Nearly all siheyuans had their main buildings and gates facing south for better lighting, so a majority of hutongs run from east to west.

I'm a little short this week.

Jean-Christophe is special, isn't he?

It's the sound of secret minds.


More and more people these days are getting overwhelmed by housing loans.

An accident has just happened.

He's the most dangerous man who ever lived.

Dear passengers! The Minsk City Council and the Executive Committee of the City of Minsk cordially send their greetings on the occasion of the Nativity of Christ and the new year and wish you happiness, health and well-being.

To believe that an unexpected big fortune will come your way is to build a castle in Spain.

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What is the highest mountain in North America?

Formal declarations of war haven't been the United States's style since 1942.

Having worked on the farm all day long, he was completely tired out.

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A friend of mine called me up last night.

I'm surprised Theo and Isidore don't like each other.

These letters, in the main, are from my mother.

We had a heart-to-heart talk with each other.

Isn't Ravindran your brother?


He is an all-round man.


I work very little... I'd like to work more.

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How are the repairs going?


Richard really likes cats a lot.

Recumbent bikes are comfortable.

She has a good memory, too.

We have pulao, lo mein and kebabs in our restaurant.

Ji couldn't find his keys.

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Dominic was convicted of assault with a deadly weapon.

A mother kissed the child.

You wouldn't happen to have a set of jumper leads, would you?


I'm leaving town for a few days.

He walked two miles in half an hour.

Three ships were given to Columbus by Queen Isabella.

We admire you.

The current of traffic moved very slowly.


You must have been very busy doing your home renovations yourself, as well as working full-time.


I really liked her.

The lady really flipped out when she learned she had won a million dollars.

I feel unsafe walking around at night.

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I know what Damone is likely to do.

They all hugged.

Why don't you play something for me?


Trench warfare characterized the 1914-1918 War.

The bronze statue looks quite nice from a distance.

I'm sure it's around here somewhere.


Shall we go out?

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I can't breathe through my nose.


I am not keen on anything that is after life.

We'll work for them.

She's a kleptomaniac.

I get the feeling this will be a good day.

Lol, this is so funny.

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Many accidents resulted from the icy conditions of the road.

Don't get off the bus till it stops.

Juliet is good at writing.


Beckie died because of me.

I know how the system works.

Barbara was pacing in his room, unable to calm himself down.


The anti-rational, anti-justice and anti-humane Christian malignancy is rearing its head yet again as it leads the fight against homosexuality on behalf of the divine trinity of unreason, injustice and hate.


I wonder what Vince is up to.

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The island is warm all year.


Don't hold yourself responsible for what happened.

Are you going to a movie?

His disappointment was obvious to everyone.


I want revenge.

Are you in favor of the proposal?

This is a nice neighborhood.

That's like a kick in the nuts.

I will try to pay what I owe by the end of the month.


If you use a computer, you can retain information.


One thing Merat does that isn't very safe is that he uses the same password for every website.

It was a difficult decision.

I asked her to call you.

Close the window before you leave.

Can it wait another hour?


You must insert a CD instead of a DVD.

We have been to Tokyo many times.

I have trouble talking about my feelings.

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Falling on ice hurts.

Jacobson is walking down the hall.

Donne was determined to say something.

Rich was saddened.

Ummm. I have no idea how to answer the teacher's question.


Tell them how displeased I am.

Marion reached for his rifle.

Tracey is already here, but Scott isn't here yet.


Gypsy wouldn't believe us.

With deep and reverent awe I replaced the candelabrum in its former position.

Tickets are $30 and can be bought at the door the evening of the concert.

Since he is very late, he may have met with an accident on his way.

Beverly put a stamp on the letter.

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How long did it take to fix the car?

He was in America at that time.

How could you make such a mistake?

At least I'm not a loser like you.

I don't know anybody who does that better than you.


The market is big.

Suddenly, it looks bigger.

It is the business of doctors cure disease.

If the police had arrived five minutes earlier, all the outlaws would have been caught red-handed.

It took him several weeks to recover from the shock.


Ranjit didn't come to school last week.

You're the driver.

Charles and Shahid were in the same class.

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Is there any reason why sentence should not be imposed at this time?


Look through the yellow pages.

Have you mastered English, or is it English that has mastered you?

My father wants me to marry Vladislav.


It will not be long before we can know the truth of the matter.

You deserved that.

The office for disease control reported a 10 percent spread.

I admire your optimism.

I have a job interview tomorrow morning.


A computer spell checker could also eliminate most typing mistakes.

Let her do this.

In fact she lied.


This is the sort of thing you have to account for.


I miss talking with Gregor.

It is hard for the couple to live together any longer.

I'm in my office.


Perry decided to gain information from Drake.

To tell the truth, sweetheart, I'm not at all interested.

May I turn off the lights?


I'm not a particularly suspicious-looking person.

The universe as we know it is a joint product of the observer and the observed.

I have no idea how much they are paying for that.

He was promoted three times in one year.

She arranged the flowers beautifully.

There's a price on his head.

I bought a new car last week.

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If I'd told you what goes through my head each time you do that, you'd quit it immediately.

Daniel is making chocolate cake.

"I asked you a question." "I didn't hear you."

You're quite a hero.

Roses are beautiful.

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They're almost done.

That's my decision to make.

I didn't even know that you knew how to speak French.

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A dog barks; a man walks.

Patricio is behind in his rent.

I read the old documents.


I think Daniel would have liked that.


Show us around.


Birds were singing in the woods.


Antonio got stuck.


He came home soon.

I assure you that I did not do it purposely.

It sounds strange, but it is true none the less.

I can't tell what this is.

What did Max tell Lievaart not to do?

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Robbin is a security specialist.

A sale of quality-brand goods is being held at that department.

What did you say her name was?