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At Relocent, we believe in the power of technology and when implemented in the right manner, could enhance experiences. Quite specifically, Relocent looks at technology that affects the way people consume content.

We believe that content and data can be curated to an extent greater than what is available today. Using the right technology, we can clear away the noise and clutter of information and improve a user’s experience.

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what we do?

At Relocent, we're interested in building products and platforms that disrupt the way people experience things around them. Excpy, the first out of our stable, looks at changing the way people experience digital content in the real world. Its all about Smart Content, Smart People and Smart Cities. (706) 672-3492

What is Proximity Marketing?

Any system that utilizes location or microlocation based technologies to communicate directly with customers.

Brands can communicate with users based on the context of a location in relation to the user. Real world applications extend to retail, hospitality, tourism, health and transportation verticals to name a few.

At Relocent, we are able to provide a variety of services ranging from consultancy services to end technology delivery in relation to proximity marketing. We utilize GPS, Beacons, NFC and a range of other technology to achieve the end result.

Carrefour Retail Stores:

Carrefour has been using mobile apps since 2012. The purpose of one of these apps was to make the shopper’s experience easier and more efficient by helping them find new stores and check prices on items with a mobile phone. After 2 years, Carrefour added proximity and context to their app with beacons and saw that the exact same application’s engagement went up 400%, overnight!

Rethinking Technology:

Carrefour deployed about 50 Kontakt.io beacons in one store in Tunisia and integrated the existing app with Kontakt.io’s API. The goal was to enhance customer experience, boost engagement, and eventually, to increase sales. Kontakt.io beacons enriched the app and Carrefour shopping experience with new features, including welcoming a shopper once he or she enters a store, suggesting products based on previous or current purchases, and displaying coupons.

Success & Results:

During just 7 months, Carrefour’s rate of app signups practically exploded. The number of app users increased by 600%. Simultaneously, the time spent on using the app increased by 400%! Finally, the proximity data gave Carrefour an invaluable sample of data on where their customers travel throughout the store and in what order, helping improve what the store offers and where to further increase the store’s profitability and opportunity to build customer loyalty.

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