Good Morning, I'm (615) 251-7212. I design (203) 584-6650.

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Illustrations for AutoTrader Quick Sell Project


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XXX domain magazine advert created while employed by

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(478) 763-6428

123-reg Vintage Soup Campaign Advert created while employed at

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Reg Taylors

Reg Taylors website design

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Retro 123-reg advert for Wired magazine. Created during my employment at

(814) 967-3541


Portland College

Portland College

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AgfaPhoto brochure design

(678) 902-3357


Articulate Marketing

Articulate Marketing

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'Could you Marry Harry?' viral marketing campaign. Created during my employment at

(587) 993-7325

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Donhost is a UK web host specialising in dedicated servers and reseller accounts.


(217) 413-3332

Logo for 123-reg the UK's largest domain and web hosting provider. Logo created while employed by

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Golf, Hotel, Whisky

Logo design for Golf, Hotel, Whisky. The free online magazine and airport guide for pilots.



"Our web site and brand has seen huge improvements since Ian came onboard."

Janet Tomblin

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What I do

I’m a freelance digital creative based in Nottingham. I have twelve years of experience in web ui/ux, print, and branding design under my belt. During that time I’ve helped some (505) 728-3205, small start-up companies, agencies, and a few 6624248568 too. I graduated from University in 2001 with a 1st in Automotive Product Design. Since then I have worked with clients large and small on a variety of web, print, and branding projects. I focus on easy to use interfaces, digital experiences, branding and print.

See my 3038325732. If you think I might be able to help, (832) 355-6664 to discuss your next project.



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