I completely forgot about her.

Casey didn't talk me into doing anything I didn't already want to do.

He doesn't know any better.


His work won't bear close examination.


Nadeem's a yo-yo dieter, who's lost weight many times, only to put it back on again.

Novorolsky is now the manager.

Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance. If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them.


Did you tell him?

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We were high school sweethearts.


Think did it in spite of all the difficulties.

It's not Nils's problem.

I wish I had been there with you.

Unless you make a decision quickly, the opportunity will be lost.

We know you didn't kill her.

Cindie walks in a strange way.

Daniel Day-Lewis is a multiple Academy-Award winner.


Don't forget to flush the toilet.

What are your kids doing?

These two pairs of pants are made from different materials.

The agitators instigated the rebellion.

Let us not forget about ourselves!

Only yokels spit on the ground.

He ran a great risk in the jungle.

Not the one who is right is deemed right, but the one who has more rights.

I want to find out if the warranty has expired yet.

These books aren't just for children.

I think Charlie has serious problems at home.

John was not at home, as is often the case with him.

Where do you hurt?

Put the words in parentheses into abbreviated form.

Because Jeannie mistranslated one sentence, our company lost a lot of money.


We are fifteen in all.

We try to explain things across cultures; in spite of boundaries.

Where's the bathroom?

If a fire should break out, I would make off with my flute.

She's in the shower.

Nancy didn't mind living abroad by herself.

I'll do it if they pay me.

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All my friends will be there.


Brush your teeth before going to bed.

Okay. Let's go to the pool.

Earle is at the computer.

I don't understand this diagram.

Dan got angry and stormed out of the dining hall.


It's easy for her to make friends.

Can I use this room freely?

I thought you were into it.

Tao worked on the report for the better part of the day.

We have to do that this week.


I received an ebook Reader for Christmas.

That's all I can get out of Olivier.

My neighbor is having some work done on his roof starting tomorrow, so he came to let me know about it. "There might be a lot of dust, so I apologize beforehand. Thank you in advance."


He spoke with a suggestion of sarcasm in his voice.

Sorry I'm late. I overslept.

She's my guardian angel.

I couldn't stop crying.

Look at how long they are!


No matter which road you follow, the drive to town won't take you more than twenty minutes.

She has this big room all to herself.

Love began to grow between the two.

Juergen was the best man at my wedding.

Nathan grabbed a piece of wood and hit Frank with it.

We lost sight of her in the crowd.

If I were a bird, I would have been able to fly to you.

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This is a worthwhile book.

I should've talked to Adam first.

I tripped.


Dancing is a perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire.

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A stranger came into the building.


Micky started to say something, but didn't.

Who will console her?

He thinks in terms of his own country.

Perry plans to stay with us when he comes to Boston.

He has lost his wits.

We'll be right behind you.

Pitawas will explain everything to you later.

I had seen my husband for the first time, on that day.

I'm here with a friend.

He refreshed himself with a cup of tea.

I love your hat.


I once remembered this one idea I had from a dream and it felt like it would solve all the world's problems.

I don't understand how this could have happened.

That hardly seems fair.


It did not go well.

It's a terrible thing.

She isn't kind to him. In fact, she's not kind to anyone.

I am lighting my cigar.

This is what I'm paying you for.

She returned the shirt because it was too small.

In England, parks taking rare breeds of animals as their theme are becoming increasingly popular with people.

I knew there had to be a better way.

Whoever may say so, I won't believe.

How do you relax?

I saw her get hit by a car.


Are you going to let me in on the secret?


The destruction of the ozone layer affects the environment.


Valencia is a much fitter candidate for student body president than her competitors.

She enjoyed talking with him.

Can I ask her a question?

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Do you want this watch mended?

What an adorable child!

She was sitting under a tree.


Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.

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Nobody knows where Ravindranath went.

He speaks too much.

I admire your talent.

I'd sure like to help him.

The earth is small compared with the sun.


At this age, the meaning of life began to interest me.

I explained the process to him.

He drives roughly.

That man over there is Suwandi.

We'll do exactly as you suggest.

Defeat and failure make people too humble.

He is not a businessman but a diplomat.

Why is everyone so mean to me?

I have got a beautiful dog and it is my best friend.

Me, hate you? Don't be ridiculous! We're friends now.

As the iron was heating up, Kyle poured distilled water into the reservoir to make steam.

Ken talked with his friends yesterday.

Have you ever lied to your boyfriend?


Tell them to show up.

Herb often talks to his parents on Skype.

Mount Everest's summit is the highest spot in the world.

Will you play tennis with us?

She tried to get up, but the pain was too great.

Look out for cars in crossing the street.

Does Jared know why he's coming here?

Can you frame this picture for me?

Exactly how many times did you do that?


She almost convinced me.

I thought Rodger might be upset.

You're diplomatic.


Having a small flashlight in your pocket may come in handy.

Tad is pretty.

This whole thing was a lame excuse.

I found a nice place to have a picnic.

I don't want to fire you.

We don't have any proof.

Don't look away idly; just pay attention to what you're doing.

Takeo is engrossed in solving mathematical problems.

I knew it wouldn't last.


I've had no problems with Merat.

I thought I was doing it your way.

Why were 14,000 soldiers lost?

Your socks don't match.

I know what you're up to.

A sailor saw his friend drown from exhaustion.

I need to speak with them.

I think it's time for me to organize a party.

You're amusing.

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This is not very stylish.

Did they say anything?

Starting from tomorrow, Safwan will be a student at Malaya University.

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Jordan wants you to ask him to your party.

Can't you stay with me?

It's not quite enough.

They love their children.

We're going to the beach. Are you coming?

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The old woman fingered each bead of her rosary with deep devotion.

This room is full of sun.

This is all I have to say.

I used to do that, but I don't do it anymore.

In the twinkling of an eyelid, the Cat leaped on the blackbird, and ate him, feathers and all.


He got bored quickly.