You think that I'm just talking nonsense, don't you?

You must have made quite an impression on him.

That was the plan, wasn't it?

Well, you'll regret it.


Depending on your location, there's a chance of snow.


How do you think the fire broke out?

My fate is in your hands.

"Teacher, have you read this book?" "Of course."

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We had better start before it begins to rain.

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I saw them at the funeral today.

He was too old to work any more.

I've had too many disappointments.

I am one of the kindest people I know.

I've been doing this for a long time.


David doesn't have what it takes to be a teacher.


Last summer was awful.

"I want that book," he said to himself.

He was seen at a local bank.

They took my ring.

Marian said he didn't want anything.

Kim and I are the same age.

Even though he has turned twenty, he's still too timid to chat with girls.


Smoking is harmful to your health.

I'd better go home.

That is one of the most difficult languages in the whole world.

I got it for my birthday.

I didn't know any of them.

I was an idiot.

Were you flirting with them?


Instead of fewer accidents there are more.

But after this, everything turned out well.

I don't know if I should be telling you this.

History is a journey into otherness.

Show me the picture.

I trusted Emma more than I should have.

All of a sudden, the lights went on.

I'll go buy some bread.

I told you you'd like it.

Panzer isn't shy.

Let's press on with our work.

His son doesn't work at a bank.

We would have learned Esperanto if we'd had more time.

You're beginning to scare me.

He hid it behind the door.

In the first paragraph, she describes the labels she was tagged with, which have a negative connotation.

Measure twice, cut once.

Please smile.

I have children.

I thought Guillermo would look more like his brother.

I can tell it all to my best friend.

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Plants don't grow in this soil.


The space program suffered a devastating loss in January of 1986 when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded 73 seconds after launch in the skies over Cape Canaveral.

I felt dirty and ashamed.

How come I didn't know about this place?


I'm not trying to impress him.


My grandfather was killed in World War II.


He is free from care.


Stephe isn't really sick. She's only pretending to be.

Danny looks very uneasy.

Straka did a lot of good things.

This is because there is nothing so beautiful that, even on close inspection, no defects will be found.

He knew how ridiculous he sounded.


The police showed me your picture.

You seem to be a very lonely person.

What's the recipe for apple crumble?

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I don't know what to do and neither does anyone else.

Excessive reliance on monetary policy an attempt to curb inflation could unnecessarily constrain credit and hence business.

People of your age often have this problem.

I was disillusioned at his married life.

They said it's OK.


What are you going to give her?

Audrey won't go to school today.

I think that Deirdre lied to me.

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How many digits does that number have?


That's a fairly reasonable price.

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I thought maybe I could buy you a drink.


Actually it might be a good idea to start right now.

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Call the number I gave you.

He took me to lunch or dinner quite a lot.

Antonio was happy to see Starbuck.

To give a definition of word is more difficult than to give an illustration of its usage.

I don't care for eggs.

She always leaves her dirty dishes in the sink.

How do you remember that?

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Kathryn, can I speak to you alone, please?

See you next time!

Here, please have a seat.

Jarl is my stepdad.

Don't lie anymore, OK?

The housekeeper interrupted the conversation.

She has big boots.

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Faith is certainty without evidence.

Kirk seems to be asking himself that same question.

I was trying to do the right thing.

We plan to stay a week.

The service sector is the most important one in the economy.


Pitawas is coming to stay with us for a week.

He was not a happy camper.

Better be the head of a cat than the tail of a lion.

I returned to my hometown after five years' absence.

I do nothing.

Being angry, he loudly rattled the locked door.

Our school library has many books.

I captured butterflies with a net.

I'm looking forward to his present.


He attracted many people's attention.

Teri searched Pilot's room.

Where is the rota?

When you leave the bathroom, you should wash your hands.

I want to buy some shoes.


He acquired some knowledge about Ben.


What reason did he give for being so late?

Miek is a sophisticated lady.

That hardly mattered.

We must keep up with the time.

She poured brandy into the glasses.

She refused to answer my questions.

The girl had no one to turn to for advice.

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Tea is a popular beverage throughout the world.

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I never took drugs.

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Scott found nothing to say in return.


The cheap dollar is charging up exports.

They are going to perform "Romeo and Juliet" next week.

Don't talk to them about this.

There's the island of my dreams!

War isn't something to be done lightly, also changing the constitution isn't something that should be done because "I just really want to go to war".


I'm not sure when Brender came to Boston.

I am married and have two children.

Samir speaks very good French.


My uncle teaches English in a college.

Could you just stand up, please?

The Dalai Lama counsels the practice of compassion.

These are very big apples.

There's hope for everybody.


It will soon be possible for us to go direct to New York by air.

Juliet wanted to learn how to play golf.

He doesn't even have a sesame seed at home, but twirls his mustache nonetheless.


I can't go back to prison.

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Do you think there would be a problem with us showing up a little early?

Nick remained wide awake the whole night.

Del is a gardener.

We've got three major problems we need to solve.

Neither of them seem to be aware of what has happened.

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I've already told Glen what to do.

No, usually I watch them at home on TV.

Everyone was dressed in a beautiful kimono at the party.

You must pay attention to his advice.

Kikki turned his back on his old way of life and dedicated himself to his family.

I was fined for fishing without a license.

Tell Sri that I'm thirsty.


Put your mind at rest. Everything will turn out all right.

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Unless they have a good wine list, I don't want to eat here.

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I'll have to take her with me.


They must be replaced.

I don't feel like waiting any longer.

Is that what's bothering you?

Please get in touch with me when you are here.

The surgery was successful.