I want to spend more time alone with you.


Nicolette is getting better day by day.

Each day our life becomes more comfortable and more automated.

I only want her.


This song is sad and beautiful.


He came all the way from Kyushu to see the Mona Lisa.

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Dan persuaded Linda to leave Britain with him.

My boys are all grown up.

What remained was a bitter aftertaste.

Our minds transform experiences into symbols.

The weather getting worse, the departure was put off.

Please hold a moment. I will see if he is back.

The town lies on the seashore.

This is the boy.

There is little food in the refrigerator.

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Cristina sat down next to Christina on the sandy beach.

What a big pumpkin!

Hui likes her.

Mars is all the more interesting for its close resemblance to our Earth.

He intended to have visited the temple last week.

Go and wake Roberta up.

Excuse me, what is the shortest way to go to the station?

I wish I were as rich as he.

The famous building, the Taj Mahal, is in India.

I'm sorry that you can't come this evening.

The examinations are all over.


My job is to forgive you, which I do.

There is a hostel two kilometers from the station.

You can leave.

I'm glad your book was received kindly by the press.

Nothing's wrong with the old one.

Do you have a pen? I have one.

This isn't the time or the place to do that.


Oh, sorry for not noticing you. I can only see it (the game) from here.

We've been here for a couple of minutes.

I'm a klutz.

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Do you mind if I use your computer?


Mick isn't sure who's in the room.

Of course, recognizing our common humanity is only the beginning of our task.

We went to Boston last month.

What time will your last class be over?

I hope Sal helps me.

He's the president of the bank.

They're who broke the window yesterday.

"Do you have some fish?" "Yes, I do."

This is the house where she is living.

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I seek my own truth.

He apologised to us for being late.

Have I forgotten anything?

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All you have to do is read these two pages.

Why wasn't I told about this?

Collin slept three hours.

We realize that.

Will you tell her?

You will never become president.

That's a challenge.

Suzanne was behaving like a spoiled child.

I support you whole-heartedly.

You can't just come here without an appointment.

You have been such a disappointment to your mother.

He's doing the best he can.

Please come to meet me some time when it's convenient.

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Pierce writes something in his diary every evening, no matter how tired he is.

Emma made stew for dinner.

You cannot kill yourself by holding your breath.

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I would therefore like to draw attention to the Report of the Committee on Invisible Members of Parliament.

Don't treat me like a dog.

Is something wrong with that?

They needed money to pay for the supplies.

Won't you come over to my place?

We eat at home.

Diana told me he was going to be busy all day tomorrow.

Klaus has his daughter with him.

Don't you want to see the world?

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Tell your friends about Tatoeba.

I have a hunch that the show will be cancelled; they haven't sold many tickets.

The story is based on fact.

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No, don't go yet.

I missed seeing that movie. Did you see it?

I had no idea.

Come again next week.

Start from here.


Mother went to town to get some bread.


He hit him on the head.

I heard somebody cry out.

Odysseus and Morpheus are pronounced, with perfect regularity, like Zeus.

Have you ever met him?

She has a husband and two daughters.

She said that she was a little tired.

The truth is that I don't really love you anymore.

Let's not beat around the bush.

It does not matter that he did not know about it.

Did you use a condom?

Do come and see us when you are free.

I graduated from high school last year.

I want to kiss my girlfriend!


You didn't need to hurry.

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Will you give me your radio for my bicycle?

I'm the last one who saw Kay.

I wonder what made them do that.


Brooke thinks I'm right.


The chief crop of our country is rice.

This is really good.

She married him the following year.

Bring your books down.

Isn't that a little dishonest?

Would you like another drink?

She can't come because she's sick.


His fever subsided.

Betsy lives on Park Street.

Melinda looks fantastic.


Did you phone her?


"Can the Snow Queen come in here?" asked the little girl.

What I want to say is this.

Fletcher Jr. is Patrice's only son.

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What you need is staying power.

Chuck tried to solve the puzzle.

The street fight was interrupted with a hail of gunfire.


This is a long list.

You certainly made an impression on Lin.

That's something I'll never forget.

The penis is what commits adultery.

She would take him home if it was necessary.


Can't we wait until tomorrow to do this?

Please accept my sincerest condolences.

Why yes it is.

They believe that Jane is honest.

Go back home.

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Please don't open the train doors until the train has stopped.

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The Orient Express will depart from platform two at 6 a.m.

He must have been brought up in a good family.

Brett thought Devon should go over to John's house and help him.

Hein is walking down the street slowly.

It just looks funny.

Miki was actually here tonight.

I approve his suggestion.

We need to deal with this now.

Bobbie won't always be around.

Slowly, their bond grew ever deeper, amazingly enough. Clarence found that repeating what he'd learned of her and nodding a lot tended to help.

Recently the number of cars has greatly increased.

Juliane will be back in the morning.

He is doing research in sociology.


Help me move this couch.


I've grown tired of watching this uninteresting match.

Christopher lives in the house where he was born.

As soon as Vern heard the phone, he answered it.

The businessman is thinking of receding from the contract.

They see each other.


Never forget what matters.


Would you like a nice big piece of apple pie?

Barbara is working as fast as he can.

Caroline has made up his mind to quit working here.

An adult tooth came in right next to a baby tooth.

A man is as many times as much so as the number of languages he has learned.


I had him write it.


If you want to travel to a store located 10 km from your house, and you drive at 50 km/h, it would take you 12 minutes to get there.


He went to the hardware store to get a shovel.

That program is still far from perfect.

The political circumstances in the country got worse and worse.

We did it according to your instructions.

There was a flower bed in the middle of the garden.


What else happened?