I am a student at the Stevens Instute of Technology currently pursing a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. My areas of interest include Machine Learning and other related fields. On my free time, I generally work on at least one side project, but I also watch Star Trek reruns on occasion.

To see more of what I do, feel free to explore the following:


A set of public repositories that contain my side projects.

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My resume includes work history and contact information.



As a developer and a computer scientist, it is my obligation and passion to continuously explore new ideas. Thus, I spend most of my free time working on at least one side project. Most of my favorite side projects are available on GitHub, but I have opted to present a couple here.


Lomda is a mathematically-oriented programming language with the ability to take the derivatives using an explicit operator.. The motivation is to enable users to write verbose implementations of machine learning applications. Over time, it has expanded to include a type system, standard libraries, and more.

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Music By You

Music By You is a Python application that makes music recommendations based on their estimated mood. Using an image of a user's face, the program plays emotionally appropriate music. It was written in less than 24 hours for the DuckHacks 2017 hackathon.