The doll lived for a very long time, being well cared for and loved, but bit by bit, it lost its charm.

What did you say? Could you please say it again?

She betrayed her friends for money.

He is possessed of a wide landed property.

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Shakil banged his head.

Norbert didn't tell anybody about what happened until he was thirty.

With a piercing whistle, the ship sailed from the port.

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Izumi tied his shoelaces.

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Don't ask Joon any questions about what happened.

She's skinny.

They went on an expedition to the North Pole.

I need to lose some weight.

My husband won't let me get a job.

I got this bicycle for nothing.

They miss Boston.


Do you mind my visiting you tomorrow?

I really want to see them today.

I want to eat something delicious.


She kissed away the boy's tears.

He left the Mexican capital to return to Texas.

Sadly, he isn't as skilled as he is enthusiastic.

Margaret neglected his duties.

Doesn't it interest you a little?

Sorry, I was distracted.

I guess it won't matter.

What is a young lady like you doing out here?

In any case, you have to leave early, whether you like it or not.

Can you tell me where to buy tickets?

I'm sorry, I have to see off the guests now.

Gene lowered his sword.

I don't want Srinivasan giving Tarmi advice.

Claire is trying to get Adlai to leave.

Holy bag of straw!

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I feel a deep affection for you.

She lived there about five years.

I want him to go home.

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We're going to practice.

The whole system is distorted.

He became a university student and got married.


This drink has a really different flavor.

That's right!

Who sent you the roses?

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Nobody talks about him.

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This antique clock is in nearly perfect condition.

That is why all the students in the class agreed with him.

There are only two seasons in the tropics.

Do you have any plans for tonight?

Didn't you know turtles lay eggs?

Why was Stan imitating me?

I don't believe it was an accident.

The house is empty.

Tricia felt like he was in over his head.


No, it's the tomatoes.


Don't you think you should be getting ready?

My cat had a fight with another cat.

That was why Pablo screamed.

They hoped for even better days to come.

I stood waiting for a bus.

None of them were present at the meeting.

Alberto takes a power nap every day.

"If there is an accident," he says, "they will know right away."

"Perhaps you'd like me to play a song for you." "I'd like that."

Could you tell me how to get to the nearest station?

The hunter does not lie down with the prey.


This was before John was put in prison.

I'm off duty now.

Unfortunately, it's a hoax.


How do you feel today?

I did a stupid thing last night.

They have little chance to practice it.

That's such a wonderful movie.

I can't tell you how much I miss Michel.

Additions and deletions are not shown immediately.

It's not for you.

Nicolo doesn't like to be corrected in public.

Thousands of people lost their lives in the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, and even today hundreds of thousands of people still suffer from the ill-effects of the poisonous gas.

He heard you.

I'm on my way to work now.

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The turkey gobbles.

The enemy troops are closing in on us.

We're having a good time.


I meditate and do yoga.


We'll be home all day tomorrow.

Juergen tried to make the best of a bad situation.

When I saw him, he was still young.


You have to get them out of here.

This fall was long and not too cold.

Ronald Reagan asked Gorbachev to "tear down this wall".


I paid him a visit on a warm afternoon in May.

It's already night here.

We're glad to have you here.


I'd be forever grateful if you could help me fix this thing.

You weren't even paying attention.

In the font business you must never trust anybody!


She will become a doctor within two years.

Here we explain about creating outlines of characters and paths.

"I am thankful to you for giving me a ride up to here." "It's a pleasure."

He's not working much at the moment.

It's really a very useful thing; you ought to buy it.

I don't think it's her.

I loaned Courtney some money.

Don't look for us.

For small children it's time to go to bed now.

I saw fear in her eyes.

I've known her forever.

What do you like better, music or English?

I say in all sincerity.

Why didn't you stay with him?

Just give me something to ease the pain.

I can deliver that to him.

Butler didn't come home from school yesterday.

This word is derived from Latin.

Evan has a back injury.

He found my bicycle.

He's a metrosexual.

Valerie doesn't need me anymore.

I remember seeing you before.


We have to pull over.

You're not for me. I know that very well.

Rand mentioned your name to me.

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How do you cook an Italian omelette?

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We must adapt to today's harsh realities.

Don't make me come after you.

Time is the most precious thing in the world.

I ran and ran, but missed the train.

I wonder if I should just pretend to appreciate the dinner that Marcia made for us.

Talking to Bernie isn't going to help.

Tanya is older than I.


What? What did you say?

Suzanne sits in his room all day and does nothing.

The wildest colt makes the best horse.

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None of the students could solve the problem.

She has gone abroad.

Could you dust off the table?

The body is lifeless.

I assume you can speak French.

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How long's this going to take?

She's going to get you in trouble.

That, while regrettable, is true.

She has an extremely expressive singing voice.

Tell you what, I'll come to you, that'll be easier.

However, Junior's father has a hard time getting Junior to warm up to Scott.

Susan and Bob have flown from London to Sydney, Australia.

I love the fatherland.

Caleb goes to church on Sunday morning.

No one knew that.

I never watch this scenery without thinking of my grand-father.

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I'd like to say "goodbye" and "thank you" in Esperanto. Can you help me out?

My horse is dead.

They cannot be governed.

Casey has three soccer trophies.

I wanted to help, but I couldn't do anything.


Thanks again for inviting us to your party.


I'm not sure I disagree with Wolfgang.

Everybody says that he's an effeminate guy.

He cannot speak French without making a few mistakes.

Alain cooked me dinner.

This road follows the shoreline for the next thirty kilometers.

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It's way too dangerous.

It's very warm. Shall I turn on the air conditioner?

We call this mountain Tsurugidake.


That new gizmo that you want is over at the store now.

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There isn't much furniture in my room.

How are you going to stop me?

We work well together.

We got her to attend to the patient.

I have to make certain Rafael knows what to do.