally recognized.

I broke up with her.


We can rely on her.

I run a lot as a method for the Olympics.

We shouldn't confuse solitude with isolation. They are two separate things.

I know Jock doesn't like you.

I want it to be a success.

He began.

I told Hilda I was fine.

"Who brought you?" "My sister did."

You've got to stop this.


So, how did he like it?

Rarely have I heard such a load of rubbish.

I should've eaten breakfast.

How did she come to know so much about fish?

Are you through with the phone?

He represented Japan at a conference.

They called the dog Rocky.


I didn't change a thing.

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That makes me want to laugh.


Granville didn't mind doing the dishes.


You don't accept gifts.


Caroline has become a wealthy man.


The game will be called off if it rains tomorrow.


Two male students sharing an umbrella? How strange.

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Language has, at the same time as being method of expressing one's thoughts, the side of being something used to think with.

The completion of the Suez canal was a colossal achievement.

Ariel told Derek to go ahead.

She threw her arms around him in horror.

He must be nearly forty.


I wasn't able to leave my house.

I'd like you to send me your Lingala book.

These flowers bloom earlier than others do.


We don't want to be late.

He is, so to speak, a walking dictionary.

I'm sure this is exactly what you need.


Fay is inarticulate.


I nearly killed myself doing that.


I'm feeling fit.

Yes, this is my house.

I go to church.

He hates insects.

Is eating egg yolks really that unhealthy?

It's a waste of time and a waste of money.

I should've said 2:30.

Smoking kills.

I didn't want to look foolish.

Keep your hands above the table.

It's pretty quiet around here.

He knows it.

Grow up!

He went up the steps slowly.

She will be a good companion for you.

That can be confusing.

I always enjoy playing tennis.

That's me - the coward unable to muster his courage and find out the truth.

I have been to the airport to see him off.


This beautiful dress is made of silk.


The danger was not apparent.

I'm getting better.

I don't like the idea of them going without us.

I have an important mission for you.

Randall might go to Boston with Naim.

I have to leave the car here.

Would you care to come and see me on Saturday?

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Gauges are used to measure the thickness of wire.

Mann is the tallest guy in his class.

Marian doesn't want to go home with you.

The story about Billy eating my cat isn't true.

You're at home too?

I know my father will help me.

He was given ten years and his wife three.

We have to wait until Hy gets here.

I'm on a budget, so I don't eat out more than three times a week.

Why didn't you call me?

Has Adrian told Penny everything?

I'm not a Muslim and so I have no obligation to observe the fast but as long as I'm living in the same apartment having consideration for such a custom is important.

You've defeated him.

Can I go to the bathroom? I gotta piss.

What are you going to do later?


Liyuan has no real friends.

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Pete never was poor.

We were forced to change our tactics.

If Rajarshi had been careful, he wouldn't have gotten killed.

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That took much more time than I thought it would.

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All that time the things granddad had said, like the sound of flies flying round a melon, buzzed in my head.

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In China, the 11th of November is Singles Day.


We take it for granted that television exists.

It seems well written.

Smoke was rising from the chimney.


I'll look into this issue more.

If only the doctor had come a little sooner.

You can take as much as you want.

Did you sift the flour before you made the cookie batter?

She was lying face down on the bed.


I love to take pictures.

If only if I had thought of that!

I'd better tell you the truth.

That's all he thinks about.

There are many bones in your body.

I don't worry about the risk.

I think we'd better go and look for Lester.

Would you mind waiting outside?

This book is meant for children.


I wish I could see the ancient world.

Are your parents going to be home tonight?

I can't make that decision without consulting Gunter first.

Try not to get wet because of the rain.

Only my mother really understands me.


No one asked your opinion.

His heart beat with excitement.

I'm sure you're mistaken.

We have to take care of our parents.

They were at each other's' throats.

Omar, what happened? Why are you crying?

This book is also available in French.

Bruno is in good physical condition.

Include these points in a 3-4 minute talk about your book.

Don't tell him you're lost.

If one is suffering from sleep deprivation, one's attention can slip.


I haven't been in contact with Mr. Smith recently.

Vilhelm wants to know how long you plan to be in Boston.

Kurt and Kieran have a son named John.

Whosoever shall kill the king will be punished with death.

The river is very beautiful around here.


No doubt he will come later.

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The two boys are much the same in English.


No one opposed the choice.

I have three exams at the end of the year.

Be alert when you cross a busy street!

There's an attempt to involve the audience with translations.

Nice of you to drop by.

Shuvra is currently on death row.

We could go travelling for a few days.

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The game was put off until next Sunday.


I cannot afford to leave you idle. You must take up a regular occupation.

I have truly loved fake people.

Americans call football soccer.

He solved the problem by himself.

I hope you're wrong.

Thanks to you I've lost my appetite.

I can no more swim than a stone can.

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It looks like rain. You had better take an umbrella with you.

Your friends are really concerned about your health.

I can't leave them here.


You're not above the law.