Susanne didn't know what language Roman's friends were speaking, but he thought it might be French.

I bought a bottle of salad oil.

How long do you think you can control Agatha?

Not only Monica has to study, but I have to study, too.

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That's so wrong.


Why aren't you going after them?


Go to school! You lazy bastard.

Kyoko was kind enough to carry my baggage for me.

I never had to worry about them.

Things are not what they appear to be.

You never told me about Blake before.

Now that I am here, you don't have to worry.

Let me have a word with her.

Julia told me not to open that door.

I'd be happy to get it for you.

She is always fishing for compliments.

She's materialistic and shallow.


Nobody gained weight.

How can I pay my bills without work!

Alvin turned out to be right.

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I hate snow and the carnival.

Buying a house has stopped being a good investment.

His actions confuse me.


It's hard to achieve happiness.

Le Corbusier was a French architect.

Mom will lose time.

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Nobody can change history, although many have tried.

I suppressed a yawn.

I'm not interested.


Naim is a limo driver.

I just talked with her.

He gives plain, simple explanations.


This pen is the best.


What do you think of Japanese food?


Do you want to pray?

Kanthan placed a phone call to his girlfriend.

Today my brother marries my best friend.

Don't you regret getting that tattoo?

The boys scampered in all directions at the sight of their teacher.

They excluded John from the club.

I'll meet him at the library.


That's not real.

How long can I borrow this book?

I've got two kids in school.


The students never really get with it till just before the exam.

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This team rocks!


Red wine goes well with meat.


Our teacher must have studied English hard when he was a high school student.


We'll be talking to him today.

Vicki stuck a handwritten sign on the door.

Why were you even there?

I doubt whether a native speaker would express himself this way.

Today, it's cloudy and cold; it might snow tonight.

Were we ever really happy together?

I haven't yet finished my homework.

He barely said a word.

I haven't yet bought you a Christmas present.

Jamie is understandably curious.

Daren snickered.


Frank is gesticulating.

John had awoken much earlier than usual.

This student is lazy.


I think I'll stay put in this town for a while.

I hope that none of them got into an accident.

Nadeem said he didn't like the taste of beer.

There, pandas have been trained to perform dozens of items.

The 2011 Women's Soccer World Cup will end in Frankfurt, Germany.

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What is necessary is just to read the book, when free.

I like sport.

You should have seen the program on TV.


He is easy to get on with.


He was struck by her beauty.

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This one was written just for you!

He said grace before eating.

The company is managed by my older brother.

Can I try doing it once more?

You work in Milan.

Should he come, give him this paper.

Can you play tennis?

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I think you deserve more than this.

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Get him out of here.

I don't find that very funny.

I'll sue you.


We tried to do something about it.

Moving a huge boulder is going to be very hard.

It is everyone's wish to succeed in life.


I took his not coming to indicate that he wasn't interested.

My opinion is exactly the opposite of yours.

Tim doesn't need to know who told Marion that.

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I'd better go find them.

Kazuhiro bought Kamel a present.

Maybe I shouldn't be so suspicious.

You make the best discoveries while you view the world with other eyes.

Why don't you tell us what happened last night?

When I woke up, there were four inches of snow on the ground.

Please choose wisely.

I think it according to reason.

Don't call Spyros an idiot.

They're dangerous, and they have no natural predators.

Does Raman ever wear short pants?

Samir isn't shy.

She works in a bank.

Benson earns a good salary.

I only have one condition.


Is this your phone?

Irwin asked Tony to teach him how to do the waltz.

I think we'll stay for a couple more hours.

My neighbor's dog won't eat dry dog food.

In this hotel, you have to check out by nine o'clock.

He went there in person.

Felix didn't buy that for a second.

Do you know who Rie Miyazawa is?

As far as I am concerned the question is not simple.

Why don't you go inside?

I kept reading.

The opposite word of wrong is right.

We'll definitely achieve these goals.

Stephan was like a brother.

I will notify you of the arrival of the goods.

Bring it back when you're done.

When he stopped running, he was satisfied.

My door is always open.

Maybe we'll learn something new today.

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I made a deal with him.

If he'd been there, he'd have told you to mind your manners.

There's no one with Joachim.

Why did you poison her?

I have three dogs; one is male and the others are female.

Can I go swimming, Mother?

The bull escaped from the ring.


Are you expecting something to happen?


We were totally exhausted from the five-hour trip.

Out of Alice, Bob and Kevin only one doesn't like cats.

Who did they speak with?

Graeme was horrible with children.

Is there another way to get there?


Have you ever switched off the heater in winter?

That's the next problem we need to solve.

She opened the box.


The soldiers fought bravely.

This is twice as large as that.

We swam until it got dark.

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Bernard recognized me right away.

She strongly resembles her grandmother.

We haven't been able to do that yet.


Do you have any other theories?

This is an improvement.

Give me a demonstration.

The world is at a low point.

I can't ask him right now.

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I had a nice time.

Lloyd says he was absolutely stunned.

Rajiv is much better at French than Alan is.

That is my book.

We've been planning this for months.


You should reckon with his obstinate character.

The plane lost part of its wing.

Because of a traffic jam, we were late for the meeting.


Did Casey say where Stacey might have gone?

I'm avoiding Norma from now on.

Hardly any Germans that I know like sauerkraut.