He often gets angry at small things.

I wonder what Ned ate for breakfast.

Bryan spent three weeks in the hospital.

Miraculously, all the passengers managed to leave the blazing plane in less than three minutes.

You ain't seen nothing yet.

You don't speak French by any chance, do you?

Revised and Margot fought like cat and dog.

Teenagers who want to learn languages because they find them "awesome" probably won't ever master them at all.

I won't lower myself to his level.

Let's sit down for a minute.


I've been saving these.

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Do you see that woman? She's my wife.

Hey, that was really great.

Her eyes widened.

The government had to make up for the loss.

Sumitro broke up with me.

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The decision has not yet been made.

Financiers make good business only when the state is making it badly.

I almost missed the train.

What do you charge?

Does he appoint him with a clear intention of offending him?

We shouldn't waste even one grain of rice.

Please help me find a job.

There's no need to hurry. We have plenty of time.

Elliott will succeed.

I am very sensitive to heat.

So, the assistant returned $1 to each man.

Who doesn't know such a common saying?

This is Hon.


Was the movie good?

You'd make a cute couple.

I would like to travel in foreign countries while the yen is strong.

She majors in medicine.

Will you keep your New Year's resolution?


Do you have an itinerary for your business trip?

Yvonne Jackson was convicted, sentenced to death, and executed.

He sees things as they really are.

I'll meet you there as soon as possible.

I bought her a clock.

My colleagues welcomed me very warmly.

Maybe you and I should get something to eat.

You may as well return home at once.

I'm tired of living this life.


Matt knew no one.

We are going to be hit by a storm.

Do as you think fit.


I'm telling you, his old car won't fetch a red cent.

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Why don't we take the subway?

We can download and install Klavaro to learn touch typing.

Vishal had no comment.


He likes sweet tea.


Allen has now lost everything.

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I think you might need my help.


I'm ready for them now.

He teaches English.

Sanjay was wearing an expensive suit.

People say I look about the same age as my sister.

Here's how to use it.

I was surprised when I saw Shannon hit Pontus.

"How do you do, James?" "Fine, thanks for asking. Nice to meet you."

Have you been getting enough sleep?

Romain drilled through the safe.

An 18-year-old male is in hospital after an altercation at a party last night.

Leigh says it's hard to explain.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko congratulated Alexei Dudarev upon his birthday.

I don't want you knocking on my door at two in the morning.


I get a real kick out of football!

There are many red flowers in the garden.

Will you go there?

Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.

Julie had no idea what was happening.

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He sawed off the branch he was sitting on.

A broken mirror brings bad luck.

It wasn't our fault... We all had to do it.


I really enjoyed that movie.

He can't help making fun of others.

I'm sorry I had to leave you alone.

The last time I tried swimming, I almost drowned.

According to the World Health Organization, about 1.25 million people die from road traffic accidents each year.

We must take into account the fact that she is old.

We can't save everyone.

No decision has been made.

Israel certainly isn't as smart as he thinks he is.

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Martin tells me the same thing all the time.


My shoes are bigger than yours.


Nancy gave me a nice Christmas present.


They went skiing in the mountains.

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If you know a lot, you can become anyone.


Avatars are no contributions, they're personal identities.

Have you been getting enough exercise?

President Lincoln was what we call a self-made man.

"Right, shall we be off then?" "Yes. Let's go!"

Everybody's in bed.


She cannot be saved.

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Mix Mickey a drink.

The room was full of bugs, millions of small, wriggling bugs with lots of legs.

All books may be divided into two classes.

Don't you think the dog is smart?

One should keep one's promise.

Barbara's not at all sure where he should go.

That was a long time ago.

I laugh when people mess up.

I lost my watch, so I have to buy one.


This is the largest museum in the city.


Do you like Bulgarian circuses?

Let me handle Radek, OK?

I want to play tennis with you someday.


You can see some wild rabbits in the forest.


Do you want to go somewhere? Roxie's coming, too.

Sangho doesn't talk to us anymore.

I've got to check my messages.


Don't be surprised if all of a sudden you forget who you are.

I didn't make it very far.

I think that you should break up with your boyfriend.


I'm glad we didn't go there because there were some localized heavy rain showers.

Scarcely had I started out when it began to rain.

What are we celebrating?

She dared to never go back there.

I think I have to go back on a diet after Christmas.

This is out of the blue, but has everybody once felt 'looked down upon by young folk'?

Why should I help you?

Which one are you referring to?

I was tired.


I know it's wrong.


Is it the best thing they did?

He was appointed Japanese minister to Mexico.

It isn't that I don't love you; I am just very tired.

Suu pleaded with Kory not to leave.

Far from being bored, we had a very good time.

Her excuse added up to nothing.

Do you think we can help him?


I'd like to withdraw money.

It made them happy.

I took what she said literally.

You shouldn't trust anyone.

Can anyone vouch for your whereabouts last night?

Rudolph is a lovely woman.

You'll pay for this.

Have faith in God.

I don't know if I could overcome so much pain.

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I think you know who you need to talk to now.

Has anyone here in the classroom heard about Norman Finkelstein?

Old people aren't always wiser than young people.


Every time he meets me, he brags about his car.


When will you depart for Paris?

Jeannette told me you were in Boston.

The president is getting into the car.

"Say something in French." "Say something like what?" "Anything's fine." "Bonjour. Merci. There, I said something." "What, you're so boring!" "Didn't you say I could say anything!"

She is French.

There's no way Joel could've done this without help.

The only ones who know for sure are Michael and Griff.


You, probably, once again right.


Must I speak English?

Kari is fishing now.

Oleg has never been in trouble.


The image is out of focus.


What does a man like you see in a woman like me?

Ted loves Lenora more than his own life.

Dad's working.

This bar is very mean, let's leave it.

The village lies on the border between the coastal and mountain regions.