Could someone make an example sentence in German using the word "Beispiel?"

His hat was very funny.

He never fails to write home once a month.

The oceans are turning acid.

Don't you want to kiss me?

Can I get your advice on something?


You are entirely correct.


That's really sad.

Why aren't they here?

I just hope Leith doesn't win.

I converted the temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius in my head.

I don't eat chicken skin.

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I have only been there once.

These records will make for a pleasant party.

State your business.

I promise it won't take long.

Roman is very good at matching people.

I was thirteen years old at that time.

They don't think therefore they aren't.


Needless to say, theft was a rare occurrence.


That too may help.

I don't think Dion will ever speak to me again.

Can you tell us whether Wolfgang passed his driving test or not?

Why don't you try on this yellow sweater?

I must be at the wrong place.


This love will never end.


We must take into account the fact that he is young.

Why didn't you come to my wedding?

What's your son's name?

Doesn't matter to me where we're going to eat. I entirely entrust that to you.

Considering the favourable exchange rate, it's a good time to travel.

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Cows have udders.

The shape of a box is usually square.

I don't know if it is true.


I was busy.

I like that one better.

I don't allow it.

How would you take these words?

He is hard to get along with.

What is that building with the green roof?

The girl had big boobs but sadly she was one sandwich short of a picnic.

I'd just like to find out what happened.

Why is this being taught in schools?

This box weighs three kilograms.

That's what's so scary.


Have you ever climbed Mt. Yari?

Conrad forgot to tell Nici to buy bread.

When people are too well off they always begin to long for something new.

Is Kolkka going to die?

I used to go ice fishing when I was younger.

I had difficulty convincing her of the dangers of smoking.

I don't know anything about cricket.


I know the boy standing over there.

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I am vehemently opposed to political correctness.

It looks like you just saw a ghost.

I was crying when he released her.

I'm not going to say it again.

Myrick hasn't paid us yet.

He's not my boyfriend, it's just platonic love with benefits!

I wasted too much time looking for you.

Now that I am well again, I want to study space science in college.

Take my glasses.

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I saw her at the station.

Is Rakhal any good at French?

She smiled at her baby.

The liberty of a democracy is not safe if its business system does not provide employment and produce and distribute goods in such a way as to sustain an acceptable standard of living.

I sent Steina a letter in Icelandic.

I'm totally and completely in love with you.

It's hard to forget what happened.

This is as good place to pitch our tent as any.

He achieved his goal.

You should arrive at school before eight.

We have to operate immediately.

It's an ambush!

I knew we would be friends.

Prices are about to go up again.

I don't think I know anyone here.

The Pope? How many divisions has he got?

Have you ever worn long underwear?

She lives right down the street.

I know you like coffee.

Should I fail, what would my parents say?

He studied the way birds fly.

Her face was animated by joy.

Alain didn't even kiss Gary.


I just got here yesterday.

We gotta have all the data in there.

We got it done.

And you wonder why we can't stand being around you anymore?

I got swept up in the lyrics and the moment.

How about playing golf tomorrow?

Christophe is very cute, isn't she?

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I have lived here for years.

Basic to the argument is the assumption that the rules in question are present in the language.

It's not easy to be honest all the time.

After splitting up with her, Simon walked away without looking back.

I didn't know what had happened until Saul told me.

After my mother died suddenly, my father looked after me all by himself.

The universe moves around your ass.

Mitchell likes herbal tea.

Always praise he who brought coffee to Europe.


This word has two meanings.

We're doing it for free.

We usually win.

Language is a system of differences without positive terms.

It doesn't matter which side you're on.

How well did you know Brian?

I was really pleased.

Where's the girl?

She doesn't want to go to church.

The sword can be used to protect the body.

Jim has been offered a job in Boston.

Had I done my best, I might have succeeded.

I don't like the idea of working on the weekends.

I don't know for certain when he'll come back.

You should always keep a broad perspective on the work you do.

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Jack showed me how to operate the machine.


He did not know what to do, and held his head in his hands.

I promised her not to do it again.

Vincenzo isn't hungry either.

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If you worship God who is in your flower like mind,you would live longer.

She is my heart.

Everyone was okay.

Father has gone fishing.

The first day of the first month in the Chinese lunar calendar is Spring Festival, the most important festival for the people of China.

We'll go when the rain stops.

Shatter is Maria's aunt.

It was piercingly cold outside.

I hate the guy next door.

I can't believe it's really Joel.

Is Harry a good person?


Where's that?

Jane was fuming.

We could all be better teachers.

The barns are full of grain.

I can't wait to see you.


I'm not the one who broke the window.


We've been working hard on this.

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Darren wanted Harry to talk to John about the problem she was having with his children.

We admire her for her bravery.

My new boots are made of real leather and have relatively high heels.


He promised me the position of company president.

Are you, by any chance, scared of me?

I gave Shel another chance.

Victor gave Nichael her bag.

Welcome to our first Italian class.

I know that this is important to you.

Did anybody else see it?

She seemed surprised when I told her.

Why didn't you tell the truth?

Show it to her.

So you're not going anywhere tomorrow?

Mister Gipuzkoa won the title of Mister Spain in 1999.

Do you speak Russian?

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Why not ask her?

Why do you cry?

Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Everybody's told me I can't trust you.

We're not sure where Sho is.

He's got a commanding manner about him.

You are what you eat.


Do it your own way.

I never dreamed that I would meet her there.

Jagath has a piercing voice.

I don't know whether he will agree to our plan or not.

We're all here except for him.

I heard that Chris is planning to take Julianto out to dinner tonight.

That's one problem I might be able to help you solve.

Pim is probably the one who stole Nathaniel's necklace.

That very tune reminded me of my adolescence.


The world is full of gossipers and liars.

I pulled my punches a little.

I think Shean might have poisoned himself.