Nobody knows the truth.

Check your blanket before spreading your legs.


We're about three blocks from the train station.

There's something Jack hasn't told Jeany.

I accused her unfairly.

Cecilia can speak French better than you think he does.

Were you on duty when it happened?


I was hoping I would be out of the hospital before ski season started.

In politics, one is preceded by imbeciles and replaced by morons.

We all had a good workout before lunch.

I live in the Pacific time zone in the USA.

We should respect the right of others.

Everything will have to go.

We didn't take notice of her sorrow.


We were injured in a car accident.

There are no jobs here.

If you have a question, please raise your right hand.

Beauty is beautiful in itself.

Well, what's the point?

How can it be done?

When was the last time you paid a fine?

There are many rivers on that island.

Shaw doesn't understand we're all just God in disguise.

Hohn returned to his room and closed the door.

The more languages you know the more of a person you are.

I don't talk to him anymore.

I outsmarted them.

You look a lot like your father.

They must've known this would happen.


Taking everything into consideration, the result is better than I expected.


Douglas Engelbart, the inventor of the computer mouse, was born on this day in 1925.

I think Bertrand is selfish.

If you don't want to do it, you don't need to.

They'll be looking for him.

I think Kristian is too old to be dating my daughter.

Horses run fast.

The King of Sweden, to whom this part of the country belonged, more than once gave orders to cut down the haunted wood, but there was no one with courage enough to obey his commands.

Baby teeth are sharp.

You must do as you are told to do.

Marcel was killed in an ambush.

If Jason should call me, tell him I'm not at home.

If it wasn't serious, I wouldn't have picked up the phone to worry you.

I should've left her a note.


Everybody seeks happiness.

The weather is forecast scientifically.

That'll never happen.


It's been three years since I moved here.


I sowed wheat in my field.

Floria answered the door.

You have no right to open this box.

Every successful writer has a drawer full of rejection letters.

In the 22nd century, many technological innovations will be introduced.

I told you I didn't want to go to Boston.

Ann won't come back.

What's the matter, Sangho? Are you crying?

If we read this book we are able to comprehend more about the country.

I will give him another chance.

I've received it too.

You're ambitious.

I am so busy that I can't help you.

You don't have to work today.

Let's take a short rest here. My legs are tired and I can't walk any more.


I have time, so I'll do it.

He dressed up and went to the kitchen.

He is a spoiled child.

The rain made the autumn day dismal.

I have very deep convictions.

I want to know about you.

Lorraine wants something, but I'm not sure what.

I see when men love women. They give them but a little of their lives. But women when they love give everything.

Since you don't believe me, look for yourself.

Since Chiro is a cat, he doesn't like lychee.

Pablo lives on a farm in California.

No one's frightened of playing it.

It took her four months to recover from her sickness.

We arrived here safely yesterday.

I'm not the one who hurt him.

Whatever happens happens.

Felix pointed to the back room.

Where do you want to live?

I went to the meeting in place of Sam, who was sick.

We're not sure we can come tonight.

He made a sharp turn to the left.

Jennie and Amarth had a horrible fight.

Please send your sales reps to this new account.

Will can blame no one but himself.

Are you surprised?

The students could not give an answer.

Jeffie declined an invitation to the concert.


He always makes a ready answer.

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Just keep smiling.

The coma and the nucleus together form the comet's head.

We did great.

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This room smells musty.

How did all this start?

The sun was hot and they were tired.

I became a Catholic because I'm extremely pessimistic.

Fortunately, Keith knows what the problem is.

It is wrong to tell lies.

Joanne's a high-flying wheeler-dealer who often negotiates deals worth millions of dollars.


It will be hard for you to speak English.

She became a famous painter.

Frank thanked Tao for her advice.

I've always written home every week and I still do.

If there's anything I can do for you, please let me know.

The strange man in the strange land says that the future of the world is the Philippines.

I'm there for you.

I suppose you think I'm crazy.

Liyuan reported his accident in detail.

What he says is holy truth.

Do I have to answer that?

You just made a very big mistake.

Faith divides us in belief and unites us in slaughter.

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Don't open this door, please.

Millions of people across the world are mourning the death of Nelson Mandela.

I love my enemies.

She asked me whether I liked the plan or not.

Where was Wendi when the fire broke out?

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Lea has some very radical ideas.

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How certain are you that he's a criminal?

Don't talk to me. Just give me paper.

The baker in front of City Hall increased his prices.

My wife's friend's name is Linda.

I cannot account for her absence from school.

He bugged her with questions.

It's a pleasure for me.

You should combine theory with practice.

As much as 90 percent of happiness comes from elements such as attitude, life control and relationships.

Everyone was rushing around.

I can't ever be with you.

The per capita consumption of rice of Japanese people is about half of what it was fifty years ago.

I'm glad that makes David happy.

There's a leak in the roof.

Sound familiar?

I'm innocent, I swear.

She's always complaining about the food.

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He gave away his real intention.

Bobbie spent some time with Josh.

Kelly eats like a horse.

I arrived late, so I didn't hear everything.

Juri sat on a nearby bench.


Who's the naughty boy that broke the window?

I have no intention of discussing this further.

All the lights were on.

Her kindness gave me a lump in my throat.

It's only a small setback.


They pretended that they were married.

This interpretation is subjective.

Do you want to buy something or not?

You must've already done everything that needs to be done.

The bridge collapsed.


You have to pay me for all my translations.

I'm glad Ritchey was able to see you while you were in Boston.

Much still remains to be done.


We're planning on doing the sights of the city tomorrow morning.

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The Emperor's Birthday fell on Sunday.


I wasn't permitted to see them.


Do you have some kind of hobby?


Can you understand that?

Nobody'll ever find us here.

You've got frenzied.

Someone stole my travelers checks.

I think you sleep well.

I have once seen a live whale.

Toerless wore a white dress.


The homework was easily done.

I need a haircut.

Whether he comes or not, we'll begin the party on time.

Could you please put that somewhere else?

If a tree dies, plant another in its place.

I had no choice but to accept.

Allow me to demonstrate.

Can you swim as well as Marshall?

We heard somebody shout.