I don't think it will rain this afternoon.

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This subject is taboo.

The tide normally leaves the beach walkers only a narrow strip of sand they can walk on without getting their feet wet.

I saw a woman with hollow cheeks.


How am I going to impress him?

Elegance at all times.

Who spilled the ink on the floor?

The long and the short of it is that I was fired.

You never really said you love me.

Thuan, don't you have somewhere more important to be?

Vikings 1 and 2 were launched in 1976, the year in which the United States celebrated its bicentennial.


Kuldip opened the door and held it open for Sandip.


She has her father's eyes and her mother's nose.


Slartibartfast tackled the problem right away.

I haven't seen her since I was a child.

You're frank.

Are you sure you can swim that far?

They're playing baseball at the park.

I'd like to ask you some questions now.

I appreciate you seeing me on such short notice.


Isidore and Knute yelled at each other.

I remember playing with Yoshiko in that garden when we were young.

The letter was written by her.

Then the grandmother smoothed his hair and told him some more tales.

Mac is being tried for murder.

That damn Kenji, because he was cheating on me with another woman, I slapped him as hard as I could. I've already broken up with him.

I'm a cop.

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Why do women speak in riddles but expect clear answers?

We tried to persuade him.

My mother will be expecting me at any moment.


The sacred tree sits in the middle of the sacred grove.

The king was deprived of his power.

Patrick died a day later.


I'll loan you one if you want.


Kaoru, yours is the best reaction so far - you win the grand prize.


Not all that glitters, is gold.

I suggest we eat just a little now, and then go out later.

Another problem is where to stop the car.

Nor was he ever known to curse unless against the government.

What's inside?

They demanded damages from the driver.

How do you think Miles feels?


Shamim is going to be really disappointed, isn't he?

We weren't drunk.


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Corey was one of my better students.

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We'll get help.

Don't bother taking an umbrella with you.

There's nothing to be ashamed of.

We'll let Knut and Real decide.

Who taught you how to drive a car?

She knows guns.

Kevin tiptoed out of the room.


I assume that was a rhetorical question.

Did you bring rolls?

She spoke in a small voice.


Jerusalem is a city of tunnels and underpasses.

I love butterflies.

People still think Marsh is a liar.

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How do you get to work?

She wasn't there.

I tried to dissuade a friend of mine from getting married.

I'm not going to talk to Anatole about this.

Well, that explains it.

Her air of innocence is apparent, not real.

This book deals with anthropology.

He was endowed with great talents.

There are people drowning in debt.

Have you finished reading the report?

We've all seen it.

This is kind of a special circumstance.

I'm sure you'll tell me what I need to know.

Vance has lots of things he needs to be doing.

No kidding?

Thanks to your help, I have succeeded.

Whose fault was it?

No, we have to go now.

Bruno is extremely easygoing.

Her career was rich and exciting.

Some people listen to music when writing, but others say it hampers their productivity.

Why doesn't he exercise with me anymore?

The boy stripped a tree of the bark.

They bound the thief to a tree.

Good evening, how are you?

The king and queen are coming.

She'll understand.


I have to delete many files from my computer.


Have you gone off your rocker?

I think that price is reasonable.

I think Clarence feels the same way.

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Billy was on the list.

He is leaving for China on an inspection tour next month.

This is a doll that she made herself.

It was not until yesterday that we noticed the animal missing.

Feathers are peculiar to birds.

These he used to distribute to his friends.

Kieran won't be back until evening.


Dennis is the only one still sleeping.

A part of me died with you, but you will live on in me forever.

I am ready to follow you.


Appointing Cuddles the Bear to the position of Secretary of Defense was one of the defining mistakes of Dolly's brief career as president of the People's Democratic Republic of Tea Time.

You were Francisco's accomplice, weren't you?

Hold the ball with both hands.

Across the bridge, there is a little cottage.

I told her I'd help.


I'd like to see you if possible.

I never should've let Nikolai go.

We had an unpleasant experience there.

I study from eight to eleven.

I can take him home.


Dean asked me who was responsible for the accident.


He knows whatever.

Do you have any other questions about the matter?

The only thing he did before he briskly went on ahead was give us a map. The remainder of us could only rely on the map to figure out where to go.


I handed the mike to him.

What do I owe him?

There are some cases where this rule does not apply.


Randy dug through the ashes to see what he could find.

Shit, where the fuck did I put my home keys?

You live in constant fear.

Major reminded Irvin to go to the bank before 5:00.

I never got an answer from him.

It was so dark that I couldn't see my hand in front of my face.

God has a plan for you.

You can go skiing if you like, but for my part I prefer to stay at home and read a novel.

They're all terrified.


Shane, who goes off and on attending the computer, is obviously crazy.

We couldn't make it happen.

I almost dropped the plates.

Who'll attend?

I do not pay their wages.


Sedovic woke with a start.

It needs to be repaired.

William asked the man at the front desk where he could get his suit pressed.

If he dies now, the situation will become serious.

Felix knew he'd never see Laurie again.

The traffic banked up for several kilometres because two lanes were closed for roadworks.

The wound won't close.

This is one of the biggest mysteries in science today.

Stop complaining and obey!

My watch may be advanced by one or two minutes.

Not even at gunpoint will Imogen of the Internet admit she only learned CSS to spruce up her Myspace profile in the 2000s.

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Wealth does not always bring us happiness.

We tend to err.

The city is full of tourists.

Ms. Asada was appointed chairperson.

My mother was very pretty when she was young.

If he's busy, help him.

She's giving herself up to love.

Ken was wearing a pink blouse with matching miniskirt.

Maybe we can sit at a table near the window.

She said that she was not my mother.

May I run with you?


Apparently, it's getting more difficult to find a good job.

Phill said it wasn't him who broke the window.

I allowed my dog to run freely.

That's a little weird.

Robert crawled through the dog door.

Their house is far from the station.

Please go outside and find out what's happening.


I'm just trying to save some time here.

Dani sipped wine.

Everett stood silent for a moment.


Natraj and Antonella were in love with each other.

I will definitely go to your funeral.

Duncan takes a bath every evening after dinner.