Chapter 1052 - Doing Yet Another Favor
As soon as Huo Rulie and Huo Poyun left, Yun Che made his move with lightning speed. With the center of his palm pressed at the center of Huo Ye’s chest, he immediately channeled the power of the Rage God, causing the spirit energy of the heaven and earth to slowly and carefully flow into his body… It seemed as if a trickling stream was pouring onto a dried-up desert.
Huo Ye was in an extremely bad condition and there was only a wisp of life-force left in his body. Therefore, Yun Che wanted to stabilize his life force first, but he needed to be as prudent as possible… He used nearly two whole hours before reaching the point where the spirit energy of the heaven and earth started to overflow from Huo Ye.
Afterwards, his left hand shone faintly with green light as he placed the tip of his finger between his brows and used the purification power of the Sky Poison Pearl to cover his whole body with utmost carefulness.
Medically, Huo Ye’s body had completely stopped working and he didn’t have any energy left in him. His body was so utterly messed up that Yun Che was absolutely certain that he was unable to save him with his medical skills, no matter what he tried. If his condition wasn’t so serious, there was no reason for the distinguished Golden Crow Sect Master of the Flame God Realm to be able to do nothing except feeling despair at the state of his son.
But, there was one another thing in this world, besides the medicinal arts, that could save Huo Ye—the power possessed by Yun Che.
Huo Ye’s totally crippled and dried-up body could only recover with the help of the spirit energy of the heaven and earth.
In addition, medicinal arts were incapable of opening the blockages throughout his body but the ultimate purification power of the Sky Poison Pearl was able to accomplish it!
One more hour passed and the purification power of the Sky Poison Pearl finally covered Huo Ye’s entire body, with no unforeseen incident happening during the process. Yun Che felt a bit relaxed and let out a long sigh of relief. He mumbled to himself, “You’re lucky to have met me… and it’s also a fortunate matter that you have the Golden Crow bloodline. Otherwise, it would be almost impossible for me to to be capable of saving you, even if my Great Way of the Buddha had reached the fifth realm.”
“I hope that after you’re saved, the two realms stop being so hostile to each other.”
The biggest difficulty in this healing process was to successfully see it to its completion. At once, the rate of the spirit energy of the heaven and earth and purification power surging through Huo Ye’s body increased even further and his barely surviving life force speedily radiated with vitality, like a sprout being rejuvenated and watered by spring breeze and rain. As the blockages were opened, blood started to slowly flow through his vessels and his completely dead meridians began to wriggle slightly, after remaining inactive for a very, very long period of time…
Two hours, four hours, six hours…
Waiting outside the door, Huo Rulie was feeling ceaselessly irritated and anxious. Had Huo Poyun not continuously dragged on and persuaded him, he would have already rushed inside, without any concern for the instruction given to him before.
But as more and more time passed, Huo Rulie actually began to be a bit hopeful for a positive outcome… Because Yun Che was definitely not a person who would speak without thinking. Moreover, it was true that the result of his treatment couldn’t be any worse than it was.
Eventually, after a very long period of six hours, Yun Che’s tired voice resounded beside their ears, “Sect Master Huo, you can come in now.”
As if being set afire, Huo Rulie quickly pushed open the door and entered the house. Huo Poyun followed closely behind him.
Just as earlier, Huo Ye was calmly lying on the pile of profound crystals. There was no change in his posture. The moment Huo Rulie rushed inside, he caught sight of Huo Ye’s eyes… and instantly fell into a daze. Because not only did his eyes not contain the look of hopelessness that he had become accustomed to… they also appeared to be almost shining.
Seeing Huo Rulie, Huo Ye slightly moved his lips, as he said in a hoarse voice, “Fa…ther.”
Even though his voice sounded hoarse and weak, it was quite audible. Hearing Huo Ye calling out to him, Huo Rulie stood blankly in place, as if he had just heard two sudden claps of thunder. He felt a burst of dizziness and his body inclined sideways, leaning heavily against the wall on the side. If not for Huo Poyun promptly supporting him, he might have ended up kneeling paralyzed on the floor.
“Senior Brother Huo Ye, you…” Huo Poyun saw an unprecedented expression in Huo Ye’s eyes. Although his face was still deathly pale, it no longer seemed to be unbearably dried-up as it had been until now… and was instead covered in a layer of clearly perceivable vitality.
“Junior Brother Poyun…” Huo Ye uttered, as a faint smile gradually appeared on his pale face. “I can finally… get a clear look at you.”
He was speaking in a very slow and low voice but each and every word of his was very audible. Huo Poyun opened and closed his lips repeatedly but couldn’t say a thing due to feeling ecstatic at the great change in Huo Ye’s condition.
“Ye’er… Ye’er!”
Huo Rulie shouted twice, as though he was in a dreamy state. He pounced forward with tottering steps and knelt down in front of the profound crystals. When he was getting near, he had even more clearly felt the aura of Huo Ye’s life force, which made him to so excited that he found it hard to believe his senses. He reached out his hand and cautiously placed it on his son. As he probed into Huo Ye’s body, he once again fell into a daze and didn’t recover his self-possession for a long time.
Not only was his body suddenly brimming with a hundred times more vitality than before, he distinctly sensed the flow of his blood too. Huo Ye’s internal organs were wriggling… and Huo Rulie could even feel his meridians!
“Father, is this all true… or is your child having a dream?” Huo Ye inquired but there was a faint smile on his face… It was Huo Rulie’s first time seeing him giving a sincere smile in the past thousand years.
Huo Ruie’s body intensely shook, after which he raised his hand and firmly slapped his own face.
The slap was extremely resounding, loud enough to be heard from a couple of kilometers away. As his cultivation had reached the Divine Sovereign Realm, it was only natural that the right side of his face has turned completely red. He stretched out his hand to his face and tears immediately streamed out of his eyes due to intense pain. Afterwards, he surprisingly began to cry hardly like a child.
“It is true… everything you are experiencing right now… is true, Ye’er…”
Due to crying bitterly and becoming extremely emotional, he couldn’t even speak a phase properly for a long while.
“This is… simply a miracle.” Huo Poyun muttered, before looking towards Yun Che and sighing deeply, “Brother Yun, you’re the most extraordinary person that I’ve ever known.”
It was only now that Huo Rulie finally recalled Yun Che’s existence. At once, he turned around his head to see Yun Che squatting in place with a tired expression. Evidently, he had to spend a huge amount of his power for the treatment. Huo Rulie wiped off his tears and said with his still trembling voice, “Young Yun, you… you… Ye’er… truly…”
Huo Rulie was so excited at the moment that he could only speak incoherently. Perhaps, he himself didn’t know what exactly he wanted to say, either. Yun Che said in a straightforward manner, “As Sect Master Huo should have already checked, there’s nothing to worry about any longer. Brother Ye has recovered quite a lot and his life is out of danger now. Junior only needs to treat him with the same method two more times and then, normal healing spirit herbs will be enough to help his body heal bit by bit. Quite likely, Brother Ye will fully recover within two to three years.”
“Ah…” Huo Rulie wide opened his mouth. The stinging pain on his face was telling him that everything he was hearing and seeing was absolutely not some dream. But such a pleasant surprise was just too huge for him to believe, making it all seem so imaginary that it felt as if was in a dream. He opened his lips a few times before asking almost unconsciously, “Then… then… can he… get married and give birth to a child?”
The thing that hurt him the most was to see the end of his bloodline.
Yun Che rubbed his nose and said in an unhurried tone, “It seems Sect Master Huo didn’t hear my words clearly. Junior said that he’ll be fully recovered, ‘fu-lly-recovered!’ Since he’ll be fully healed… naturally, he won’t be facing any sort of issue with respect to those things.”
“Ah… heh…hehe... hahaha…heh….” Huo Rulie bent over in place and laughed like a deranged person.
“Master, Senior Brother Huo Ye, that’s great! That’s really, really great!” Huo Poyun felt happy from the bottom of his heart and his eyes were also holding tears in them. He was the one who would usually stay the closest to Huo Rulie and had clearly seen the enormity of the pain Huo Rulie and Huo Ye had endured all these years.
If Huo Ye could truly attain a full recovery, it would be as good as a rebirth not only to him but also to Huo Rulie.
“However… I would like to ask Sect Master Huo to keep it a secret that it was me that treated Brother Huo Ye. Otherwise, it will very possibly bring trouble,” Yun Che said in reminder.
Huo Rulie quickly nodded, like a chick pecking at rice. “Right! Absolutely right! Secret, we must keep it a secret!” Currently, he was so excited that his mind was in an unclear and disorganized state. He didn’t even know how to express his gratitude to Yun Che, so it was obvious that he would agree to his every word, “If I, Huo Rulie, speak anything of the treatment, may the heaven strike me with five bolts of lightning.”
“Brother Yun, rest easy. I, Huo Poyun, won’t speak a word about it,” Huo Poyun said with a heavy nod.
“Other than that, I also have a news that may not sound that nice. Sect Master Huo, I hope you’re mentally prepared for it,” Yun Che said in a calm voice.
Huo Rulie was taken aback at his words. Immediately, a tense look surfaced on his face.
“Junior is confident that Brother Huo Ye’s body will fully recover within three years and there will be no problem with becoming as healthy and fine as a normal person. But, it is certainly not possible… for his profound strength to recover. Furthermore, his profound veins are different from others and have been left in a dried-up and wasted condition for too long. Therefore, they will recover at an extremely slow rate. According to my estimation, Brother Ye will at least need thirty years before he can start cultivating his profound strength.”
As soon as he finished his words, the surroundings became pin-drop silent for a long, long while. Huo Rulie was slack-jawed and the expression on his face wasn’t one of regret or disappointment but an even more excitement. “You… you mean to say… Ye’er… can cultivate his profound strength once again!?”
“Eh, of course.” Yun Che nodded. “Although Brother Ye’s profound veins are severely injured and have been exhausted of power for a long period already, his foundation has yet not experienced complete damage and Junior was somehow able to rouse it. If it was someone else, it would not be possible. But Brother Ye has the Golden Crow bloodline and… it is no issue to Sect Master Huo to obtain all kinds of high level profound crystals. With the gradual recovery of Brother Ye’s Golden Crow bloodline, along with the effect of high level profound crystals, his profound veins can certainly recover in thirty years.
“...Huu…” Huo Rulie’s chest fiercely undulated. He wouldn’t have believed such words at all, if it was some other person saying them. But after seeing Huo Ye’s condition, he would absolutely believe Yun Che, no matter how inconceivable he might sound. He let out a long and heavy breath, before rushing over to Huo Ye once more. He said with incomparable excitement, “Ye’er, did you hear!? You’re going to be completely fine. Not only that, you can once again cultivate profound strength after a short thirty years… You heard that, right?”
“!@#¥%…” The corners of Yun Che’s eyes bent oddly… It seems that the time of thirty years is very short to the people of the God Realm. I was worrying in vain that such a news would be a blow to them.
Huo Ye opened his mouth, as he looked at Yun Che, “Brother Yun… you’ve done me a favor again, which I’m really unable to repay.”
But Yun Che said, “No need for thanks. It’s my master who injured you in the first place. What I did for you is far, far insufficient to make up for the pain you went through all these years. I only ask that… you don’t resent my master too much.”
However, Huo Ye lightly but resolutely shook his head, “No, I’ve never resented your master. At that time, I was full of youthful vigor and had no idea idea about the fearsomeness of the Divine Master Realm. I sneakily approached the hunting site, wanting to see the true appearance of the ancient horned dragon… Everything that happened, is the result of my own actions, so there’s no way I would resent your master. I also advised father against doing anything ill-natured many times but father had lost all reason and ended up doing what he did… It should be me apologizing to your esteemed master and Senior Bingyun.”
Yun Che, “…”
“Yes, yes, yes. Ye’er is right.” Huo Rulie promptly nodded his head. “Back then, I definitely lost all my reason and committed a big sin. Ye’er, as long as you get better, let alone apologizing to the two in person, I’d even be willing to kowtow eight hundred times to them. Alright, now you stop wasting your energy talking and take a good rest.”   
“No…” But Huo Ye shook head in response and said in a light voice, “It has been so long… since I felt alive in the real sense… Let me… enjoy this feeling for a little while longer…”
His words caused Huo Rulie to tremble intensely, as he lowered his head deeply. His shoulders kept shaking and he couldn’t say a thing for a long time.
“Brother Poyun, let’s go out.” Yun Che got up on his feet.

Chapter 1051 - Huo Ye
“This magnificent sight is truly difficult to put into words.” Looking to the front, Yun Che let out a deep sigh of emotion. His snow-white robe and pupils were also reflecting the deep crimson color of the scene before him.
Huo Poyun glanced at Yun Che and said in surprise and bewilderment, “Brother Yun, could it be that… you don’t feel any sort of discomfort?”
“I’m still alright.”
Even those disciples of the Flame God Realm who have just entered the divine way would not be able to withstand the aura and temperature of this place for long. Yun Che not only seemed in a much better condition than simply “still alright,” his face looked the same as usual and his breathing was calm as well. He didn’t even employ his protective profound energy to protect his body.
When he recalled how Yun Che could totally avoid being influenced by his Nine Suns Heaven’s Fury, his heart calmed down in understanding. “Such a miraculous thing could only be created by the power of an ancient True God. It’s really difficult to… imagine the extent of the amazing power that was possessed by a True God.”
“Master and the others firmly believe that there definitely is something left behind by an ancient True God at the bottom of the God Burying Inferno Prison. If we’re able to discover it, the status of our Flame God Realm can upgrade by a level. However…” Huo Poyun shook his head. “There’s no way ordinary beings could control something that was left by a True God. In fact, Master and the others already know that it’s no more than an extravagant and unattainable hope to obtain something at the bottom of this Inferno Prison, unless the flames of God Burying Inferno Prison die out some day. It’s just that such a thing…”
Huo Poyun didn’t speak any further, as it was obvious what he wanted to say.
Yun Che remained silent for a while. He thought back to the ice phoenix at the bottom of the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake.
It was actually the remnant body of an ancient ice phoenix!
If such a matter were to be spread around, it would greatly shock the entire God Realm.
This God Burying Inferno Prison is tens of thousands of times greater than the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake, so it naturally contains far more energy than the latter. What could be hidden at the bottom of such a vast creation…?
Is some great opportunity that can help my profound strength soar to a new height lying in there!?
Yun Che slowly clenched his hands into fists… Alright, I certainly need to look for the opportunity to enter the depths of the God Burying Inferno Prison! With my physique that can resist all kinds of fires, reaching the bottom is no problem at all.
However, first of all, he had to make sure not to draw too much attention from the people of the Flame God Realm due to it, secondly… according to what Huo Poyun had told him, the location of that hidden thing should be close to the lair of the ancient horned dragon. Given the might of the ancient horned dragon and the fact that its aura was blended with the God Burying Inferno Prison, the spirit sense of the horned dragon must extend to a vast area when inside the God Burying Inferno Prison. If he were to rashly sneak around and get detected by any chance… no amount of lives would be able to help him survive through the catastrophe.
So, the best time to carry out my plan… is when the ancient horned dragon surfaces out of the Inferno Prison and is engaged in battle with Master!
At that time, the attention of everyone from the Flame God Realm would be focused on the horned dragon hunting. Therefore, no one would care about his whereabouts and he would also not have to face the danger of coming across the ancient horned dragon.
“Brother Yun, what are you thinking?” Seeing Yun Che lost in thought, Huo Poyun asked casually.
Yun Che also replied in quite a casual manner, “I’m thinking that this ancient horned dragon is somewhat pitiful. He never did anything bad nor come out of the God Burying Inferno Prison but gets constantly beaten and killed by others. Doesn’t that make us seem like evil people?”
“Hahahaha,” Huo Poyun laughed. “So true. But speaking from the perspective of the laws of the profound way, its existence is a sin and its strength is a law in itself.”
“You’re right,” Yun Che nodded his head. “Speaking of which, how big is that ancient horned dragon? Is its body something like thousands of meters… or thousands of kilometers long?”
“No, no, no,” Huo Poyun immediately shook his head, “Brother Yun might be surprised to know but according to Master, although that ancient horned dragon may have a lifespan of at least several hundred thousand years, the length of its body, including the tail, is no more than a hundred meters.”
“A hundred meters?” Yun Che got a really big surprise. “Only a hundred meters?”
Even though the strength of the horned dragon couldn’t be determined based solely on the shape and size of its body, as an existence that was born in the millions of kilometers huge God Burying Inferno Prison and had a lifespan of at least several hundred thousand years and the terrifying power of the Divine Master Realm, for its body to be only a hundred meters long was… really a bit too unscientific.
Actually, Yun Che would have rathered feel a lot less surprised if it was thousands of kilometers long and could at once cover the sky and hide the sun with its body, causing the heaven and earth to be devoid of light.
“Eh, although its body is very small, the strength it possesses is incomparably terrifying. Even someone as powerful as my master, couldn’t even get close to the horned dragon, let alone battle with it. Only your esteemed master is capable of doing so.”
When Huo Poyun was in the midst of conversing with Yun Che, a pure-golden, engraved jade on his right shoulder, glimmered before emitting golden rays of light all of a sudden. He promptly reached out his hand to place it on the engraved jade and very soon, blurted out in surprise, with a big change in his expression, “What!?”  
Yun Che quickly turned his head sideways, “Brother Poyun, what exactly happened?”
“It’s… it’s about Senior Brother Huo Ye. He… he seems to be… getting closer and closer to death.”
Huo Ye?
Suddenly, Yun Che remembered something. Before leaving him behind hastily, Huo Rulie had shouted the name “Ye’er.” Could it be…
“Oh no! I’ve to immediately return back. If something were to… truly happen to Senior Brother Huo, Master will certainly go crazy. Now that we’re about to deal with a major matter soon, I am probably the only one who can pacify Master.”  
Before even letting the other party react to his words, Huo Poyun immediately turned around to fly away.
“Wait a minute. I’ll go with you.”
Huo Poyun was burning with anxiety at this moment and already didn’t have the time to discuss anything with him. He directly grabbed Yun Che with a hand and flew back in the direction he had come from with a speed almost ten times that of when he had arrived here.
Huo Ye was Huo Rulie’s first son. Later, Huo Rulie suffered a severe backlash of the Golden Crow flame due to his impatience to succeed in achieving a breakthrough. This incident caused him to become impotent and consequently, Huo Ye became his only son.
Unfortunately, before Huo Ye could take charge of his responsibilities, he was unwittingly injured gravely by Mu Xuanyin. He had Golden Crow bloodline in his body and was also practicing the Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World, both of which were extremely vulnerable to ice. Therefore, he straight away lost his bodily functions after getting injured, turning into a total cripple. For him to be able to survive while at death’s door until today, could be already considered a miracle in itself. It could also be made out how much Huo Rulie was against the idea of him dying.
After all, Huo Ye was his sole descendant. If he were to die, that would spell the end of Huo Rulie’s lineage.
Having somehow managed to stay alive for so long and consumed numerous life-extending medicines, Huo Rulie had reached his limit eventually. During this period of time, his condition had been rapidly worsening, which made Huo Rulie so anxious that he didn’t leave his side, even after arriving at the God Burying Inferno Prison region.
“Scram! All of you get lost from here! Leave!!”
“Ye’er… Ye’er!!”
Like a sudden clap of thunder, an irritated and unrestrained voice that was filled with endless pain and sorrow could be heard coming from afar. Huo Poyun’s whole body tensed up and he increased his movement speed even further. Very soon, a temporary house with several layers of profound formations around it appeared in his line of sight. Naturally, the profound practitioners, who had arrived at this place for the horned dragon, didn’t need such a house to live in. It was made just for the sake of Huo Ye, the son of Huo Rulie.
There were ten-odd human figures guarding the house. Judging by the robes they were dressed in, they appeared to be Golden Crow Sect members.
Huo Poyun quickly flew down. As soon as they caught sight of him, everyone below revealed a slight joy on their faces and an elderly person said in an urgent voice, “Poyun, hurry up and pacify your master!”
Huo Poyun directly entered the house without replying to anyone. Yun Che hesitated a bit before following closely behind him. The people of Golden Crow Sect were so stunned by his sudden appearance that they missed the chance to stop him from entering the house.
The moment he got inside, he felt all kinds of profound lights and dense auras on his face. At a glance, Yun Che saw an aged person with dry and rough skin weakly lying in there. His eyes were open but completely still and even the pupils couldn’t be seen at all. Since there was almost no aura present on his body, anyone who looked at it would determine him to be a dead person.
The place underneath his body was covered with a thick layer of profound crystals. Though they were of different colors, they released extremely high level profound auras. Evidently, they were being used to help prolong his life.
Huo Rulie was kneeling beside him with his head lowered deeply and his entire body trembling. He was breathing heavily like an ox and his aura was in utter disorder. Furthermore, his face was completely drenched in hot tears.
Huo Poyun was greatly alarmed by Huo Ye’s state. Even though this day was bound to come sooner or later, why did it have to happen now of all times…?
“Who allowed you to come inside…? Get out of here! Scram!” Huo Rulie let out a fierce roar. His voice had turned completely hoarse and contained deep pain and despair.
“Master, it’s me!” Huo Poyun immediately walked forward to help him up. “Senior Brother Huo Ye has persisted for so long, so he’ll be fine for sure… Master, you must calm down first. He’s going to be alright.”
He had no idea how to comfort the current Huo Rulie and could only use lackluster words with all his might.
Huo Rulie’s trembling slightly lessened upon hearing his words. He didn’t roar any longer but still kept his head lowered deeply. Mournful sobs escaped his mouth, “He can’t be saved… my Ye’er… can’t be saved now… I, Huo Rulie… will lose my only son….”
The feeling of sorrow originating from Huo Rulie’s soul infected each and every wisp of aura in the place. Right now, he didn’t look the slightest bit like the mighty and intimidating Golden Crow Sect Master of the Flame God Realm and instead seemed to be a father that had fallen into the spiral of infinite pain and despair.
Huo Poyun knelt down beside Huo Rulie and said in a light voice, “Poyun’s debt of gratitude to Master is as weighty as a mountain and Master has been a father figure to me. Even if Master were to lose Senior Brother Huo Ye… so long as Master does not abandon me, Poyun will stay at Master’s side for his whole life.”
“My good… my good Yun’er…” Huo Rulie mumbled. These past years, Huo Poyun had become the biggest mental support of Huo Rulie, who was constantly living in fear of losing his son at any time.
Yun Che released his profound energy outside and swiftly swept it over Huo Ye’s body. Soon after, a deep frown surfaced on his face… Huo Ye’s condition was much too miserable. All his meridians, profound veins, blood vessels and internal organs… were a complete mess. They were damaged to such an extent that it was simply not possible for them to get damaged any further. Moreover, they seemed to have been stuck to each other for long, due to the overflow of internal fluids, which was too tragic to put into words. To Yun Che, the whole situation looked as if a long dried-up tree was trying to survive in some way or another.
The things with the strongest intensity in his body were the auras of dozens of varieties of spirit herbs. It was precisely these spirit herbs and all those high level profound crystals that were somehow keeping the last bit of life force preserved in Huo Ye.
Even if he could stay alive in such a condition, it would be worse than dying and freeing himself from his current suffering. Dying would in fact be a better choice.
The reason Huo Ye had persevered so far… was not because of the desire to live but due to being afraid of Huo Rulie going through a total mental collapse after his death.
Yun Che thought to himself… although his body is in tatters, I can’t help but gasp in admiration at his extremely strong willpower. He truly deserves to be the Golden Crow Sect’s Young Master.
“Sect Master Huo, Brother Poyun, you two head out first. I have a way to save him.” Yun Che finally opened his mouth and spoke.
Huo Rulie suddenly raised his head. Due to being immersed in the enormous feeling of pain, it was only now that he discovered the existence of Yun Che. Seeing the ice phoenix snow-white robe that Yun Che was wearing, his eyes instantly flared up, as he bellowed, “Who allowed you to come inside?! Scram! Get lost!!”
Yun Che said with an unchanged expression, “I’ll say it once again. I have a way to save him. If you don’t want him to die, then get out quickly!”
“What nonsense are you spouting!?” Huo Rulie slowly stood up. The profound energy emanating from his entire body was rapidly increasing. “My Ye’er ended up this way all because of your Ice Phoenix Sect. And yet, you… you actually dare…”
“Master!” Huo Poyun promptly stood before Huo Rulie and said anxiously, “Brother Yun intends to save Senior Brother Huo Ye.”
“Save? How could he? How is he going to do that!?” Huo Rulie howled in a sad voice. “It was already impossible to save Ye’er… since that time a thousand years ago. Do you know how much I have paid for prolonging Ye’er’s life until today? At this moment… there is already no way left to save him and he still dares to say that with his ability…?”
“What about my ability? Since I dared to say those words, what else do I want besides saving him? You think that I want to cause harm to him or something?” Yun Che stretched out his hand and pointed at Huo Ye, who seemed like a dead person, before saying, “Given his present condition, is it even possible to hurt him any further?”
His ruthless words caused Huo Rulie to fall into a daze.
“He is on the brink of death and could die at any time. If you truly don’t want him to die, then you should try to believe even an absolutely irreconcilable foe or a passing beggar, if they tell you that they can save him. There’s just no room or reason for doubt or refusal in such a situation! Of course, if you never wanted to save his life… then ignore what I said just now!”
Having finished his words, Yun Che turned around and headed out.
“Brother Yun!” Huo Poyun cried out loudly. He quickly jumped in front of Yun Che and said in an urgent voice, “Master! Brother Yun is definitely not someone who would speak without thinking. Since he dares to say that he has a way, he must be quite confident in obtaining a positive result. I fully agree with Brother Yun that… it is already impossible for Senior Brother Huo Ye’s condition to get even worse due to any wrong attempt to save him. The hope of succeeding may not be big but that is no reason to refuse his help.”
Huo Rulie exhaled long and heavy breaths a few times but his body was still trembling, “A-alright, young Yun, you’re right… about that… No matter whether your words are true or false, if you can so much as keep Ye’er alive for a few days or even several hours, I, Huo Rulie…”
“As time is of essence, don’t waste time on unnecessary words and leave at once! No one is allowed to enter the house before I come out myself! Also, do not use spirit sense to look inside!” Yun Che came over to Huo Ye’s body, as he issued orders.
“Master, let’s go out first. I believe in Brother Yun,” Huo Poyun said in persuasion.
Huo Rulie took in a deep breath, gnashed his teeth, and pulled Huo Poyun along with him as he turned to leave. Afterwards, he tightly shut the door to the house.
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Chapter 1050 - The Five Hundred Thousand Kilometer Wide Ancient God Burying Inferno Prison
The three young Golden Crow disciples carefully walked over with bowed heads. They stood in a row and looked like three little kids who had committed a grave mistake and were awaiting their punishment.
Huo Poyun shook his head at their appearance and smiled. “Alright, alright. There’s no need to be discouraged. Even I had to concede defeat before Brother Yun, much less the lot of you. Are you all satisfied now?”
“We are, we are.” The boy on the left nodded repeatedly.
“I’m sorry, Big Brother Yun. Not only have we overestimated our capabilities, we even… offended you.” The boy on the right also bowed deeply when he said this.
“I can’t believe you’re so strong, Big Brother Yun… No wonder Senior Brother Poyun praised you so highly. We were unconvinced about your strength earlier but now… we were wrong.”
A cultivator’s profound art affected one’s temperament a lot; this was something Yun Che had known for a long time. Snow Song Realm’s cultivators cultivated extremely powerful ice profound arts, so they were so even tempered that they were almost detached. Just the same, Flame God Realm’s cultivators had completely different personalities because they cultivated extremely powerful fire profound arts. Most of them were pretty much unyielding and outspoken.
They wore their emotions on their sleeves and if they lost to someone they initially didn’t agree with, they would submit to them wholeheartedly. They never hid or pent up their emotions.
“Hahaha, there’s nothing to worry about. No discord, no concord, right?” Yun Che was never a person to put on airs, “Oh right, I haven’t asked for your names.”
“Hello, Big Brother Yun. My name is Huo Liaoyuan (fire that burns the plains),” said the boy on the right.
“Hello, Big Brother Yun. My name is Huo Liaotian (fire that burns the sky),” said the boy on the left.
“Hello, Big Brother Yun. My name is Huo Liao… ah, no! My name is Huo Wenrou (gentle fire),” said the girl in the middle.
“...” Yun Che cast a wordless glance at the young girl… just who is the blind fellow who says that a person’s personality is like their name!
Huo Poyun looked around and asked doubtfully, “Brother Yun, why is Master not with you?”
“He had to leave due to something urgent.” Yun Che hesitated for a moment but ultimately revealed the truth, “It seems like the condition of Sect Master Huo’s son has worsened.”
“Ah!?” The three young disciples exclaimed at the same time.
Huo Poyun also looked shocked to hear this. After that, he let out a soft sigh, “I see… Brother Yun, this place is desolate and barren, so there aren’t many places at all that I can show you. If I may ask, what will be your plan, Brother Yun?”
Yun Che looked towards the south, “I heard that the Ancient God Burying Inferno Prison is just hundreds of miles away to the south. If you are free, can you lead me to the Ancient God Burying Inferno Prison for a visit? To be honest, I’ve been looking forward to this since the day I heard about this place.”
“I…” Huo Poyun looked troubled, “If this was any other time, your request would be not be a problem at all. But right now, the horned dragon is…”
Huo Poyun suddenly changed his tune after wrinkling his eyebrows, “Never mind. If it is your wish, then why not? The horned dragon won’t be showing its face yet anyway.”
The duo immediately jumped up into the air and flew towards the south while enduring heat waves. Although they were still hundreds of miles away from their destination, Yun Che could see at first glance that the southern part of this land was completely scarlet and bright red. It looked like the burning lava of hell.
“I heard that the Ancient God Burying Inferno Prison extends to five hundred thousand kilometers and eternally burning. What a miraculous place this is. It’s no wonder that it could nurture a terrifying creature like the ancient horned dragon.” Yun Che sighed.
Huo Poyun said, “The Ancient God Burying Inferno Prison is what created the Flame God Realm. If the fire of the Ancient God Burying Inferno Prison were to vanish one day, then the Flame God Realm would also cease to exist. Speaking of which, I’ve heard of the ancient horned dragon of the Ancient God Burying Inferno Prison since I was aware of this world. However, I’ve never actually seen it with my own eyes. It would be nice to be able to finally fulfill this wish.”
Yun Che said smilingly, “Unfortunately, it may appear that the disciples of later generations will never get to witness an ancient horned dragon in their lives.”
“Hahahaha,” Huo Poyun laughed loudly but it faded away quickly as a complicated look overtook his face. “The reason the masters are so anxious to hunt down the ancient horned dragon is all for my sake. In fact, after they succeed they will lose a great amount of profound strength… and even lifespan. Hah, what virtues or abilities do I have to deserve such treatment?”
Yun Che shook his head, “It is exactly because you are deserving that they are so willing and anxious to pay the price. They are not doing it just for you but also the future of the Flame God Realm. Therefore, you don’t need to be afraid of this kindness. Instead, you should accept it calmly and repay it to the best of your ability in the future.”
Huo Poyun fell silent for a moment before his expression cleared up. He smiled honestly, “You are right, Brother Yun! I will do everything I can to get into the Profound God Convention’s top thousand… I will not disappoint my master and the two sect masters.”
Yun Che nodded but on the inside he was incredibly envious of Huo Poyun… Sigh, all I want is the qualification to enter the Profound God Convention. Forget the top thousand spot, I’ll be satisfied if I can come in last in the entire Eastern Divine Region… unfortunately, it is a task that is as difficult as a mortal scaling the heavens.
Comparison really kills.
“Although you’ve never succeeded before in the past, I can see that my master and the three sect masters of the Flame God Realm are pretty confident in their chances this time. So I believe that someone who will shock the entire God Realm will soon appear in the Flame God Realm. Who knows, maybe the Flame God Realm will skyrocket to become an upper star realm after the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm has emerged,” Yun Che said sincerely.
“Alright!” Huo Poyun nodded strongly, “For those words, Brother Yun, I swear that I will become one of the top thousand cultivators in the Profound Divine Convention even if I have to risk my life!”
The duo flew very quickly and the distance between them and the Ancient God Burying Inferno Prison kept shortening over time. Although they were still dozens of miles away from the place, a sea of flames that seemed to engulf both the land and the blue sky had filled every part of their vision.
“Speaking of which… I don’t think that that ancient horned dragon has ever left the Ancient God Burying Inferno Prison, has it?” Yun Che asked suddenly after a thought hit his mind. Although the ancient horned dragon was so strong that even the three Flame God sect masters combined were no match for it at all, they didn’t seem afraid that the creature would turn around and attack the Flame God Realm.
“That is true.” Huo Poyun nodded, “According to my master, the ancient horned dragon is very likely a creature that was born from the Ancient God Burying Inferno Prison’s flame veins. The Ancient God Burying Inferno Prison is its source of power and both its power and its aura are connected to the Ancient God Burying Inferno Prison. If it stays away from the Ancient God Burying Inferno Prison for too long, it will lose its power and life swiftly, like a fish away from water.”
“That is why the ancient horned dragon has never been recorded leaving the Ancient God Burying Inferno Prison. If that was the case, the Flame God Realm would have been struck by disaster already.”
“I see.” Yun Che responded understandingly before asking again, “If its aura is connected to the Ancient God Burying Inferno Prison, doesn’t that mean that it’s impossible to sense where it is unless it appears on its own?”
“Of course.” Huo Poyun nodded again, “When it sinks into the Ancient God Burying Inferno Prison, its aura will become merged with the place itself. Therefore, probably not even your master could sense where it is. The ancient horned dragon sheds its scales only once every one thousand years and it must move away from the Ancient God Burying Inferno Prison during that time. This is also the only time we can detect it, every one thousand years.”
“No wonder.”
The sound of churning seas of flame came from afar and the heat waves that had been surging against their faces immediately grew several times stronger. From afar, the flames of the Ancient God Burying Inferno Prison surged to the sky as if a thousand volcanoes had erupted in unison. Even better, this was just a common heat wave in the Ancient God Burying Inferno Prison.
It was at this moment the air coming towards them abruptly slowed as a fiery red figure abruptly appeared before them. An invisible wall forced both Yun Che and Huo Poyun to stop.
The person before them was a naturally intimidating old man with a serious and overcast expression on his face. He looked slightly surprised to see Huo Poyun but relaxed immediately as he asked, “Why have you come here, Poyun? And the person beside you…”
“Elder Wantu.” Huo Poyun wasn’t surprised at all to see the elder. He saluted him quickly and said, “This is the Snow Song Realm King’s direct disciple, Yun Che. This is the first time he’s in the Flame God Realm and I am taking him for a visit around the inferno prison.”
“Oh? So he’s…” The elder’s gaze on Yun Che changed immediately when he heard this. A moment of hesitation later, he said seriously, “Alright, you may pass. However, the ancient horned dragon may appear at any moment. You will be in great danger if it happens to be roaming around here somewhere, so you absolutely mustn’t go beyond the edge of the inferno prison.”
“Don’t worry, Elder Wantu. Brother Yun and I are simply here to check out the inferno prison at close range. We will be returning very soon and we absolutely won’t enter the inferno prison,” Huo Poyun promised.
The elder nodded slowly, “That will be best.” Before he left, he added, “You absolutely must be careful.”
The elder cast another deep glance at Yun Che before he finally left.
“He is the Vermillion Bird Sect’s great elder, Yan Wantu,” Huo Poyun introduced.
“Great elder?” Yun Che looked surprised.
“Every time we try to hunt down the dragon, the strongest experts of all sects will come together at this place. While the main group is fighting against the ancient horned dragon, they will guard this area and protect us young disciples from getting hurt by the shockwave.” Huo Poyun explained, “The Vermillion Bird Sect is not the only sect on guard duty. The top thirty elders of all three sects are mostly gathered around this place.”
Yun Che’s eyebrows wriggled as he asked, “You said that the ancient horned dragon cannot be detected while it is in the Ancient God Burying Inferno Prison. Naturally, it is impossible to know where it’ll show up on the map. The Ancient God Burying Inferno Prison is five hundred thousand kilometers wide and the margin of error is huge to say the least. However, you are setting guards around here as if you are very certain that it will appear nearby.”
“Of course we’re sure.” Huo Poyun smiled, “That’s because the ancient horned dragon always sheds its scales around the northern shore and it never goes beyond a few thousand meters away. The closest it ever got to the northern shore was recorded at one thousand five hundred kilometers and the furthest was less than five thousand kilometers. There has never been an exception.”
“It is very obvious that its lair is somewhere around the northern shore. Therefore, we can’t go wrong by stationing guards around this area.”
“Oh, I see.” Yun Che nodded in understanding again. However, another question quickly surfaced in his mind… if the dragon was at least several thousand kilometers away from the shore, then it was impossible to catch sight of it no matter how powerful one’s eyes were. However, Huo Poyun also said earlier that he could finally see this legendary ancient horned dragon with his own eyes, so what did he mean by that?
They quickly covered the remaining hundreds of kilometer distance and arrived at the edge of the Ancient God Burying Inferno Prison.
Here, there was no longer any ground that was burned red by the flames. There was only a vast, boundless, boiling red sea of hell that would stun anyone who saw it.
This fiery sea had boiled for at least a million years.
Here, the sky had long since been scorched into the same red color. At a glance, it was impossible to find the boundary line between the blue sky and the red sky. It was almost as if the boundless sky itself had been devoured by this terrific fiery hell.
The air in this place was so hot that even a divine way profound practitioner could hardly endure it. It was incredibly likely that any refined steel that was brought into this place would melt just by touching the air around this place.
Inside the churning sea of flames, a huge amount of dancing fire spirits could be seen.
The Illusory Demon Realm’s one thousand five hundred kilometer Sea of Death was the scariest and most extreme place to exist in the entire realm. There were literally no demon emperors before the Little Demon Empress that dared approach it.
But compared to this five hundred thousand kilometer wide Ancient God Burying Inferno Prison, the Sea of Death was like a tiny stream be it in terms of size, intensity, or aura. The two were completely incomparable.
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Chapter 1031 - Returning to the Sect
Yun Che casually picked up a tiny, delicate-looking jadestone between his fingers upon saying this. Profound light seemed to be swimming across the jadestone’s surface.
“A Profound Imagery Stone!?” The surrounding people immediately recognized the item in his hand, “It can’t be…”
“Hmph. Take a look with your own eyes, Feng Huita!”
Yun Che let out a cold snort and moved his fingers. The Profound Imagery Stone was tossed to the ground in the blink of an eye, activating its internal profound formation the second it hit the ground. Crystal clear profound light and sound appeared above the stone.
The first image displayed by the Profound Image Stone was Mu Hanyi. However, the sinister expression on his face was so foreign to everyone present, except Yun Che, that it was bordering on impossible. His voice in particular was brimming with unheard of savagery.
“...I'll personally offer the Qilin horn to Master. But you won't be there to see that moment, because you… will be dying here very soon!”
The image displayed by the Profound Imagery Stone couldn’t be faked. Feng Huita didn’t dare to believe his eyes and ears as coldness flushed through his entire body.
"What did you say? You... you want to kill me? You dare kill me!?"
"No, no, no, how could I dare do such a thing?! Senior Brother Yun Che is a direct disciple of the sect master after all. I wouldn't dare harm a hair of yours, even if I had guts big as heaven. Naturally, you won't be killed by me but... by unfortunately triggering a mechanism here while vainly attempting to steal the Qilin horn!”
"Don't be nervous, Senior Brother Yun Che… I'll cover up the whole incident very well. Even if the sect master were to personally come here, it'd be definitely impossible to figure out anything wrong with my story. You can wholeheartedly trust me on that.”
The atmosphere of the scene changed yet again. Enormous shock filled everyone’s face this time. Mu Hanyi’s appearance, Mu Hanyi’s words… everyone could see and hear that Mu Hanyi had purposely lured Yun Che into the treasury to scheme for an opportunity to kill him!
The sin and gall that were Mu Hanyi’s attempt to murder the direct disciple of a Great Realm King were literally indescribable.
Feng Huita’s anger and sadness had vanished completely. Every inch of his skin and flesh were trembling with fear and only fear. He wobbled and landed heavily on the ground, eyes trembling so palpably that they threatened to jump out of his sockets, “No… no… no… impossible… this can’t be true… this can’t be true…”
Just a moment ago, he was screaming at Yun Che with righteous fury… but now? If Mu Hanyi really did conspire to kill Yun Che first, then forget a violent death, he could die thousands or tens of thousands times and still not atone for his crimes.
Feng Hange knelt on his knees with perfectly blank pupils. He looked like he was frozen in ice. He actually fared better than Feng Huita in face of this revelation. After all, he could still remember what Mu Hanyi told him before nightfall. He remembered that line that nearly made his heart jump out of his chest clearly even now.
The image playing on the Profound Imagery Stone hadn’t ended yet.
"You... have you gone crazy!?" This was Yun Che’s voice, "I-I'm in your Ice Wind Empire at present. Even if Master truly believed that I was killed by some mechanism, given her temper... she would put an end to the lives of you all in anger."
"Oh! You're right, extremely right." Mu Hanyi was nodding and smiling nonchalantly, "Even if you died in the process of trying to steal the halidom of our Ice Wind Empire, it'd be completely normal if Sect Master razed the entire imperial city to the ground in anger... But even if Ice Wind Empire were to be eradicated, Sect Master wouldn't kill me for sure!!"
"So long as I can succeed, what does it matter even if the entire Ice Wind Empire is drowned in the flames of wrath and exterminated?"
“...You, yourself, threw off your guards and no one knows where you have gone or who are with. As for me, I exited through a secret passage within the palace. This means that no one knows I have left the palace. Thus, everyone will believe that during the critical moments of your death after ‘breaking into’ the treasury, I was sleeping calmly in the palace.”
“I have even helped you think of how you entered. Only… I will need to sacrifice my poor royal sister.”
“Enough… enough!!”
Feng Huita finally lost all sense of composure entirely and screamed as he pounced towards the Profound Imagery Stone. He gathered an utterly chaotic ball of aura and smashed it against the stone, causing it to shatter and vanish instantly in a wink of profound light.
Dead silence sat heavily atop everyone’s heads. Feng Huita’s heavy panting was the only sound that could be heard in the scene. Beside Yun Che, Mu Xiaolan had fallen into a state of absolute shock as she stood there feeling like she was floating inside a dream. On the other side, Feng Hanjin had turned deathly pale a long time ago. The final, lingering voice, that came out of the Profound Imagery Stone caused her to sink weakly to her knees. She hugged her shoulders and and shuddered non stop.
To Mu Xiaolan, Mu Hanyi was the senior brother she respected the most out of all others.
To Feng Hanjin, Mu Hanyi was the elder brother she admired the most.
To Feng Huita, Mu Hanyi was his proudest son...
No one present at the scene would have thought less of him even if he failed to become the Great Realm King’s direct disciple. He still would’ve been the unparalleled proud son of heaven in the Snow Song Realm...
Who could’ve imagined that this exceptional noble son, who was damn near perfect in every aspect, would be such a treacherous, vicious and ruthless character? Who would’ve known that he was a person who would conspire to murder Yun Che, sacrifice his mother country and murder his own sister for the mere possibility of becoming the direct disciple of a Great Realm King?
Yun Che didn’t stop Feng Huita from destroying the Profound Imagery Stone. With lowered brows, he said in a cold tone, “You insisted on knowing my reason, did you not? Are you satisfied with the answer I gave you?”
The paralyzed Feng Huita actually didn’t respond to Yun Che’s words at all. He looked like he had lost his soul.
“He wanted to kill me but I was the one who killed him instead. That is all,” Yun Che frowned deeply, “If my master were to learn that Mu Hanyi tried to kill me, she may very well unleash her fury on the entire Ice Wind Empire, considering her kind of temper. At the very least, the imperial family wouldn’t escape unscathed.”
This time Yun Che’s words caused Feng Huita to tremble once like a leaf. In fact, great shock and fear erupted in the pupils of every royal member present at the scene… they knew all too well that Yun Che’s words were no idle threats.
“That is why I was prepared to keep all this under wraps. After all, it was Mu Hanyi and Mu Hanyi only who tried to kill me for his ambition. There was no reason for everyone else to be ruined alongside him.” Yun Che’s eyes turned chilly, “But you just had to be forceful, don’t you? Hmph! Well, your wish is granted now!”
Feng Huita abruptly returned to himself and crawled his way to Yun Che while covered in tears, “This little king is a blind man and a fool. This little king had no idea that he raised such a treacherous animal… It was this little king who misjudged your kindly favor, it is this little king who deserve to be dead… I beg… I beg you, Young Yun, I beg that you don’t tell this to the Great Realm King. This… This little king will forever remember the great kindness you showed us…”
The loss of his son, dread, shock, regret, hatred, and terror… Feng Huita felt like he was submerged in hell right now. Regret filled his mind and pain made him wish that he was dead. If the Profound Imagery Stone hadn’t displayed his son’s true form before his eyes, he would have rather died than believe that his proudest son was a person of such monstrous ambition and heart...
Everyone says that nobody understands one's son better than his own father, much less a father who was the emperor of a nation. But it was only now, in pain and grief that he realized he never understood his son at all.
Worse, the price of this revelation might be the lives of the entire Ice Wind Imperial Family.
“It’s too late,” Yun Che swept a cold glance across everyone’s faces, “Do you really think it’s possible to be keep this under wraps at this point?”
Feng Huita froze for a second before his head sank like a rock. His face looked as dead as ash. They were not the only ones who were present at the great hall. There were also many guests of great status who had came to offer their birthday congratulations. Even if they managed to get everyone to swear an oath of death to keep this revelation a secret, the news that Mu Hanyi had tried to murder the Great Realm King’s direct disciple would still spread throughout the country in no time at all.
After all, the only people in the world who could truly hold a secret are the dead.
“There is no need to look so pessimistic, king of Ice Wind,” Yun Che said indifferently with a side glance. “Eliminating your royal household may take nothing more than a flick of the finger for my master but she is not a cruel or unreasonable person who commits careless atrocities. I will report everything to my master and explain that Mu Hanyi was the only person who was at fault here. In any case, I am wholly uninjured, am I not? Since I am fine, maybe my master would think it too troublesome to punish you lot. Also… I shall gift that halidom of yours to my master. She may feel even less inclined to look into this matter if she can feel your sincerity.”
Feng Huita abruptly looked up from the ground. His pale white face finally regained some color as he nodded in a hurry, “Young Yun, your great favor… t-t-this little king can never repay it… beg… I beg that you speak in our favor before the Great Realm King. With the sun and moon as witness, this little king swears that his loyalty to the Great Realm King is absolutely impeccable… The Ice Wind Empire shall die ten thousand times if you demand it, Young Yun…”
Feng Huita’s speech was utterly incoherent under the makings of fear, agitation, and shock at this point.
“In that case, the halidom…”
Feng Huita immediately kowtowed before Yun Che, “Please… please gift the halidom to the Great Realm King, Young Yun. If the halidom manages to appease the Great Realm King, then it is its fortune to make. This little king will only be infinitely cheered by this outcome.”
“That is for the best.”
Yun Che nodded and turned around immediately, “If there is nothing else, it is time I head back to my room and get some rest. I will return to the sect immediately, tomorrow morning. You don’t need to send me off.”
Yun Che leaped into the air and flew straight towards the Ice Maiden Palace before anyone could say anything.
The Ice Wind Palace was destined to be tumultuous tonight. Yun Che didn’t care how the Ice Wind Imperial Family was going to deal with the aftermath at all because he had already achieved the goal of his trip. Despite some difficulties, the speed at which he fulfilled his objective was far faster than he initially imagined.
After he was far away from the Ice Wind Great Hall, Yun Che’s face slowly relaxed. He then let out a sigh, “Master is correct; fairness doesn’t exist in this world. There is only the law of the jungle. Sigh.”
“Even now, I am just borrowing my master’s might,” Yun Che smiled self derisively before vanishing into the night.
Far, far away, at a place above the sky where no one could perceive, a long sigh suddenly rang through the air. An icy flash later, the figure vanished without a trace, like a blinking star.
“I still can’t believe that Senior Brother Hanyi was such a person.”
On the flying ice boat, Mu Xiaolan covered her cheeks with both hands and stared blankly into the air. It was obvious that she still wasn’t able to fully accept what happened last night.
Right now, they had already departed far, far away from the Ice Wind Empire.
“You don’t seem to have listened anything I said to you earlier at all,” Yun Che rolled his eyes from the other side of the ice boat.
“No one… no one would’ve believed what you said when you used it on Senior Brother Hanyi,” Mu Xiaolan’s voice turned smaller before she turned around, “It’s so strange. Everyone in the sect respected Senior Brother Hanyi greatly. No one has ever thought that he was a… bad person. But you’ve only been in the sect for a short time, so how did you know so early that he was a bad person? I remember… I remember that you said something strange when you first met him.”
“If I’m was dumb as you, I would’ve been dead countless times already,” Yun Che said matter-of-factly.
“I knew you’d make fun of me again,” Mu Xiaolan pouted but not as strongly as she used to this time. She sneaked a few glances at Yun Che before saying suddenly, “Yun Che, you look like you’ve been out of it since yesterday… Is Senior Brother Hanyi’s matter still plaguing you a little?”
“I’m not so petty as to worry about a dead person.” Yun Che rubbed his forehead, “I am sure now that someone in the sect came with us to the Ice Wind Empire, in secret.”
“Ah!?” Mu Xiaolan jumped to her feet in surprise.
“They’re a pretty powerful person too!” Yun Che clenched his teeth slightly. The mysterious person’s methods had caused his blood to run cold several times last night but after he returned to the Ice Maiden Palace and thought over the matter with a cool mind, he realized this expert hadn’t harmed him, hadn’t tried to steal the Ice Qilin’s Horn from Mu Hanyi’s corpse and had set up a seemingly devious trap that was in fact full of holes. When he considered the aura of the Ice Phoenix God Investiture Canon on Mu Hanyi’s corpse and the fact that no other strange incidents had occurred after he left the Ice Wind Great Hall...
He concluded that this mysterious expert had came up with a “prank” to screw with him at the last moment! Whoever it was wasn’t trying to entrap him at all, they were simply making his life harder so they could watch a popcorn show...
“Senior Sister Xiaolan, say… do you know any hall masters or palace masters who are… er… naughty, playful and enjoy pranking others?” Yun Che fired the description after some great difficulty.
“There’s no such person in the entire sect!” Mu Xiaolan blasted his theory to shreds without any hesitation, “The hall masters and palace masters are all cool and serious people and my master is one of the gentlest of them all. There’s no way someone like you describe exists within the sect.”
“I thought so… too,” Yun Che scratched his head strongly. This was also the part of his theory that he was stuck on, “That pranking style feels like something a fifteen or sixteen year old girl would do but their age…”
The fact that neither he nor Mu Hanyi had noticed another person hiding inside the treasury at all meant that this person was far stronger than Mu Hanyi. They must have been at least an entire realm ahead of Mu Hanyi at least… at that level, there was no way that person was just a mere disciple.
Also, he was the sect master’s direct disciple. He surmised that only those who were at hall master level and above would dare to prank him like this.
“Just who is it?” Yun Che thought hard again.

Chapter 1030 - Framed?
The responses from the guards caused the atmosphere to stagnate yet again as Feng Huita sorrowfully said, “Young Yun, this little king’s trash guards were unable to protect you well, this little king is truly incapable… only, I wonder where Young Yun went during this hour? You didn’t encounter any danger, did you?”
Feng Huita’s voice was quite polite. However, everyone could hear the grief and hatred mixed within. It was clear that Feng Huita had already come to the conclusion that the person who had killed Mu Hanyi was Yun Che. As he had said earlier, the only person who could possibly cause Mu Hanyi to open the secret passage without telling anyone else was Yun Che. Moreover, Yun Che had mysteriously disappeared just an hour before all of this occurred.
Yun Che’s brows furrowed, but just as he was about to speak, Mu Xiaolan flusteredly said, “No… there’s no way. The relationship between Yun Che and Senior Brother Hanyi was so good. Moreover, Yun Che’s profound strength has only just reached the first level of the Divine Origin Realm. There’s no way that he would have been able to kill senior brother Hanyi. You all… have truly criminalized the wrong person.”
“Furthermore… furthermore…” Mu Xiaolan’s voice abruptly quieted down, “Furthermore, an hour ago, Yun Che… he… he… he was actually… he was with me in my quarters…”
As Mu Xiaolan got towards the end of her statement, her voice became weak like a mosquito as she deeply hung her head, not daring to make eye contact with anyone else. From everyone else’s point of view, it was just the shame of a girl… but Yun Che knew that it was because she had just told such a great lie even though she was not good at lying.
Nonetheless, the innocent Mu Xiaolan had actually stood up for him at such a critical moment. She had not hesitated to tell a lie which threw away her purity to protect him… his “fond” treatment of her this entire time had indeed not been wasted!
Mu Xiaolan’s words caused everyone to suddenly become dazed. As for Situ Xiongying, he was stunned at first, but then, traces of extreme joy emerged in his eyes as he almost wasn’t able to prevent himself from jumping up with joy. He hurriedly walked forwards as he said with some abashedness, “This… Ice Wind Emperor, esteemed guests, in all honesty, Young Yun and my daughter, since long ago… Ah, both of them are extremely passionate for each other, and that is why the two of them have decided to join together. Only, my daughter is merely a Ice Phoenix Palace disciple. Her status cannot compare at all with Young Yun. Moreover, after the Great Realm King betrothed Fairy Feixue to Young Yun, it became even harder for them to speak of this matter. Thus… but now it is like this, everything which could not be said has been said. Earlier, Young Yun was indeed in my daughter’s quarters. This… I hope everyone here will take it seriously.”
With his status as an independent region lord, Situ Xiongyang naturally wasn’t as innocent and shy as Mu Xiaolan. The tone of his voice, his expression, and even the look in his eyes were extremely natural as he used flawlessly used words in the right order with the right logic. It was indeed perfect.
As these words ended, everyone’s expressions became ambiguous. After all, Yun Che’s profound strength was indeed at the first levee of the Divine Origin Realm. This was something that they all knew. As for Mu Hanyi, he had been at the fifth level of the Divine Tribulation Realm. Although Yun Che had become the direct disciple, it was only because of his incredible innate talent which surpassed Mu Hanyi. If the two were to actually fight, even if there were a hundred of him, he still wouldn’t be a match for Mu Hanyi. Thus, how could Yun Che possibly have killed Mu Hanyi… and based on the circumstances, it would have had to be by himself.
As such, it was hard for them to believe Feng Huita’s claim that Yun Che was the one who killed Mu Hanyi. To them, it was no more than wild speculation. In contrast, Situ Xiongying’s explanation was much more reasonable. To begin with, many of them had been wondering why Yun Che, with his incredibly high status of direct disciple, would bring a girl with him when visiting the Ice Wind Empire. For the two to be in a relationship would make very much sense.
It now also made much more sense why Yun Che wouldn’t let others follow him when leaving Ice Maiden Palace an hour earlier. If this was the case, his action was indeed reasonable.
“So it was like this. Region Lord Situ… congratulations!” A middle aged person, who was closest to Situ Xiongyang, exclaimed, their face full of envy. One’s daughter being able to reel in the Great Realm King’s direct disciple was indeed extraordinary… it was as if the virtue accumulated over eighteen generations of ancestors had come to fruition!
“Ah, it’s nothing, it’s nothing.” Situ Xiongyang hurriedly waved his arms, but the expression on his face had already bloomed into one full of joy.
“They are both young after all, they are right in their prime. Thus… it’s only natural, its only natural.” The person who spoke this time had spoken extremely sternly with Situ Xiongyang earlier in the day, but now, their voice contained some fawning.
“Ah, it’s not my place to direct my daughter, it’s not my place. In the end, although I raised her, she will always be someone else’s. Forget it, let them do as they please.” An expression of helplessness appeared on Situ Xiongyang’s face.
“See, as I was saying, how could someone like Sir Yun possibly do such an evil thing? So it was like this… Ice Wind Emperor, I believe that the thief has still yet to escape the imperial city. We should immediately lockdown the city and search it.”
Mu Xiaolan’s head was still hanging low at this time as she tore and twisted at her clothes with her fingers.
“Eh? There is something in the thirteenth prince’s hand!”
Elder Yan, who was still observing Mu Hanyi’s corpse, suddenly creased his brows as he quickly picked up Mu Hanyi’s left hand. Grasped amidst the five completely deformed fingers was a short piece of white silk.
Elder Yan carefully retrieved the short piece of silk from within Mu Hanyi’s fingers.
It was about three inches, and was embroidered with an exquisite image of an Ice Phoenix. From the tear at the bottom fringe, it was clear that it had been forcefully torn off, and from the color, it had not been torn off for long.
Upon seeing this piece of silk,Yun Che’s gaze moved as he quickly glanced at his right hand.
“This is… part of the sleeve of Divine Ice Phoenix Sect’s uniform. Moreover, it is clear that it has just been ripped off!”
When Elder Yan finished speaking, his gaze turned, as did everyone else’s, and subconsciously looked at Yun Che… Moments later, the pupils of everyone there simultaneously contracted as if they had been pierced by thin needles.
The snow colored silk sleeve covering his left arm was fine, but over his right arm… there wasn’t a sleeve present. Indeed, there was only a fresh tear.
“!@#¥%...” Countless curses ran through Yun Che’s mind.
As soon as he saw the sleeve, he had realized that it was indeed his… however, it had absolutely not been torn off by Mu Hanyi. It became clear that someone else had managed to tear it off from his body… and they had done it whilst remaining completely undetected!
This was hundreds of times harder than silently killing him!
Yun Che’s heartbeat began to beat faster as he sucked in a breath of cold air through his teeth.
It was clear that the person who had managed to silently whisk away Mu Hanyi’s corpse from right beneath his nose was the same person who tore off the silk sleeve over his right arm… who was this terrifying person who was hiding within the shadows, and why were they doing what they were doing?
To have Mu Hanyi’s corpse be discovered so quickly so that everyone’s suspicion was directed towards him, and to then use the sleeve as irrefutable evidence, it was clear that the person wished to “frame” him. However, if the person had truly wanted to harm him, then they would have already taken his life with their terrifying power which caused him to shudder. He would have been deader than dead without the slightest trace left behind… so why would they go to so much trouble!?
The sleeve held within Mu Hanyi’s hand and the tear on Yun Che’s snow colored clothes caused the entire courtyard to abruptly become silent as everyone made the clear connection. No one dared to speak. As for Situ Xiongyang, who had been so full of joy, his face immediately stiffened. Mu Xiaolan’s pupils expanded as she stared onwards and fell into shock and panic.
“Young Yun…” Feng Huita retrieved the piece of cloth from Elder Yan, his hands and voice both violently trembling as he said, “You are the direct disciple of a Great Realm King. Your status is extremely revered and unparalleled. My Ice Wind views you as a guest of honor, and didn’t dare to even slightly neglect you in your treatment. Hanyi treated you even more respectfully, and when spoke of you, it was always full of praise…
“Where did my Ice Wind offend you!! What kind of unforgivable mistake did my Hanyi make!? For you to kill him so decisively!!”
At first, Feng Huita’s voice was still quite restrained, but towards the end, he couldn’t help as he began to hoarsely scream.
When he was calm, he naturally didn’t dare act so disrespectfully towards Yun Che… but faced with the death of his most cherished son and the disappearance of his country’s halidom from right under his nose, he had completely lost his reason.
In fact, it was not completely impossible that he, in his current state of fury, grief, and depression, would directly attempt to kill Yun Che. Although the consequences of such an action would be incredibly tragic and likely to result in the complete destruction of the Ice Wind Empire, he would still be able to die a happy father.
If Feng Huita were to truly lose control out of anger and choose the latter option, then it was likely that the guests present in the courtyard would also be implicated. This caused many of the people present to feel fear. Situ Xiongyang hurriedly stepped forward as he said, “Ice Wind Emperor, please calm down first! There are a lot of flaws in this storyline. Don’t forget that it is impossible of Young Yun to kill Prince Hanyi with his current strength. As for the sleeve, if it was torn off, how could Young Yun himself not be aware of it? Furthermore, if Prince Hanyi had the strength to tear off the sleeve, why didn’t he try and shout for help? Also, it is only the sleeve of the right arm, and…”
“Shut up!!”
Situ Xiongyang’s voice was interrupted by an extremely hoarse roar as an incredibly terrifying and fierce-looking expression emerged on Feng Huita face. “Just because he is the Great Realm King’s direct disciple, he can kill whoever he wants!? Just because of his status, you all are willing to forgo the most basic morals and laws!?”
Feng Huita’s current terrifying state caused Situ Xiongyang to quickly withdraw and not dare to speak another word.
“It’s ok, you need not defend me anymore.” Now that the matter had reached this point, Yun Che had actually calmed down as he indifferently said, “I shall generously confess. Mu Hanyi was indeed killed by me!”
His words shocked everyone as stunned expressions emerged on everyone’s faces. Even with the irrefutable evidence, it was still a completely different matter for him to personally confess by himself.
“Yun Che…” Feng Huita took a step forward as he reached out with shaking fingers, “We are no fool. From the very start, we felt like something was wrong… it was only a minor matter of this one’s birthday, how could it qualify to have the Great Realm King send her congratulations. So… so originally… so originally it was to take my Ice Wind’s halidom!”
“Ha, hahahaha…” Feng Huita cackled manically, but his laughs were not ones of joy, but ones of misery. “If the Great Realm King had just said it, or if even you had just said it, then, even though it is our halidom, our country would not dare to not give it to you. We wouldn’t have the qualification to deny the request. Hanyi secretly brought you into the treasury because he knew that we would have the same thoughts and was afraid of us being embarrassed. That is why he did it himself… but you! You received the halidom, but why did you have to go and kill Hanyi! Why!”
“Give this one a reason!”
“A reason!”
“Royal Father!” Feng Hange hurriedly moved to hold up his father. Feng Huita was currently breathing extremely heavily, his body on the brink of collapsing, The aura surrounding his body had become unbelievably chaotic. If he suddenly attacked Yun Che, no one would have been surprised.
“Yun Che… wha… what’s going on?” Mu Xiaolan terrifiedly stood next to Yun Che. With Yun Che’s status, he was indeed able to go wherever he wanted in the Snow Song Realm. But right now, they were isolated and powerless in the home base of the enemy. Moreover, Feng Huita had already completely lost control of his emotions.
In comparison to the completely crazed Feng Huita, Yun Che was calm as he sneered, “Since you want to know so badly, then I shall tell you! I just hope that once you know… you won’t regret it!”