He proofread my manuscript.

How many were there altogether?


Anybody can read it.

Brad is a whackjob.

Enjoy yourself at the party, John.

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Maybe Rodger won't be at today's meeting.

Juliane says he's given it a lot of thought.

Is it a crime to love someone?

I stepped aside so that he could come in.

I locked the front door.

The book was written in a hurry, so it is riddled with errors

Loyd behaves like a child.


I will take the next plane for New York.

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I'd say no if I were you.


I want to be with you more than anything.

Does Dean have more than one girlfriend?

I rarely laughed so much.

Loren leaped from his seat.

Bicycle lanes are everywhere!


I need your answer by the end of the day.

Can't you understand what's happening here?

Randy was suddenly very hungry.


This village belongs to the king of Sweden.


"Whose cakes are these?" "They are Farida's."

Do you have something you want to tell me?

There is no furniture in the houses of the Incas.


Daren is still your best friend, isn't he?

The Prime Minister is feeling the heat over his statement.

Is it all necessary?


How about February 28th around 3:00 pm?


Bruce said it cost too much.

He whispered "I love you" into my ear and then kissed me on the cheek.

Her scream brought the police.

Our long vacation has passed all too soon.

I am reading short stories.


Don't give it to Barry.

While we're sleeping the immune system opens its repair workshop.

Even a cat may look at a king.


Michel said he was ready to do whatever was necessary.

Bob was on the point of leaving when I called him.

Lindsey has beautiful long hair.

Now why would you go and do a stupid thing like that?

They shared the money.


I'm going to punch you in the face.

Sam was interested in that.

She cooked him meals.

We will crop the field with cotton this year.

Why didn't you just ask for my help?


Were there any customers while I was gone?

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Kenton isn't OK.

There can't be a girl who is waiting for me to appear.

Please don't smoke too much.


Do as you like.

That's not what I meant either.

Are you sure it's safe to stand that close to the edge of the cliff?

Some things you shouldn't even say jokingly.

You are a beautiful butterfly.


This was the stupidest idea I've ever had.

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He got a better score than us.


Would you excuse me, please?

We passed the time playing pachinko.

The prediction was falsified by the result.


I would be very thankful if you could make a reservation for a room that is near your company.

Stephan likes snow.

I don't like this skirt. It always rides up.

Mah had always wanted a daughter.

At his words her color paled.

Grace goes upstairs to the extension telephone.

I am very good at appearing organised, although the reality is somewhat different.


He wants a banana.

Raanan had a quick breakfast.

The flood overwhelmed the village.

I bumped into Vaughn the other night.

You know what I meant.

Do you think three hours will be enough?

It gets awfully lonely here sometimes.


Did the police even check Joyce's alibi?


Why don't you try it again from the beginning?

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You will lose weight.

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I think Rathnakumar is lonely.


Hey, can I help?

English is spoken by more people than any other language.

I guess I'm too old for you.

Is there anything in particular you'd like me to say?

I want you to write to me as soon as you get there.

Have you learned the poem by heart?

He broke one of the bones in his leg.

We think it's fair.

One book is thin and the other is thick; the thick one has about 200 pages.

I advised you not to buy this house.

The lamp hung from the ceiling.

Gretchen was just here.

Susan is two years my senior.

You've done a brilliant job.

Are you accusing Rich?

I feel as though there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done.

You have until midnight.

He is hoping to entice her into doing what he wants.

I can't just walk away.

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That's the last we saw of her.


Would you have Rakhal come to my office, please?

Nicolas is often late for school.

That word dropped from his mouth.

He has coffee-colored shoes.

Each boy student has a school badge on his cap.

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I regret having told you.

The 21st century is going to be based on economic power.

Don't translate this sentence.

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Luc sometimes sleeps on the floor.

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How is this possible?

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Paola has trouble remembering names.

They said it would be ready on time.

Don't believe everything that you hear.

I sell rice in bulk or packed in 1 kilogram bags.

Honor your elders.

Walls have ears, sliding paper doors have eyes

Charlie died in a train accident.

I made him carry the briefcase.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is a Nintendo video game sold exclusively for the Wii.

There is plenty of water.

All that you said in the mail is correct, except the price.

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Dan put a bag of shredded cheese into his shopping cart.

We expect you to carry out what you have once promised.

Look at that mountain.


It'll break.

Rainy season has begun.

Tatoeba gave Imogen of the Internet a fascinating opportunity to compulsively produce a series of extremely short stories.

Everything has been thoroughly cleaned.

What time does it start boarding?

Where is the rota?

Instead of going himself, he sent his brother in his place.


A boat capsized.

My friend has been here this week.

We're very interested.

Stanislaw is a very smart guy.

I'm the youngest one at my job.

This picture reminds me of when I was a student.

This is the largest building in existence.

I sleep with two quilts in the winter.

I am used to living alone.

Intonation is absent in his way of speaking.

I wanted you to see me.


Since you look tired, you had better go to bed early.

The proof of the futility of harsh drug laws is this: in the country that has come down the hardest on drugs and drug users, spending billions of dollars in a decades-long war on drugs, there have never been so many drug addicts.

Nathaniel does everything he can to save money.


Erwin realizes he's being ignored.

I'll stay at my sister's place.

How do you spell your last name?

Four percent inflation is forecast for this year.

Vic had to pawn the watch his grandfather had given him.

Raymond only did half of his homework.

Suddenly a man appeared, grabbed my suitcase and ran away.

This is still not good enough.

If I take the train today, tomorrow I'll already be in Beijing.


Why did you leave her alone?


I think Root is the only one here who doesn't know how to do that.


You've got to give up gambling once and for all.

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I wonder if Sharan will come tomorrow.