I don't like pineapple. It smells pretty sour.

I'm not happy about your results. That's what I wanted to tell you.

We're meeting to discuss strategy.

Sentences can teach us a lot. Much more than just words.

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Mehrdad has been watching Niels like a hawk all morning.

Clayton's car's parked out front.

Both of Sean's parents died when he was just a baby, so he doesn't remember either one of them.

Perhaps we shouldn't be doing this here.

She followed him home; then killed him.


He waited for several seconds and opened the door.

She's the love of my life.

I don't have an excuse.

Kamiya gave me this CD for Christmas.

What can cheer up, soften, color everything - a big love.

I thought after what you went through, you'd want to quit.

You're not going to get in trouble for helping me.


Markus tried to convince Naresh that she should cheat on her boyfriend.

Likewise, it was nice to meet you.

You must not smoke while working.

The gesture of adolescence, which raves for this or that on one day with the ever-present possibility of damning it as idiocy on the next, is now socialized.

What was it Steve wanted?

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They offered the job to me.

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Classical music is not my cup of tea.

I'm trying to do that right now.

I'm not going to explain it to you again.

Since it's important, I'll do it.

I went to talk to Frank.


You know it'll be fine.


It's at that counter.

I want to be a police officer.

I'm not scared of Dieter.

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We don't even talk anymore.

This gift is for my friend.

The stadium was overflowing with people.

Which dictionary are you referring to?

We'll come back for them.

The accident happened because he wasn't careful.

I'm glad you replied.

We should get to Chicago by lunchtime.

My wife spends money as if I were the richest man in town.

The police will look into the cause of the fire.

I cannot tell this to my father.

The water here is shallow.

He stuck out his tongue at his teacher.

Why didn't Kinch tell Alfred?

Keith has a diplomatic passport.

I am different from Laurie.

Hold still. This won't hurt.

I don't think Lindsey knows how to do that.

Nobody forgot my country.

Turn your papers in.

I'm not sure why I even have a Facebook.

Johan didn't approve.

Sir has three uncles in Boston.

I just thought it would save time.

I'm going to visit them.

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We are trying to keep the wolf from the door.

They live near a busy road, but must be used to the noise by now.

Rodger is grumpy today, isn't he?

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People came to like her paintings.

You don't need to apologize, Jones.

How long is this visa good for?

We're talking about what to do about what happened a couple of days ago.

I've been following your work.

Never did I think I would see her there.

In this kind of the situation, it is preferable to remain calm.

Do you like these songs?

He's not the kind of person who finds fault with others.


What do you know about Tatoeba?

It's the result of a bunch of arbitrary designs decisions made by one guy.

I don't know Hume well enough to ask him to do that.

I'm happy and satisfied.

What is he doing at the moment?

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Pascal isn't as tall as I am.


The police had all the prostitutes line up in a straight line.

Gordon didn't know where Lisa had gone skiing.

Raj knows what he wants to see.

I couldn't help laughing at the sight.

She was brave.


Louis was at loss for words.

Your red cheeks radiate innocence.

It was decided that the manager, as the company's representative, would go overseas on business trips once a week.

He stopped reading the newspaper.

Lenora doesn't believe what Anita says.

You might want to talk to them.

That's about all.

Does Marika like Japanese food?

How can I solve this problem?


I'm not sure what Santa will do.

Thank you very much!

There's a fan on the desk.

I am a housewife.

Did you ever notice this before?

Those who want to stay can stay.

So he went in.

I found out where he is.

He is looked after by his aunt.

I have a little time for reading these days.

Do you know what PKO stands for?

I'll keep an eye on you!

Nobody wanted to come to my country.

Greeks often eat fish, too.

There are grammatical principles involved.

We have no wish to inconvenience you.

A delicatessen caught fire and burned down, leaving a heap of ashes.

It's the third of October.

Graham still wants Sam.

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Loving who hates us sets us free.

The boy deemed that he cheated in the examination.

How many houses were destroyed in Iraq?

Eddy accused her of having stolen the bike.

She prides herself on her son.

Jack showered Linley with gifts in the early stages of their relationship.

We fitted ourselves out for skiing.


It's time the kids went to bed.


You've always underestimated Alain.


I'm sure that's not true.

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What position does Sridharan play?


I don't want to live in a big city.

The top spun perilously close to the edge of the table.

Capitalism hasn't to be a monster.

The judge said he had never seen such an amicable and mutually agreed divorce.

It is kind of pretty, isn't it?

The fall from the ledge shattered his leg.

When I tried to speak to her, I was always too nervous to do more than stammer or say something stupid.

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We know each other very well.

The walls of my room are too thin.

He wants something cold to drink.

He came across an outstanding young person.

Do you want to see my snake?

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The blue roses are very beautiful.

The party was more fun than I expected it to be.

Whatever gave you that idea?


I never bet on horse races.

Excuse me, what was the name again?

Irfan stared deep into her eyes.

Jane is out there.

Is it there?

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Which one is you?

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We've got to find them.

The children are playing with toys.

A Roman coin from the third century CE is the centerpiece of his collection.


There's nothing to do, so I may as well watch television.

This problem is beyond my powers.

Have you seen the film before?

That's what I want, too.

I'll tell him where I went.

It looks like no one's home.

We're not friends.

I must request you to obey my orders.

Regrettably, he lacks the financial wherewithal to run a presidential campaign.

I don't think that's what Guido said.

You look tired. Shall I take the wheel?


I don't really approve of gambling.

That must be a big help.

Stop beating around the bush and get to the point.


I don't like tea, in general I have coffee with my breakfast.


We shared the benefit together.

I get along with everybody.

Improving upon perfection is not an easy job.

The Siberian Railway is at once the longest and best known railway in the world.

Generally speaking, men are physically stronger than women.

I challenged her for evidence.

This is my other sister.

I didn't think you could keep it a secret.

Please just get on a plane and come to Boston.

Laurie told me I was cute.

You are wearing your socks inside out.


I'm going to teach you how to fish next Sunday.