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About the Henry Moore online catalogue project

The Henry Moore Foundation is embarking on an exciting new project to publish Henry Moore’s entire artistic output in one comprehensive and illustrated online catalogue.

Moore’s work has been extensively catalogued before now. Catalogue raisonnés of sculpture, drawings and graphic work were published between 1944 and 2010. Our new online catalogue will include and expand upon the information in these printed volumes. The catalogue will also feature previously unpublished works, tapestries and textiles. Our aim is to create a dynamic catalogue that will connect works of art to their bibliographic and exhibition history.

Our catalogue is the result of over 50 years work but is still in development. It will eventually become the world’s most comprehensive resource on Henry Moore. In the meantime, entries need to be read with care, as there may be inaccuracies or omissions. Please do contact us through the link on each page to help us improve the site.

How far have we got and what comes next?
Our catalogue numbers explained
Other FAQs

photo: Jonty Wilde
Plaster maquettes arranged on shelves in Henry Moore's Bourne Maquette Studio, Perry Green. For more details click here.
photo: Jonty Wilde

How far have we got and what comes next?

The Henry Moore Foundation’s collection of over 6,000 works is (209) 383-6521. Our next focus is to catalogue and publish works by Henry Moore in other collections. We are approaching this task chronologically, working through Moore's career decade by decade, from the beginning. To date, we have published all of Moore's known works from his earliest linocut in 1914 up to 1949, organised into three decade collections. Works from 1950-1959 will be published by the end of 2018.

We are compiling information in three areas – works of art made by Moore, exhibitions in which his work featured, and published references to his work (bibliography). Our first priority is to publish online basic catalogue details for all of Moore’s works (in all media and all collections) i.e. title, date, material, dimensions, catalogue number and credit line. We will add interpretive texts where possible. Exhibition and bibliographic research will follow but in the interim records will be necessarily incomplete.

Bibliography records provide the title, author, publisher and date of each publication plus a summary of the text and Moore content. We have already published online over 23,000 bibliographic references to Moore and in the coming months will aim to create links to individual works of art in the catalogue when they are cited or illustrated.

Exhibition records detail groups of Henry Moore’s works that appeared together in exhibitions, along with explanatory texts and installation images where possible. These too will be linked to the records of individual works.

Searching the Online Catalogue

The simple search bar at the top of each page allows you to search for a word or phrase across all works of art, exhibitions and publications currently online. To search for a phrase, simply surround your query with "quotation marks". Please note, even if you search within a collection of artworks, the simple search will return results from the entire catalogue.

The advanced search page allows you to add more detail to your query, including limiting your search to a date range, medium, or works from the Foundation's collection. This search can be reached by clicking 'advanced search' next to the simple search bar.

‘Filters’ allow you to further refine your search results and can be found to the right of the screen once you have executed your query.

Catalogue numbers

The catalogue numbers used for our online project are the same as those previously published in the catalogue raisonnés of sculpture, drawings and graphics. These volumes were ordered more or less chronologically (although certain related groups of works have been listed together for general convenience). Catalogue numbers for each type of media begin with a different prefix: LH for sculpture, HMF for drawings and CGM for graphics. Catalogue numbers generally ascend consecutively, following the chronological sequence of the work. For sculpture, therefore, maquettes and working models precede the definitive stage of the work. Works discovered after publication of the catalogue raisonnés have been assigned a number, followed by a letter (e.g. 120a) to enable them to be chronologically situated within the correct catalogue. New discoveries will continue to be recorded in this way. Bronze casts within the same edition are all recorded under the same ‘LH’ number. When known, cast numbers form part of the catalogue number: E.g. LH 596 cast 1. In cases where the cast number is not known, catalogue numbers may include a letter, or a combination of letters and numbers. These are simply unique identifiers to enable us to record the work, and do not have any additional meaning.


Q: Are all of Henry Moore's artworks published here?
A: No, but we hope to achieve this soon. The Henry Moore Foundation Collection is accessible online and covers all areas of the artist's practice.

Q: Why are there exhibitions listed from 1924 and 2017 but not from the 1960s?
A: On our previous website we listed exhibitions of Moore’s work organised by the Foundation from 2004. We wanted to keep this information accessible and so have carried it over to our new website. We are also keen to tell you about current exhibitions which include the work of Henry Moore so this information is also kept up-to-date. As part of our catalogue raisonné project we have added exhibition information from the earliest decades of Moore’s career. This has resulted in a gap in the online exhibitions history between the 1930s and 2004. As further information is added to the database this gap will continue to close.

Q: Who do I contact if I own a work by Henry Moore?
A: If you have a work by Henry Moore you would like to tell us about, or if you would like us to conduct further research into a work you believe may have been made by the artist, please see details of our Review Panel.

Q: Can I use the images published here in my book/newspaper/website/film/etc?
A: Please contact the spring plate if you wish to publish an image of a Henry Moore artwork.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.