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    We who have been with Nissan from the very start. First as Datsun dealers seeing the vision of Mr. K the success of the 240 then having to endure the pain, the misstep of the name change, then cheered the launch of the first Maxima. Followed by the revolving door of Nissan North American management changes. Witness to the dawn of the Ghosn era. The one thing that has kept Nissan in the game has been the entrepreneurial spirit of the dealers. The dealers have been the one constant that has allowed Nissan management to fumble and stumble and bumble their way over the years. We the dealers have always had Nissan’s back.

    Today Nissan under Dr. Jose Muñoz, is systematically dismantling the one great thing Nissan had going for it in the U.S.

    Nissan is killing the entrepreneur in a quest to consolidate the top 60 markets into fewer operators.

    This misguided belief t...

    July 4, 2015 at 12:00am
  • Ngage: Nissan’s Branded Retail Approach to Customer Engagement

    Has everyone had the opportunity to experience this approach to selling automobiles? If you haven't, this approach seems to equate shopping for an automobile to buying an iPhone or shopping at Macy’s. What!?

    The authors of this approach obviously have ZERO automotive retail experience. If they do it is equally obvious why they are teaching rather than selling.

    First of all, the consumer approaches the purchase of an automobile with an entirely different mind set than any other purchase they make. Because there is an opportunity for them to get the automobile they want and save money at the same time, there are dual motivations. One price selling has been a failure because the first words out of the mouth of the buyer upon hearing the “one price” is “can you give me a better price?” Everyone wants the best price, yet no one (or very few) believe the seller when th...

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    December 25, 2014 at 07:06pm