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You need to play the notes in the correct order.

You're very important to us.

Monica was so annoyed that Kimberly was late yet again.


My faith in this country was never shaken.

Keep your hands out of your pockets.

Don't chew with your mouth open.

His mistake was intentional.

Sundar told her.

Mahjong is a game well-known all around the world.

She usually has to give in to her big sister.

I met her a few months ago.

Phillip went to his high school reunion last week.


Nobility is no guarantee of wisdom.

The boy carved his name in the tree.

I am not a bird, but I'd like to be.

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OK, you win.


Tell him everything.

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I have no thought of seeing her now.

If the weather is good tomorrow, let's go on a hike.

Can't you tell me how to do this?

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You can't get much wittier than that.

My grandmother on my mother's side lives in Osaka.

He is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.


You have to concentrate on your recovery.


Where are you going in such a big hurry?

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Why didn't you just tell me that you're seeing Lloyd?

He'll be back by Monday morning at the latest.

That's an open secret.


Let's agree to disagree.

I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

Gabriel didn't anticipate that happening.

We forgot them.

For rescuing me, I shall grant you one wish.

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Don't give up now.


Can somebody walk me to my car?


Anderson wasn't sleepy.


Do I have to dial the area code, too?


I'm pretty sure Hsuan has been lying to me.


Tal could tell that it had rained.

I'd no idea you were still alive.

You should hand in your report to me Monday.

It proved to be the deathblow to their plan.

Don't talk that way.

This flower has a strong scent, can you smell it?

I want you to stop preying on people's weaknesses.


Hunger impelled him to crime.


I'll stand by you whatever happens.


Maria's small gingerbread bakery quickly became a thriving global corporation. Mario's squirrel cookies made from nut dough are now all the rage everywhere.


She thought that he was wasting electricity.

Susumu doesn't want to have children.

It was probably a mistake.

I have a different opinion.

Shahid asked Gale to open the door.

We still want to help you.

I need to crunch some numbers.

You're pessimistic.

I'm going to go find him.

I'd like to change some money.

Who broke it?

There's a safe in Fletcher's office.

Don't cut your hair!

It was very nice.

Don't harass them.


I bet you're talking about Ahmet.

Why did it have to be you?

Bertrand is convinced of Rogue's innocence.

More than 3,000 people were at the concert.

Klaus's French has gotten better.

The zoo is closed on Mondays.

This is not to his liking.


If the sky were to fall to the earth, birdcatching would be a simple task.

He betrayed his country.

I'm not a child.

Persuading my father first is putting the cart before the horse.

My hopes have been dashed to the ground.


Our house is large enough for five of us.

He armed himself with a gun and went to face the enemy camp.

I have a good opinion of this novel.

I know you'll enjoy spending the day with Evan.

I am paid weekly.

The laundry room is in the basement.

Tell Rahul I want to see him first thing in the morning.

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In the time of the Vikings, Greenland was a lot greener than it is today.

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I'm not afraid to fight.

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We sat and waited.

They are confused, aren't they?

How was the pie?


I've asked Bryan to babysit for us on Monday night.

I hope you don't get hurt.

I hope that she will help me.

What were they thinking?

Me, too.


Teriann is busy preparing supper now.

The guilt manifests itself on his face.

Jose is an old acquaintance of the family.

I can't tell you what's going to happen.

Doom has been ported to a calculator.

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The baby looked just like her mother.

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The fawn blended seamlessly into the foliage.

They don't talk to me anymore.

Did someone contact you?

You don't mind if I leave early, do you?

I'm busy, otherwise I'd accept your invitation.

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You like fruit.


Kitty and Mickey were speaking to each other in a language I didn't recognize.

Dan, a mafia boss, sheltered all of his money in Switzerland.

I've received the admission ticket for the exam, but I haven't decided yet if I will go. I haven't studied at all.

Gerald hid in the closet.

Her skirt is so long as to reach the floor.


I know how to make him talk.

Alfred disagrees with you on that point.

This is strictly about business.


That's where I met him.

He is as poor as a rat.

Guy filled the jug to the brim.

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Turn the knob counterclockwise.


His death was made known to the public.


A voyage, during which one cannot speak directly with the inhabitants of the places visited: can it give anything of value to the voyager?


We reached the poor soul we had to help.

Cut in half.

It is an extremely useful object.

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I tell it like it is.

This is just one example.

Do you recognize this T-shirt?

My period is regular.

What was it you wanted to tell me?

More and more people have a computer in their home.

Why won't anyone help them?

You were lying, weren't you?

Jinny makes mistakes, but he means well.

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He obviously knew more than he told his wife.

I want to be a taxi driver.

When did you visit New York?

You'd be crazy to leave now.

I wanted to stop by and see how you're doing.

They'll get over it.

You seem content.

I'm not really sure.

You're very stylish today.

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We're going to get you to a safe place.

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Where did you get it?

You're going to want to see this.

I don't want to lose my job.


I know you're trying to help Surya.

'Number-withheld' calls are scary, it's best not to answer them.

I've studied it.


Are you willing to take that chance?

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When he saw Jesus passing by, he said...


I'd like to talk to her.

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I've been trying to spend a little more time with Art.


Why doesn't Jacques want you here?