Maybe we should do something about that.

We did not see any children at all.

I don't think I'd mind doing this again.

May I ask you something?


If you could think positively every day, it would help you to live a lot better.

If wealth was better distributed, there would be less poverty.

She didn't try to hide the truth.

This may be our only chance to talk to Hans.

I tried to translate the sentence "The cat says 'meow'" into five languages, but none of the translations were correct.


There is an air of resignation everywhere.

It is not easy to be an umpire today.

A solution had to be found.

Timothy won't talk about what happened.

What are you majoring in?


The school rules require students to wear school uniforms.

The king is dead, long live the king!

Art walked back inside the building.


When did Spike start working here?

I'd like to make myself useful.

What the hell is the matter with you?

We despise them.

I thought it might be better if I didn't go.

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Judy wasn't happy to see us.

Claudia asked me to wake him up at 6:30.

My pillow is so soft!

Cambridge is the most famous university in the world.

Harvey was Toft's neighbor.

Stagger is now in the kitchen.

We need to build a fire.


They wrote to each other.

You're so bossy.

I haven't met Colin yet.


She requested help, but no one came.

Modesty doesn't pay in the long run.

You're really very good.

He became rich at the cost of his health.

Take Juliet to the station.

There's a traitor among us.

My watch is running all right.

He asked me to dance.

I have a son, who works for a trading company.

The wind was so strong, we were nearly blown off the road.

Let me tell you what happened to me last night.


Black clouds were passing above the city.

Where's the shopping center?

I really hate to see you in such pain.


The Earth's climate is fragile.


Ben didn't forget to flush the toilet.

I know for a fact Kenn had nothing to do with this.

The lake is large and beautiful.


I consider him a great writer.

Justin doesn't know anything about computer programming.

He had two sons, who both became teachers.

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I just don't feel satisfied.

It does get easier.

I'm not certain Barbra likes that.

I made a mistake in sending it or something.

If you keep on complaining, I will get mad for real.


It turned out that he had long been dead.

Betsy told me I couldn't even tell Mann.

A crowd as big as that would leave tons of garbage on the stadium grounds.

We agreed that his actions were warranted.

Just don't light that candle.

I know what you're afraid of.

Bagpipes produce a very strange sound.

The meeting went well.

You've already got a job.

I'm looking for someone.

She copied a sentence.


I think that he won't come.


You really made an impression on Irvin.

We went to Boston by bus.

The police began a crackdown on illegal parking.

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He looked right and left.

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Hey look, it's Real.

This church is not a big one, as churches go.

I am certain that he will quit his job.

Roses are my favorite flowers.

I want to look like Kenn.


Is this clock working?

I'm sorry for what I've done.

"Are you ready to die for your ideals?" "Not only that! I'm willing to live for them."

What is that song called that Mr. Tsuji was singing in the TV show?

I hope to see you again before long.


Would you like a glass of orange juice with your breakfast?

It's time to clean your room.

Tolerant got all the jokes.


You should've seen me.

What time is it in Paris now?

Do as he tells you.

Everyone's got a reason to celebrate the beginning of the new year. They all survived the old one.

I don't want to go there again.

On Saturdays I often get up at noon.

There is a chance that he will pass the exam.

Mr. Kato was too old to work any longer.

That program is now being broadcast.

His doctor told him not to drink alcohol.

Is the coffee hot?

I fell asleep with a sweater on.

Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

I love geography and history.

He flew to New York on business.

This plastic squirrel was made in China.

There's no wine left in that bottle.

You're lucky you didn't die.

Douglas wasn't planning to help, but Mikael was.

Have you ever dug a hole as deep as this one?

Be sure and call me tonight.

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I got these tickets to the concert for free.


We're not afraid.

My husband and I have a joint bank account.

Bears are quite dangerous.


I'm an honest person.

I just want to get out of here.

What's wrong with being nude in your own house?

Even if it's your own house, please stop walking around naked.

We can't just let her go.

This is a good book for anyone wishing to learn English.

Some test questions are unfair to gorillas.


Memory is not stable.


I don't think it's easy to form your own opinion on an issue.


Do you need some help there?

I know that my investment is safe in the hands of Morgan Jackson.

We haven't achieved much yet.

I have things to take care of.

She tried to make him jealous.

I am really worried about a friend.

Taking care of a dog seems difficult. Aren't there times you want to just abandon them?

A man will succeed to the same extent as he perseveres.

Rusty knocked on the door and Duane answered it.

You must not smoke while working.

Let's forget about what was yesterday.

In case it rains tomorrow, we should make another arrangement.

Say the names of the days of the week.

I had to stay behind so I could talk to Shadow privately.

Many heavy smokers live to a ripe old age, while some light smokers die early, as do some nonsmokers.

He can run a thousand metres in four minutes.

Many happy returns of the day!


I give Jack the apple.


I have to get moving.

Steel output set a record for two consecutive years.

Could you send me a picture of you?

Israel's knee hurts when he walks up or down stairs.

Being with you makes me feel happy.

He always leaves for work at 8:00 a.m.

How can you be contacted?

It's obvious what Randolph is trying to do.

I'm glad I caught you.

Real grew up in Boston.

May I borrow your car tonight?

There's something wrong with my computer.

A sensible person wouldn't speak to you like that.


Myrick knows Chet lied.


The weather is really bad.


You've been here a long time, haven't you?

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They were responsible for the accident.


We'll talk about it.


When did you meet her?

He's likely to be late.

The swimmer, Cindy Nicholas, barely made it ashore at Dover at the end of the exhausting swim, but a spokesman from the Channel Swimming Association announced that she was in very good shape.

Judy laughed at me.

This painting by Rembrandt is a masterpiece.

I never see you without thinking of Ken.

World Diabetes Day is on the 14th November.

I'd like to meet Theo, too.

I'm a tattoo artist.