This is Goroh Watanabe.

Someone will do it.

I've never read Dasai.

There is no lack of effort.

She blushed slightly.

Let's not talk about that today.

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I have just been to the station to see my uncle off.

I had my brother repair my bicycle.

The freedom of the press should not be interfered with.

Dori is doing a terrific job.

I tried to raise Julius alone.

It never hurts to tell a story twice.

Has it arrived?

Chiqui is a parrot that speaks Esperanto.

Some mushrooms are safe to eat, others are not.


You're repeating yourself.

I'm on the nominating committee.

Can I get your advice on something?


We've got problems of our own.

Love troubles have the advantage of never being boring.

He will not steal my money; I have faith in him.

I always thought this would be the right thing to do.

Neil stayed home from work because he was sick.

She flared up with anger.

What you are saying is equal to "no", isn't it?

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It looks like you guys have done some serious studying!

They thought the value of the dollar was too high.

I will always be there for you.

Courtney would never forgive me.

The guy playing the piano is Roy.

Please wait here while I talk to Conrad.

Theodore is starting to panic.


I walked along the river until I got to the iron bridge.

The tired boy is fast asleep.

The roof is leaking.


I haven't been able to reach Benjamin.

Leo and Jane have been best friends for a long time.

She was out of Japan last year.

Don't you trust anybody?

I'm a little disappointed with my boys.


He could not come because of his serious illness.

Tommy is paying a fine.

Joel needs to do that again.


You filthy pig!

Are you materialistic?

The program will be on the air before long.

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What's the matter with them?

I was on my way to see Carlo.

I'm pretty sure I didn't say that.


How many do you have?

I asked her to leave.

The capital of Hungary is Budapest.


Dimetry wanted Rebecca to tell John about the accident.

She smokes excessively.

We need to talk to each other more often.

The 100 most common words in English are Anglo-Saxon words.

You'd probably really like it.

We've received no explanation yet.

We put the book on the table.

I can't change how tall I am.

"I will let you pass safely," the Sphinx said, "if you can answer my riddle."

He's older, but no wiser.

I trusted him with the money.

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My mother has a driver's license, but she doesn't drive a car.

Won't you have some cake?

My name is Richard, but you can call me Dick.

I didn't expect Art and Ric to be here.

That boy often breaks our windows with a ball.

Micah and Pat are at home today.

The telephone is just a wonderful device.

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Prices seem to be going down.

You're killing me.

I want to move to the country.

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My watch is accurate.

I don't think things will change.

I just saw Milner last week.

Del can swim almost as fast as Panzer can.

I did my best.

Liber lit the candle with the match.

Jordan made friends with Leads.

Saul likes cockfighting.

Panzer is often late for school on Mondays.

Please fill this bucket with water.

No one I know can afford to eat out anymore.

Have you ever noticed this before?

Rural life appeals to me very much.

If you want to speak in French in the United States, go to Louisiana.

I'm leaving.

I heard that you bought a house in Boston.

The ship's captain had no schedule in particular.

It would have been better if you'd never been born.

Every day I check the news, but every day our two presidential candidates are still Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

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What does it involve?

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After several questions it turned out that Carl's experience in French was rather limited, so Lui switched to English.

Why doesn't he have anything to say?

They didn't find us.

This device produces electricity.

Please don't worry.

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There are a lot of tattoos on her body.


Naomi hasn't been responding to my texts.

You and I have never played backgammon together, have we?

Don't send me away.

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We ran past them.

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It won't be easy persuading Donovan to go.

Huge areas of swirling gases can be found in Jupiter's atmosphere. The largest swirling area of gas is called the Great Red Spot. Scientists believe this is a large hurricane-like storm which has lasted for hundreds of years.

Have a nice evening.


We'd better be fast.

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My father is proud of the fact that he's never been in a traffic accident.

I'm not pessimistic.

Why don't we ask his advice?

I just want to sleep.

I am speculating that he may win the game.

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You're watching AnnoZero, eh?


Everyone started crying again.

He was desperate to escape.

There is eloquence in screaming.

What are your favorite colors?

Come anytime you like.

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Sridharan has a couple of tattoos, doesn't he?

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I think we're going to have problems with Cory.


Nobody knows where he lives.


I resolved to study harder.

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I was about to leave my house when she called.

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My grandparents were German, and the language has been passed down to me and my brother.

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May I count on you to get me the job?

The Oxford crew appeared secure of victory.

I have to get a little sleep.

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Bob canceled his appointment with Ramiro.

Roger Federer is among the very few tennis players to have notched more than a thousand career match wins.

Why do you want to go out with me?


Cucumbers are related to watermelons.


She looks quite pretty.

I don't feel like going, because I am sitting here quite comfortably.

My mother can't read without glasses.

"Open your books to page 48." "I didn't bring mine."

Will you come home for dinner tonight?

Frederic and Barrio aren't hungry.

Hit the lights and let's go.


I don't know what the answer is.


Joshua has some emotional problems.

Last month our 25-year-old daughter gave birth to a girl.

I put her suitcase on the table.

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I felt terrible.


Kikki helped us win.

Would you please excuse us?

Laurie seems to really enjoy talking with Nicolo.

That's what I meant.

Hail, Caesar, those who are about to die salute you!

She was all over me.

That's the best movie I've seen in ages.


Read the story aloud.

She lost count.

I came yesterday.

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You have until Monday.


Who were the culprits?

Leave the poor girl alone.

You talk to me about that.

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What is that thing in your right hand?